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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tornado Chasers

S01E01 Grass Roots 19/09/2012 Tornado season begins and Reed Timmer starts off the year with two new team members, both of whom have their own opinions on where to chase. Featuring the November 7th, 2011 Tipton, OK intercept of a violent EF4 tornado.
S01E02 The Breakup 26/09/2012 After a recent break up Reed finds himself chasing one last time with Ginger in hopes of gaining exposure for his grass roots operation through her reporting. In the end a nighttime tornado bears down on San Antonio, Texas, illuminated by lightning and power flashes.
S01E03 Outbreak! 03/10/2012 Reed takes a break from his dissertation and joins the team in battling their way through a line of chasers to get close to a stovepipe tornado on April 14th, just outside of Hesston, KS.
S01E04 Ole Blue 10/10/2012 Tired from working on his dissertation, Reed struggles to stay awake at a celebrity signing event so he can get back to chase in Ole Blue.
S01E05 Chapter Five 17/10/2012 Reed finally finishes chapter five of his dissertation and goes sleeveless in the Dominator to celebrate.
S01E06 The Grind 24/10/2012 Reed and the team have been grinding hard this season and it's going to take more than a little ground circulation to boost morale.
S01E07 Rocket Time 07/11/2012 Reed teams up with an old friend and implements his first science mission of the year.
S01E08 Intercept 14/11/2012 After throwing out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game, Reed leads his team to victory.
S01E09 Birthday Boy 28/11/2012 After chasing and celebrating a birthday week on the road, Reed Timmer and the boys revisit Wadena, MN which was hit by a violent tornado two years prior.
S01E10 Quadcopter 05/12/2012 The team encounters tornado spin-ups and record-sized hail before Reed launches his new Quadcopter probe into a storm. Reed also revisits the massive 2011 Canton, OK tornado.
S01E11 Suction Vortices 19/12/2012 TVN intercepts multiple vortices on foot in Wyoming.
S01E12 Stove Pipe 02/01/2013 Storm season comes to a thrilling conclusion when Reed Timmer and the boys scrape together what's left of the crew and head north with limited funds. Featuring the June 22, 2012 Fall River County tornado.
S02E01 Liftoff 30/09/2013 The new chase season launches as Reed and the crew add a third Dominator to the fleet. Reed joins the KFOR weather team to bring unprecedented coverage of nature's fiercest storms to residents of Tornado Alley.
S02E02 Meeting a Legend 07/10/2013 Jim Cantore, famed meteorologist and Reed's hero, arrives in Norman to chase in the Doms. With severe weather in the forecast, Reed connects with his team members, including a wavering Joel Taylor.
S02E03 Helix 14/10/2013 The chase season roars to life as two Kickstarter backers, Ray and Bill, join the TVN team. Reed and his crew observe a rare and dramatic tornado, along with the destruction it leaves behind.
S02E04 Payback 21/10/2013 After Reed's success the day before, Dick abandons the TVN team and goes rogue. With an outbreak brewing in Kansas, Reed makes a risky move to chase in Oklahoma.
S02E05 Warning, Part 1 04/11/2013 With twisters targeting the OKC metro area, Jim Cantore joins forces with Reed to provide real-time warnings. A breakneck chase through the populated city of Edmond leads to the team's first intercept in Dominator 3.
S02E06 Warning, Part 2 12/11/2013 The unrelenting chase continues as Reed, Jim Cantore, and the team intercept another tornado before it grows into a mile-wide wedge. Coming upon storm damage, they perform search and rescue as a new tornado forms near Shawnee, OK.
S02E07 Home, Part 1 12/05/2013 Reed's tornado intercepts gain national attention as the TVN team gears up for a stronger round of severe weather. Ginger Zee joins Reed and Jim Cantore for a chase day that threatens the city of Moore, OK.
S02E08 Home, Part 2 12/05/2013 A devastating tornado tracks through Moore, OK, very close to Reed's house. Reed and the team, along with Jim Cantore and Ginger Zee, must decide whether to continue chasing or return to Moore.
S02E09 Stranded 02/05/2013 Reed and the team journey north to Kansas and come face-to-face with a mile-wide wedge. The storm turns the roads to mud and traps the Dominator in the tornado's path.
S02E10 Overtaken 02/01/2014 With 'Dominator 2' in rough shape from the previous day's intercept, a new tornado threat looms over Bennington, KS. Reed pushes his science mission to the limit as a massive wedge engulfs him and his team.
S02E11 Nemesis, Part 1 17/01/2014 A potentially catastrophic tornado day threatens central Oklahoma. Upon reaching El Reno, Reed and the team witness the birth of a violent wedge tornado.
S02E12 Nemesis, Part 2 24/01/2014 Reed's team pursues the El Reno wedge as it grows into the widest tornado in history. After the Dominator's hood gets ripped off, Reed helps Mike Bettes whose Weather Channel vehicle was crushed by the tornado.
S02E13 Tornadoes of 2013: Raw and Uncut 17/02/2014 First bonus episode for Kickstarter donors.
S02E14 2013 Deleted Scenes 03/03/2014
S02E15 Storm Science, Part 1: Forecasting and Chasing 18/03/2014
S02E16 Storm Science, Part 2: Experiments and Safety 01/04/2014
S02E17 Dominator Tech 01/05/2014
S02E18 Behind the Scenes Part 1 01/05/2014
S02E19 Behind the Scenes Part 2 04/05/2014

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