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Comedian W. Kamau Bell stars in this late-night comedy series filmed in Brooklyn, N.Y. On the program, Bell dissects topics from the worlds of politics, pop culture, race, religion and the media. Contributions from fellow comics and comedy sketches round out the contents of the half-hour show. Iconic comedian Chris Rock, who's no stranger to late-night TV himself, is among the show's executive producers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell

S01E01 Chris Rock 09/08/2012
S01E02 Rachel Maddow 16/08/2012
S01E03 Alex Wagner 23/08/2012
S01E04 Kevin Powell 30/08/2012
S01E05 Issa Rae 13/09/2012
S01E06 Janeane Garofalo 20/09/2012
S01E07 Tom Morello 11/10/2012
S01E08 David Webb 18/10/2012
S01E09 Neil deGrasse Tyson 25/10/2012
S01E10 Chris Hayes and Ted Alexandro 01/11/2012
S01E11 Lewis Black 08/11/2012
S01E12 Wanda Sykes and Hannibal Buress 15/11/2012
S01E13 John Oliver 29/11/2012
S01E14 Matt Taibbi 17/01/2013
S01E15 George Takei 25/01/2013
S01E16 Dave Zirin and Reggie Watts 31/01/2013
S01E17 David Alan Grier and Reggie Watts 07/02/2013
S01E18 Hannibal Buress, Rob Cantrell, Nikki Glaser, and Sara Schaefer 14/02/2013
S01E19 Don Cheadle 21/02/2013
S01E20 Melissa Harris-Perry 09/05/2013
S01E21 Aisha Tyler 16/05/2013
S01E22 Wyatt Cenac and George Takei 23/05/2013
S01E23 Jim Norton, Lindy West, Doug Benson, and Mike Lawrence 30/05/2013
S01E24 Doug Benson, Unlocking the Truth, and Vernon Reid 06/06/2013
S01E25 Trevor Noah and Eddie Pepitone 13/06/2013
S01E26 Billy Porter and Zach “MC Mr. Napkins” Sherwin 20/06/2013
S02E01 Jim Gaffigan 04/09/2013
S02E02 Tracy Morgan 05/09/2013
S02E03 Chris Rock 09/09/2013
S02E04 Jamie Kilstein and John Fugelsang 10/09/2013
S02E05 Laverne Cox 11/09/2013
S02E06 Sarah Silverman 12/09/2013 Tonight, Kamau's guest is the incomparable Sarah Silverman. Yes, they've had disagreements in the past, but who really remembers anything that happened on MySpace anyway? To prove they've buried the hatchet, the duo exchange jokes and gifts on stage.
S02E07 Kristina Wong 16/09/2013
S02E08 Gilbert Gottfried 17/09/2013
S02E09 Michelle Buteau 18/09/2013
S02E10 Dave Zirin 19/09/2013
S02E11 Jeffrey Wright 24/09/2013
S02E12 Tim Wise 24/09/2013
S02E13 Van Jones 25/09/2013
S02E14 Big Freedia 26/09/2013
S02E15 Edward Wyckoff Williams and Aton Edwards 30/09/2013
S02E16 Jesse Ventura 01/10/2013
S02E17 Hannibal Buress 02/10/2013
S02E18 Calise Hawkins 03/10/2013
S02E19 Stephen Rannazzisi 14/10/2013
S02E20 Alison Stewart 15/10/2013
S02E21 Colin Quinn 16/10/2013
S02E22 Death 17/10/2013
S02E23 Jay Smooth 21/10/2013
S02E24 Keith Knight 22/10/2013
S02E25 Henry Louis Gates 23/10/2013
S02E26 Josh Gondleman 24/10/2013
S02E27 Judy Gold 28/10/2013
S02E28 Alex Wagner 29/10/2013
S02E29 Penn Jillette 30/10/2013
S02E30 Touré 31/10/2013
S02E31 Soledad O'Brien 04/11/2013
S02E32 Gregg Deal and Andy Thundercloud 05/11/2013
S02E33 Bill Burr 06/11/2013
S02E34 Maria Bamford 07/11/2013
S02E35 Baratunde Thurston 11/11/2013
S02E36 Kathleen Hanna 12/11/2013
S02E37 Yaba Blay 13/11/2013
S02E38 Jim Norton 14/11/2013

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