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Tôkyô, ville où la violence règne. Mais parmi tous les meurtres commis, certains sortent de l'ordinaire. Un monstre qui s'improvise marionnettiste en contrôlant des zombies apparaît. Tuant de plus en plus d'humains en les déshydratant totalement, il finit par contrôler une véritable armée de morts-vivants. Seuls pour éradiquer cette menace, un groupe d'étudiants victimes d'insomnies et aux pouvoirs surnaturels entrent alors en scène. Monstres, magiciens et spécialistes en arts martiaux se combattent alors dans une lutte aux frontières de la mort…


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tokyo demon campus

S01E01 Arrival of the Demon Time 19/01/2007 In the crime filled city of Tokyo another mysterious death has occurred, where a high school girl was literally drained of all the moisture in her body and she happens to be the 5th most recent victim. In the darkness of the night what seems to be happening is that the dead are coming back to life, as zombie-like creatures. In Magami High School, five students who barely even talk to each other in school, ban together to get rid of these “Returned Dead” and any of those that may control them. These five students including; transfer student Tatsuma Hiyuu and delinquent Kyouichi Horaiji each have their own special abilities to combat this growing problem.
S01E02 Encountering the Grudge in Spring Under the Cherry Tree 26/01/2007 Two months ago in Magami High School, the students await the arrival of the transfer student however someone seems to feel uneasy when he arrives. It doesn't take long for the transfer student to get into a little scuffle with the class delinquent Kyouichi, but this may have just been a way for him to introduce himself. Later, for some unknown reason the captain of the Wrestling Club, Yuuya Daigo challenges the new transfer student Tatsuma Hiyuu. With Kyouichi as a witness, they intend to fight it out in an old abandoned part of the school but it doesn't go according to plan as weird things start happening. Meanwhile, some pieces of artwork that are a part of the "Ten Holy Treasures" were stolen.
S01E03 Inhuman Power 02/02/2007 The five students are now aware of their mysterious powers, which they gain from fighting the demon in the old school building. Summer break is coming up and everyone seems to be looking forward to it, yet Aoi isn't that excited as everyone else is, following the events that took place in the old school building. The man who saved them, Hisui Kisaragi wants them all to continue with their lives as if nothing happened however they can't just ignore the growing number of murders occuring in the city involving demons. Things get a little intense, as out of know where someone else with mysterious powers blames them for the crow incident, forcing them all into a fight.
S01E04 Congregation 09/02/2007 The story begins where it left off with; Kyouichi, Komaki and Yuuya left incapacitated by the mysterious man with lightning powers. Tatsuma was able to stop his attack but before anything else could happen he notices some music in the background and it's seems to be coming from the person he was really after. It turns out that the person who's the cause of all the crow incidents is Ryouichi, the lead guitarist of a band known as "CROW" and it's his partner, Raito who is trying to stop him. Will Raito be able to save his friends heart from being consumed by evil?
S01E05 Dream Hell 16/02/2007 It doesn't take long for more strange incidents to come about, now more high schoolers are falling victim to some kind of curse, where they end up on a coma state or even die. It seems as though the same person who gave Ryouichi powers is pulling the strings again and it seems as though the victims are somehow connected with one another. Meanwhile the gang are back at Kisaragi's antique shop discussing the events of the previous night when the boy transformed into a demon. Even with the possibility of having to fight seriously with another human they all choose the path to follow, to continue with to fight and protect anyone. However Komaki just isn't happy about their current situation and wants things to return to how they used to be.
S01E06 Living Hell 23/02/2007 Aoi has recently fallen victim to the mysterious coma and now Kyoko Tohno has begun a private investigation of her own. Even at Sakuragaoka Central Hospital there isn't much that can be done for Aoi and the only way to save Aoi, from the clutches of the person's thoughts, is to stop the one who's casting the spell. The connection between all the coma victims is that they all went to the same private middle school, however why is Aoi chosen when she had nothing to do with it? Kyoko Tohno has discovered something important about the comas, who is doing them and why.
S01E07 Multitude of Demonic Arts 02/03/2007 After what happened over the summer break Hisui Kisaragi is recovering from his injuries after his encounter with Tendo. Aoi is worried after not seeing or hearing from him in a while and even Kyouichi has noticed something different in her. Aoi begins to reminisce of her past, with Hisui. Hisui finally makes his appearance but just to tell the gang some worrying news about the revival of Kidoushuu.
S01E08 Hole Woman 09/03/2007 The demon seal of the 5-coloured shrines has been broken and even the 8-Hand Sword that Kisaragi protects was unleashed and stolen by the Kidoushuu. Despite these recent events the gang have been busy lately battling demons and training whenever they’re free however there still seems to be a rise in deaths in the area. The one who’s committing all the recent crimes is after Sakurai for some reason and Tatsuma also has someone with a personal vendetta against him.
S01E09 In Violence and Tenderness 16/03/2007 With exams coming up for all the seniors it’s time for Sakurai to retire from being the archery club Captain however she has other things on her mind as she is still tormented by what happened the other day. Daigo feels unable to get Sakurai out of her depressed state, which makes him feel useless, unable to protect the one he loves. Tatsuma and Kyouichi have to find a way to get everyone back to how they used to be. Later Tendo finds out something to do with Aoi and it may have to be about the “Bodhisattva Eye”.
S01E10 Bosatsu's Eye 23/03/2007 All the incidents involving demons have suddenly stopped after what occurred last month and this may to do with Aoi’s latent power that Tendou Kodzunu has found an interest in; the "Bodhisattva Eye". Meanwhile Tatsuma appears to have been dating a girl recently and it happens to be the girl whose parents were killed in the crow incident. These two aren’t the only ones keeping secrets, as Hisui has something that he must do now that he knows the truth, something he’s destined to do.
S01E11 Falling Petals and the Diverging Fates 30/03/2007 Aoi has unexpectedly disappeared and everyone including Hisui and Kyouichi are in a frantically searching for her. Tatsuma has left with the girl to escort her to her grandparent’s but there is something disturbing about her. Tendou Kodzunu has begun to make his move again, which triggers of a series of dramatic events.
S01E12 Kodunu Revival 06/04/2007 Aoi, under Tendou’s control, has stolen the 8-Hand Sword from Hisui, completing Tendou’s collection of the “Ten Holy Treasures”. Everyone has gathered at Sakuragaoka Clinic while Tatsuma recovers from his injuries, when the old man Ryuuzan comes to explain to everyone how it all began. What Tendou has been plotting is the revival of the Kodzunu family and the Bodhisattva Eye is the key to that.
S01E13 Valley of the Dark Arts 13/04/2007 It all ends now, the fight for the control of power however everyone has their own reasons to fight and they all discover that reason. Tendou has also succeeded in awakening, the master of the Demon Way, Kishuu Kodzunu; on the other hand this may be his undoing.
S01E14 The Falling Star 20/04/2007 Tendou Kodzunu has fallen, along with his plans of reviving the Kodzunu family. A week has past since the events that occurred and everyone is already back to living there normal lives and trying to discover their path in life. Something ominous is on the horizon.
S02E01 The Twelve God Generals of the Martial Fist 27/07/2007 A powerful new threat emerges when a violent and bold group of masked assailants attacks Tatsuma and his friends.
S02E02 Purgatory`s Cry 03/08/2007 While some of the gang hears details about the infamous Martial Fists, the rest of the team is learning about their new enemies the hard way -- engaged in amazingly fierce battle!
S02E03 It Probably Will Change from the Heart 10/08/2007 As Daigo and Kyouichi deal with strange events in the present, scenes from the past reveal painful moments that shaped them into the young men they've become.
S02E04 The Fist Does Not take Life 17/08/2007 Kyouichi raises his new blade against Ukon. As the rest of the gang takes on swarms of mystical enemies, Tatsuma's reality is turned upside down by shocking revelations regarding his past.
S02E05 Fist That Protects 24/08/2007 As the group tries to identify the one responsible for the recent madness, Tatsuma once again comes face-to-face with Marie -- and she wants him dead.
S02E06 A Christmas Eve Without Smiles 31/08/2007 During the season of giving, Tatsuma is stunned beyond comprehension to find those closest to him brutally taken away by a murderous fiend known as Chaos.
S02E07 Kaosu 07/09/2007 With pain and madness in the winter air, Tatsuma must decide what kind of man he truly is when he gets his hands on the psychotic killer known as Chaos.
S02E08 Day of Destruction 14/09/2007 Tatsuma's friends are worried he's spending too much time trying to help Ryuuji. But bigger concerns are on the horizon: An evil like no other is about to strike.
S02E09 Congregation of the Birth Stars 21/09/2007 The world is in serious danger as Yagyu delivers death to many in an incredibly brutal battle. Unless Tatsuma's team reaches unimaginable levels of power, the situation is truly hopeless.
S02E10 The Cherry Blossoms That Do Not Scatter 28/09/2007 The citizens of Tokyo come together to rebuild, and the wounded begin to heal. The gang reflects on all that was lost and ponders the mysterious fate of Tatsuma.
S02E11 Walking with the Children 05/10/2007 A glimpse into the past reveals the friendships and struggles along the path undertaken by Tatsuma and his powerful friends.
S02E12 Thank You 12/10/2007 Happy memories: Sometimes even those who fight to keep Tokyo safe from evil get a chance to live as normal high school kids.

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