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Total Drama Action is the second season of the Canadian animated television series Total Drama Island. The show premiered in Teletoon Canada 6:30 et/pt[2] on January 11, 2009. This series was also created by the makers of 6Teen, another Teletoon program. Like its predecessor, Total Drama Island, this season's series is an "animated reality show" starring fifteen teenagers. This series still portrays likeliness towards other physical and social shows, like Fear Factor and The Real World. The original twenty-two "campers" were cut down to fifteen "cast-mates" after the reunion special's dramatic ending between these seasons. Both host and assistant Chris McClean and Chef Hatchet will return as the cast-mates' supervisors and challenge distributors. The theme of this series is "Cinematography". These fifteen cast-mates have found out that they will be staying in an abandoned movie studio lot in Toronto, Ontario. Since the theme is all about movies, the competitors are treated as real actors. They stay in small, unaccomodating actors' trailers competing against each other and themselves. Challenges come back for this season, as well. Unlike the random TDI challenges, TDA challenges will be based upon which movie genre the cast-mates will portray. The "mess hall" of TDI will also be replaced this season with The Craft Services Tent, which will also be catered by Chef Hatchet, once more. The "outhouse/confession can" of TDI was used to let the audience at home know what the campers were really thinking about. In TDA, this was replaced with the "Make-Up Confessional", a room full of make-up and body enhancements. If the cast-mates were able to make it past Chris, the daily challenge(s), and themselves, their fate would, then, have to be decided. TDI also used the outhouse/confession can to cast votes as to who they would like voted off. Cast-mates of TDA now used "voting device


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Total Drama Action

S01E01 Monster Cash! 11/01/2009 The first installment of the Total Drama Action finds the cast members participating in a monster movie challenge.
S01E02 Alien Resurr-eggtion 18/01/2009 Chef tracks the players progress as they search for alien eggs.
S01E03 Riot On Set 25/01/2009 Teams are chosen and set to shooting some very strange dramatic scenes.
S01E04 Beach Blanket Bogus 01/02/2009 The challenge will contain a beach-theme where the teams will be required to surf over a tank of sharks on a mechanical surfboard.
S01E05 3:10 to Crazytown 08/02/2009 The two teams square off in several western themed challenges.
S01E06 The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent 15/02/2009 Geoff and Bridgette play hosts of an after show which dishes dirt on the cast.
S01E07 The Chefshank Redemption 05/04/2009 The remaining contestants square off in another challenge. This week's theme centers around a prison movie.
S01E08 One Flu Over The Cuckoos 12/04/2009 The contestants take part in a medically themed challenge. When a deadly virus breaks out, things go critical on set. It all leads up to someone's "acting skills" that gets the reward.
S01E09 The Sand Witch Project 19/04/2009 The castmates compete in a horror themed trilogy challenge. Someone's conscience begins to bother them about their actions, and they end up removing themselves from the competition.
S01E10 Masters Of Disasters 26/04/2009 It's a disastrous time for the castmates, with earthquakes, floods, and lava spills. The disasters get worse as somebody gets seriously injured and the others find themselves in deep water.
S01E11 Full Metal Drama 03/05/2009 The two teams take part in a challenge inspired by war movies. Later, another contestant is voted out of the competition.
S01E12 The Aftermath II: Forgive & For-Gwen 10/05/2009 Geoff and Bridgette talk about what has happened in recent episodes and interview cast mates that were recently voted out.
S01E13 Ocean's Eight - Or Nine 24/06/2009 The teams participate in a challenge inspired by bank heist films. However, for one contestant, the challenge holds an unexpected surprise.
S01E14 One Million Bucks BC 17/09/2009 The two teams compete in a prehistoric themed challenge.
S01E15 Million Dollar Babies 24/09/2009 In a sports themed challenge, the contestants find themselves boxing, playing badminton, wrestling in a ball pit, cheer-leading, and even playing trampoline basketball.
S01E16 Dial M For Merger 01/10/2009 The teams are dissolved and the remaining cast mates participate in an individual challenge which is revolved around spy movies.
S01E17 Super Hero-Id 08/10/2009 The remaining cast mates do a superhero challenge of bravery.
S01E18 The Aftermath lll: O-wen or Lose 15/10/2009 Geoff and Bridgette talk with the latest cast mates to be voted out of the show.
S01E19 The Princess Pride 05/11/2009 Chris appears on the set with a glass combat boot and the remaining contestants learn the next challenge will have a fairy tale theme.
S01E20 Get A Clue 12/11/2009 The remaining cast members must solve a murder mystery challenge. While on a train, Chris is "murdered" and the cast must figure out who done it.
S01E21 Rock n' Rule 19/11/2009 The remaining cast mates take part in a rock themed challenge and learn that a voted off person is returning to the show.
S01E22 Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen 26/11/2009 A kung-fu challenge comes to the set as the boys versus girls.
S01E23 2008: A Space Owen 26/11/2009 The remaining campers participate in a space themed movie challenge.
S01E24 Top Dog 26/11/2009 The four remaining cast mates must bond with creatures of fur and feather.
S01E25 Mutiny on the Soundstage 03/12/2009 The remaining two cast mates go up against each other in a series of challenges based on past trials with the winner getting the million dollars.
S01E26 The Aftermath lV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire 10/12/2009 After the final challenge ends in a tie, the cast gets together for one last Aftermath. In the end, only one will emerge as the Total Drama second season champion.
S00E01 TDA Teaser 00/00/0000
S00E02 TDA Alternate Reality 00/00/0000
S00E03 TDA Caught on Tape 00/00/0000
S00E04 The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire (Alternate Ending) 00/00/0000 Version of Episode 26 with an alternate ending.
S00E05 Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special 10/06/2010