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Tomes & Talismans was a 1986 educational television series produced by Mississippi ETV, consisting of thirteen 20-minute episodes presented as a dramatic serial story. Each episode defines, illustrates, and reviews specific library/research concepts. The earth was to be evacuated to another planet. A librarian, Ms. Bookheart, was placed in suspended animation by the Universal Being. A purple clad mystic, the Universal Being, conceals Ms. Bookheart for some length of time until a race of alien intellectuals, the Users, arrive to repair and refurbish earth. Another race of aliens, the Wipers, have set about colonizing earth and eliminating all traces of technology. Thanks to some help from the Universal Being the Users are able to revive Ms. Bookheart who helps them learn the Dewey Decimal system and research a solution hinted at by The Universal Being


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tomes & Talismans

S01E01 Tomes Entombed 00/00/0000 Overview of library/research skills and concepts.
S01E02 Fact or Fiction 00/00/0000 Fact and fiction; alphabetical shelving.
S01E03 Under Cover 00/00/0000 Parts of a book.
S01E04 In the Cards 00/00/0000 Card catalog.
S01E05 The System 00/00/0000 Dewey Decimal Classification System.
S01E06 Information Quick 00/00/0000 Encyclopedia; typographical clues.
S01E07 Hidden Meaning 00/00/0000 Dictionary; Thesaurus.
S01E08 Preference for Reference 00/00/0000 Special subject reference sources.
S01E09 Direction Unknown 00/00/0000 Maps; atlases; world almanac.
S01E10 SOS: Skim or Scan 00/00/0000 Skimming; scanning; paraphrasing; taking notes
S01E11 Guide to Light 00/00/0000 Reader's Guide; Children's Magazine Guide
S01E12 Show and Tell 00/00/0000 Audiovisual resources
S01E13 Final Report 00/00/0000 Summarizing reports; concluding research; bibliographic sources

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