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Detective Otonashi Tsukiko (Nagasawa Masami), who belongs to the First Investigative Division's Tannai team led by Tannai Ichio (Takenaka Naoto), is a geek with Toshi Densetsu mania. She claims that she became a detective to establish proof of Toshi Densetsu and dreams of officially announcing some day that Toshi Densetsu is involved in a case she investigated. When cases happen, she will always consider its associations with the manga. Because of that, the better part of the formal investigation would appear to be wrong. She feigns illness to slip out from work and stealthily proceed with her own investigation based on her theory that Toshi Densetsu is the cause. This angers Tannai every time. -- Jdrama Weblog


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Toshi Densetsu no Onna

S01E01 Falling to their death...The curse of Masakado Kubizuka!? 13/04/2012
S01E02 The murder of the wealthy woman! The 400 year old curse of the diamond 20/04/2012
S01E03 The disappearing bride...You’ll die if you meet someone who looks identical to you!? 27/04/2012
S01E04 The legend of Mount Takao!! The teacher who died because of the forbidden love 04/05/2012
S01E05 The legend of the National Diet of Japan...Is the miniskirt clad legislator the murderer!? 11/05/2012
S01E06 The legend of the Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree! The TV station murder 18/05/2012
S01E07 The zashiki-warashi bore witness!? The locked room murder of the divorced couple 25/05/2012
S01E08 On the night of a full moon crimes will occur!! The serial murder of the fortune tellers 01/06/2012
S01E09 Goodbye Tsukiko...Tokugawa's buried treasure murder!! 08/06/2012
S02E01 Urban legend of Mount Fuji called death!? 11/10/2013
S02E02 The couple kidnapped by aliens in a UFO murder case!? 18/10/2013
S02E03 Friday the 13th! Serial murder camping!? 25/10/2013
S02E04 The unexpected real culprit of the legendary three hundred million yen incident! 01/11/2013
S02E05 The Hanako of the toilet curse!? Idol school murder 08/11/2013
S02E06 Killer android!? The secret of the man who loved the robot 15/11/2013
S02E07 Legend of the beautiful vampire acrtess who die twice 22/11/2013