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Freckled, all-American racecar-driver Tom Slick, voiced by Bill Scott, competes in various races with his trusty vehicle, the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper. He is accompanied by his girlfriend Marigold and his elderly mechanic Gertie Growler . His antagonist is the evil Baron Otto Matic, a notorious cheat voiced by Paul Frees, and the Baron's stupid lackey Clutcher, whom the Baron had a penchant for hitting across the head with a monkey wrench.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tom Slick

S01E01 The Bigg Race 09/09/1967
S01E02 Monster Rally 16/09/1967 Tom races in a "monster rally" against actual monsters, including a vampire and a werewolf.
S01E03 Send in a Sub 23/09/1967
S01E04 Snow What? 30/09/1967
S01E05 The Great Balloon Race 07/10/1967
S01E06 I've Been Railroaded 14/10/1967
S01E07 Dranko the Dragster 21/10/1967
S01E08 The Cupp Cup Race 28/10/1967
S01E09 The Irish Cheapstakes 04/11/1967
S01E10 Overstocked 11/11/1967
S01E11 The Double Cross Country Race 18/11/1967
S01E12 The Apple-less Indian 500 25/11/1967
S01E13 The Sneaky Sheik 02/12/1967
S01E14 The Cheap Skateboard Derby 09/12/1967
S01E15 The Badyear Blimp 16/12/1967
S01E16 The Swamp Buggy Race 23/12/1967
S01E17 The Mack Buster Trophy 30/12/1967

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