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Topsy And Tim draws on the legacy of the iconic books by Jean and Gareth Adamson. It’s a drama inspired by the small stuff in little people’s lives. Each episode centres around an insight into family life from the point of view of 5-year-old twins, Topsy and Tim. Whether it’s washing the car with Dad; learning to ride a bike with Mum; or finding a lost cat, each story is full of warmth, humour and above all authenticity. At the heart of the show are five-year-old twins, Topsy and Tim. They share the special bond that many twins possess and their stories will be recognised by young children everywhere.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Topsy and Tim

S01E01 Rainy House 11/11/2013 A hole in the roof means rain water is leaking in through the ceiling of Topsy and Tim's bedroom, making Topsy's top bunk and Little Moon Bunny wet. Tim helps Dad mend the leak with some help from Kerry's dad, Carson.
S01E02 Strange Beds 12/11/2013 Topsy and Tim can't sleep in the bunk beds as usual because their bedroom is being redecorated by DIY Derek. The twins look for somewhere else to sleep until Dad tells them they're going on a special camping adventure.
S01E03 Double Playdate 13/11/2013 When Topsy and Tim's friends Tony Welch and Vinda come to play, things don't quite go to plan at first but by the time their mums come to pick them up, the friends are having so much fun they don't want to go home.
S01E04 New Clothes 14/11/2013 Topsy and Tim are growing out of their old, matching twin clothes, so Mummy buys them new jeans. Topsy is delighted with her new jeans - they have butterfly designs all over them. Tim's new jeans have a cool dinosaur print but Tim is not sure he is ready to wear bigger clothes yet, especially ones which are completely different to his twin's.
S01E05 Lost Keys 15/11/2013 Grandma and Mossy the dog have visited Topsy and Tim but when it's time to take them home for Mossy's tea, Dad simply cannot find his house keys anywhere.
S01E06 Dog Day 18/11/2013 Topsy and Tim look after Grandma's dog, Mossy, with the help of Tim's best friend Tony Welch. When Mossy starts being a bit naughty, they realise it's time for her walk. By the time they've got Mossy's lead, ball and poo bags, Tim worries that she might not get to her favourite bush in time to do her business!
S01E07 Marble Run 19/11/2013
S01E08 Car Wash 20/11/2013
S01E09 Bad Smell 21/11/2013
S01E10 Pet Sitters 22/11/2013
S01E11 Big Box 25/11/2013 Jamie the postman is delivering a big box to Topsy and Tim's neighbour Mr Fishwick. Mr Fishwick is out so the twins look after the box until he returns. When he comes to pick it up, they can't wait to find out what's inside the big box.
S01E12 Finders Seekers 26/11/2013 Topsy and Tim play hide and seek with their friends. Rai wins the game by hiding in the bathroom but when it's time to come out, the door is stuck! Topsy, Tim, Tony and Kerry try to find a way to get Rai out of the bathroom.
S01E13 Wheely Bags 27/11/2013 Mr Rosen visits Topsy and Tim and shows them how to make a house from a giant cardboard box. After Mr Rosen leaves to do some shopping, Topsy and Tim discover he's left his wheely bag behind. The twins must get the bag back to Mr Rosen so he can carry his shopping.
S01E14 Twin Twins 28/11/2013
S01E15 New Babysitter 29/11/2013
S01E16 Dinosaur Egg 24/02/2014
S01E20 Old Toys 28/02/2014
S01E23 Wrapping Paper 05/03/2014
S01E24 Dressing Up 06/03/2014
S01E25 Chicken Pox 07/03/2014
S01E26 Growing Sunflowers 00/00/0000
S01E27 Baby Jack 00/00/0000
S01E28 Wide Awake 00/00/0000
S01E29 Moving House 00/00/0000
S01E30 Remember When 00/00/0000

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