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CGI-animated series which features F1 drivers Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen, as well as NASCAR driver Tony Stewart who all voice their own characters, as well as British actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tooned

S01E01 Wheel Nuts 08/07/2012 Lewis and Jenson are going to test out the new McLaren MP4-27 (Cartooned version) with Super-Super Soft Tyres with Professor M. As they go down, Tour Guide shows one of Nigel Mansell's moustaches. When they get down Jenson gets in the car and drives off. An Angry Lewis Equips a buggy with missiles from the McLaren MPX-27 prototype car and tries to catch Jenson but then the missiles explode and they bounce on Super-Super Soft tyres to the finish line.
S01E02 Slicks 22/07/2012 Lewis and Jenson are due to attend a movie premiere but Jenson has grown a beard and Lewis asks him to shave. Tour Guide shows James Hunt's jogstrap as they go down the lift. Professor M shows them the new G-Force Suits but during the testing, Jenson posts a new tweet on his Twitter page and Professor M is not happy. Then Professor M has installed some new Safety features on the cartooned McLaren MP4-27. Lewis hops in the car,and is soon ejected from the car and the Technology Centre without warning as he pressed the button that was formerly used to work the DRS which was now to activate the ejector seat whilst Professor M is explaining it to him. Meanwhile Jenson's face has been covered in black, but the auto fire extinguisher has detected it and soon Jenson's face is covered in foam. Lewis returns after landing into the river beside the McLaren Technology Centre and Jenson's beard had been removed with the foam. The pit crew cleans them up before Lewis and Jenson are heading to the premiere.
S01E03 Track to the Future 29/07/2012 Professor M shows Lewis and Jenson the future of Formula 1 but then Jenson makes a very amusing imitation on robot drivers. Then, as they go down. Tour Guide shows them one of the few remaining "K"'s from Mika Hakkinen's name. They are given new helmets which allow the future car to be thought controlled and gives an analysis on track Temperatures and a list of rival drivers. Then professor M shows them a new fuel lubricant developed by Mobil 1, He says that a single drop will last an entire season. However Jenson and Lewis start Playing Skidsies, Professor M is not happy until Lewis crashes into Jenson activating the automated airbags. A Mechanic drains up the fuel and they are shown the new engine, which is no bigger than a sugar cube. Jenson is surprised when he sees the car that it doesn't have any wheels but then Professor M tells him it floats. Just then, Lewis gets in the car and Professor M reminds Lewis that the car is thought controlled and to not think about racing but he does and goes flying out of the McLaren Technology Centre and is heading for Sweden. A pilot of a plane tells air traffic control that he spotted a "flying bar of soap" as Lewis goes past. Jenson is told to fire up Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 1 (The McLaren Technology Centre). The episode ended with the McLaren Technology Centre flying off to catch Lewis.
S01E04 Beyond the Limit 02/09/2012 Tour Guide is showing a vintage Formula 1 crash helmet, made from tweed as Lewis and Jenson come in Professor M is saying that they will be racing, which surprises them, However, their cars have been fitted with limiters with a maximum speed of 4 mph, to the dismay of Lewis and Jenson. Professor M calls it "Test Racing" Where Lewis and Jenson can race and Professor M can test Professor M asks Lewis and Jenson to Press button S on their steering wheel which activates a Satellite Navigation System and a Personal Motivational Assistant. It also indicates when driver energy levels are low. Lewis's energy levels are low so the system tries to force a sausage roll into his helmet. He complains to Professor M that his car smells like a sausage and an air freshener pops out of the TV Pod. Jenson says to Lewis"Chill out man" The system recognises what he says and gives him a massage. Then Professor M changes the weather to rainy weather, which enables the wipers on the helmet. One gets stuck on Lewis's helmet. Jenson asks what the red button is and Professor M says It is an experimental reverse gear with no limiter on it. As soon as they hear that, They go racing off backwards and Professor M says his phrase "Oh Dear, Its happened again". Professor M asks Nigel, a mechanic to deploy the "Traculator ( Which is similar to a Treadmill) Lewis and Jenson are now stuck on the traculator as Professor M goes to eat his lunch. The episode ends with a mechanic carrying some boxes stepping on to the Traculator and he flies off.
S01E05 Lift Story 09/09/2012 Professor M shows Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton the value of engineering.
S01E06 Gone With the Wind 23/09/2012 Professor M puts Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton through their paces in the new wind-tunnel.
S01E07 The Rising Son 07/10/2012 Lewis and Jenson prepare for the Japanese Grand Prix.
S01E08 Lecture Circuit 14/10/2012 Jenson Button meets Nyck de Vries from the McLaren young driver program.
S01E09 Strictly Bollywood 28/10/2012 Professor M prepares the after party for the Indian grand prix.
S01E10 Photo Finnish 04/11/2012 The boys meet with a famous Finnish McLaren driver
S01E11 Side Tracked 18/11/2012 Professor M gives Nyck de Vries some track time.
S01E12 A Glitch Too Far 25/11/2012 Lewis and Jenson do some testing in the McLaren simulator.
S02E01 A Night to Remember 30/06/2013 At the McLaren Technology Centre, McLaren are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Professor M comes up on the stage with some boring jokes to tell. Then a Scottish Man comes up to tell his story when Jenson and Sergio pull Professor M's stand down.
S02E02 The Bruce McLaren Story 28/07/2013 Episode two takes us right back to the beginning, to New Zealand in 1952 where a 14 year old Bruce McLaren discovers his passion for racing.
S02E03 The Emerson Fittipaldi Story 25/08/2013 The third installment moves the story along a decade to the early 1970's - the era of our first World Championship winner - Emerson Fittipladi. The man, the mouse... or the wolf? The old mechanic uncovers the secret that lies beneath Emmo's success in episode three.
S02E04 The James Hunt Story 08/09/2013 The name's Hunt. James Hunt. The next episode in our special McLaren50 themed series of Tooned features our second world champion James Hunt. Featuring the voices of Tom Hunt, Alexander Armstrong and Brian Cox, with a guest appearance by Murray Walker.
S02E05 The Alain Prost Story 06/10/2013 In the fifth installment, we meet Alain Prost with whom his old race engineer Professor M shares a mutual appreciation society until the old mechanic reminds Alain about 1984...
S02E06 The Ayrton Senna Story 27/10/2013 It's the one many of you have been waiting for. In episode 6 of Tooned 50, Professor M and the crew are joined by the great Ayrton Senna. Featuring the voices of Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, this episode also welcomes Bruno Senna as the voice of Ayrton, in a fitting tribute to his uncle.
S02E07 The Mika Häkkinen Story 03/11/2013 Tooned 50 continues and the true identity of Mika Häkkinen is uncovered. Mika stars alongside Jenson Button, Sergio Perez, Professor M and the old mechanic, who reveals the true power behind the 'Flying Finn'.
S02E08 The Grand Finale 24/11/2013 The boys are back in town for the season finale of Tooned 50. The stellar line up features Alain Prost, Mika Hakinnen, James Hunt, Emerson Fittipaldi and of course Jenson Button and Sergio Perez. Keep an eye out for a cameo from F1's favourite commentator, Murray Walker.
S00E01 The Making Of 00/00/0000
S00E02 Tooned 50: The Making of (Part 1) 07/07/2013 In this exclusive insight, we take a look at the making of the second series of Tooned and discover how McLaren's 50th anniversary will be celebrated with guest appearances including James Hunt, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mika Häkkinen, and Bruce McLaren himself. You'll also hear from key McLaren personnel, recounting their time with the team and their stories of the drivers they worked with. The Tooned F1 series also marks the return of McLaren's current racing star Jenson Button, as well as the début of the team's new signing, Sergio Perez. Factor in the voice talents of Brian Cox as the mysterious guest and Alexander Armstrong as Professor M and you have all the ingredients for a new high-octane series of Tooned!
S00E03 Ron Dennis Interview 00/00/0000
S00E04 Tooned 50: The Story So Far 22/09/2013 Catch up on the series so far. Follow the exploits of Bruce McLaren, Emerson Fititpaldi and James Hunt as we delve through the history books of McLaren's illustrious 50 year history.
S00E05 What's It Oil About 27/07/2013 Promotional episode for Mobil, with guest star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
S00E06 The History of Lubrication 06/08/2013 Promotional episode for Mobil, with guest star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
S00E07 Experiments 08/08/2013 Promotional episode for Mobil, with guest star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
S00E08 Oil Around The World 22/09/2013 Promotional episode for Mobil, with guest star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
S00E09 Inside an Engine 30/09/2013 Promotional episode for Mobil, with guest star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
S00E10 Oil's Well That Ends Well 05/10/2013 Promotional episode for Mobil, with guest star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
S00E11 Tooned 50: The Art of Tooned 13/10/2013 Take a look at how the cast of Tooned are taken from the drawing board and transformed into their animated incarnations. Get a sneak preview of the Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen episodes still to come.
S00E12 Tooned 50: The Making of (Part 2) 17/11/2013 As the series draws closer to 'The Grand Finale', the makers of Tooned fill us in on where they found inspiration for this unique 50th anniversary series, and give us a peek into the recording studio to reveal the voices behind the characters.
S00E13 Oil: An Odyssey (Part 1) 23/05/2014 Mobil 1™ Synthetic Motor Oil and the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team bring you the return of TOONED presents Mobil 1. F1 star Jenson Button and NASCAR champion Tony Stewart are back in animated form along with new McLaren Mercedes driver Kevin Magnussen and Professor M. In part 1 of this 3 part series, the trio of drivers and the Professor prove you can never know too much about motor oil.
S00E14 Oil: An Odyssey (Part 2) 05/06/2014 Our TOONED adventures continue in part 2 of our series as Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen, Tony Stewart and Professor M take us back to 1974, the year that Mobil 1 synthetic lubricants were first launched. After the trip back in time, the team witnesses first hand how Mobil 1 stands up under extreme conditions, the question is...will they?
S00E15 Oil: An Odyssey (Part 3) 18/06/2014 In the third and final chapter of Oil: An Odyssey, our TOONED heroes, Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen, Tony Stewart and Professor M come to some conclusions about Mobil 1, why it's been the oil of choice for the McLaren Mercedes team for 20 years and how it makes Tony's car go faster.
S00E16 Creating Mobil 1 TOONED - The New Kid on the Grid (Part 1) 29/05/2014 TOONED presents Mobil 1 - Oil: An Odyssey is here, along with part one of this exclusive, behind the scenes look at the making of the series. Join TOONED creators as they delve into what it takes to create an animated character based on a real-life racecar driver. Watch as they learn about McLaren Mercedes team newcomer Kevin Magnussen, and work to add him to the animated world already inhabited by Jenson Button and Tony Stewart.
S00E17 Creating Mobil 1 TOONED - From Track to Studio (Part 2) 12/06/2014 Our behind the scenes look at the making of TOONED presents Mobil 1 continues as the creators of the series show how they captured the voices of racing stars Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen and Tony Stewart by getting them from the track to the studio.
S00E18 Gone With The Wind Special Diamond Jubilee Edition 00/00/0000 Included on the UK DVD of the first season of Tooned, this episode sees a special visitor to the McLaren Technology Centre
S00E19 #Hunt40 22/10/2016 When you hear the name James Hunt, you don't invariably think of secret agents, dangerous Alpine skiing adventures, and Formula 1 cars equipped with ejector seats, right? Well, you might do after watching this special episode of McLaren's TOONED animation series. We’ve once again teamed up Oscar-winning visual effects house Framestore to create an appropriately off-the-wall celebration of the 1976 world champion, who won one of the most memorable title fights in grand prix history 40 years ago. This three-minute TOONED video updates the Hunt feature which originally aired in 2013, as part of McLaren's 50th anniversary celebrations. The new edit retains all the spontaneity, wit and irreverent humour of the original, but now features – for the very first time – McLaren-Honda racer Fernando Alonso, alongside Jenson Button.
S00E20 Bruce 02/06/2010 Homage to Bruce McLaren to mark the 50th anniversary of his death.

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Par Glenn Le 04/12/2016

Enorme coup de coeur pour ce projet atypique. tout en image par image. Une prouesse technique qui arrive à effacer les dernières productions Disney, Moana en tête.
Après paranorman, Kubo est une pure merveille d'animation qui sert un scénario plein de poésie, d'amour, d'aventures. La morale est d'une bienveillance emouvante qui vient couronner une oeuvre drôle et poignante à la fois. Vu en français, le doublage est qualitatif et n'enlève rien à la production. Bravo.