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If you'll like... The Addams Family, The Munsters and Groovie Goolies have in common? Then, you will expect to see Stephen Spielberg's first ever animated TV show from Dreamworks SKG Toonsylvania It's a side-splitting, full-length animated creature feature on TV! Join Phil - a nearly brainless monster, Igor - a lovable but hapless and Dr. Vic Frankenstein - the egomanical boss in an animated excursion to the other side, where monsters carry teddy bears and the Doctor's always cooking up some new adventure...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Toonsylvania

S01E01 Darla Doily- Demon Doll / The Importance Of Being Urnie /Clone Or Be Cloned / Th 07/02/1998
S01E02 Blind Date of Frankenstein / Football and Other Body Parts / Unbearable Lightn 14/02/1998
S01E03 Love Potion Number Nein!/Attack of the Iguana People/Big Big Bang Theory/Teeth F 21/02/1998
S01E04 Baby Human/Earth Vs Everything!/Blunder & Lightning/Little Screetchin Riding Hoo 28/02/1998
S01E05 Built For Speed/A Kiss Before Dying, Unless Of Course, You're Already Dead/Gravi 07/03/1998
S01E06 Spawn of Santa/Dead Hard/Periodic Table/Eeeww, Don't Swallow the Seeds, Silly 14/03/1998
S01E07 Doom With a View/Dead Dog Day Afternoon/Evolution & the Attorney/Here There Be M 28/03/1998
S01E08 Love Hurts/One For Mall & Mall For One/The Brain/Plain As The Nose On Your Face 04/04/1998
S01E09 Phil Feel Smart/Voodoo Vacation/The Universe/Melissa, Don't Spoil Your Appetite 25/04/1998
S01E10 WereGranny/The Lobster Of Party Beach/Luck Is Not A Factor/The Screetchy Little 02/05/1998
S01E11 Family Plot/A Zombie Is Born/Earthquake Boogie/Melissa & The Three Bears 16/05/1998
S02E01 Phil's Brain/Jurassic Putt/Bites and Stings/You Keep Bouncing Like That You're G 14/09/1998
S02E02 The Inferior Decorator/Bang!/Parasites/Melissa Screetch, Earth Ambassador 21/09/1998
S02E03 Something Weenie This Way Comes/Ideadical Cousins/Melisserella 26/10/1998
S02E04 Igor's Replacement / The Deadman Bunch 09/11/1998
S02E05 My Fair Monster / The Nosey Face / Shelf Of Brains 16/11/1998
S02E06 The Doomed Odyssey/ Attack Of The Fifty Footed Woman/ Becki With An I 23/11/1998
S02E07 The Longest Day / Take Us To Your Liter / Escape From Wet Nurse Island 07/12/1998
S02E08 No Title/In Or Out/Melissa Makes A Wish/Madame Olga's Lament 21/12/1998
S00E01 Toonsylvania The Movie 00/00/0000