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The creation of a nation starts with a bold idea but the more practical act of building a nation involves much more. It takes sweat, money, courage, lives, determination and vision to build the structures and monuments that make a country great, proud and prosperous. Find out how Canada's greatest engineering feats came to be.


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S01E01 Top of the World: The CN Tower 00/00/0000 Before the nuts-and-bolts work could begin, architects and engineers had to figure out how to design something as tall as the CN Tower and make it stable. People who were involved with the project tell about the challenges and how they solved them.
S01E02 Vimy: Carved in Stone 00/00/0000 In a remote field in France, the bodies of Canadian soldiers still lie in the soil that surrounds Vimy Ridge. Sculptor Walter Allward had a dream of building a memorial to those who lost their lives in World War I.
S01E03 Lions Gate Bridge: Spanning Time 00/00/0000 The message is clear. When they built the Lions Gate Bridge they built a civic monument. Construction took place, at great risk and against incredible odds, in just 18 months during the final years of the Depression. This is the story of how it happened.
S01E04 Great Big Seaway 00/00/0000 The St. Lawrence River had defeated Jacques Cartier and countless other navigators for centuries. Now, from 1954 to 1959, the challenges would be endless. Politics... geography... scheduling... weather. Almost insurmountable. But the 1950s generation, determined and uncompromising, believed anything was possible. The program describes how the challenge was met.
S01E05 Churchill Falls: The Cathedral Builders 30/10/2006 It is one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants in the world. Embedded nearly half a kilometer beneath the Cambrian Shield, its massive powerhouse creates enough energy to light three cities - forever. When it was built, Churchill Falls was the largest construction project in the free world. Harnessing this force of nature in the wilds of Labrador would become a battle against the elements and the odds. For Canada, Churchill Falls was an economic engine. For Newfoundland, a tainted coming of age. For the men who built it, an undertaking that challenged the bounds of engineering itself... the creation of a cathedral.
S01E06 The White Pass: Wits, Grit and Guts 06/11/2006 They said it couldn't be done. But men built the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad. They carved it from sheer walls of granite, muscled it across deep canyons and pushed it up the slopes of each mountain that stood in their way. Building this railway in the 19th century was an exceptional achievement. What sets the White Pass apart is how quickly it was built two short years, and where it was built, at high latitudes, in very cold weather. And it is built without the tools today's engineers take for granted - GPS, laser beam surveys, heavy equipment and heavy-lift choppers. So how did they build this railway in 1898? They built it by hand.

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