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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Totally Circus

S01E01 Totally Tryouts! 16/06/2000 The pilot episode for Totally Circus. In this episode we meet the trouper hopefuls who have come to an audition for a chance to run away with the circus for the summer. We meet founder and director of Circus Smirkus, Rob Merimen. We also find out more about what it takes to make it in the Smirkus troupe.
S01E02 Totally Tired Troupers! (aka Early Days and Late Nights) 18/06/2000 The chosen troupers arrive at Circus Smirkus. Everyone is tired from all the practices. Patrick is worried that he wont get to be in an act. There is some conflict about bedtimes.
S01E03 Totally Anxious! (aka Getting In on the Act) 25/06/2000 In this episode the troupers learn which person will be in which act. Sarah and Nerida get cut from the horse act and it causes some pain for them. Nerida becomes very homesick.
S01E04 Totally Strict! (aka Tricks and Treats) 02/07/2000 Rob gets upset when he finds that Tristan has been sent a rather large amount of candy from home thus breaking the ""no candy"" rule. Also we are given a peek into the hiding places of candy.
S01E05 Totally Terrifying NEW Acts! 09/07/2000 In this episode Juliana is nervous about learning a new trick on the trapeze while having to make a tough decision about two different acts shes currently involved in. Meanwhile, Raber is trying to get his slack wire act in the show.
S01E06 Total Identity Crisis! 16/07/2000 The twins of Smirkus, Kaleen and Kerren, are in almost everything together and are worried about whether or not people see them as individuals. Kerren is having trouble learning the routines while Kaleen catches on very easily, causing some problems for the girls. Meanwhile, the smirkos prepare for and present the first show.
S01E07 Totally Hot Temperatures! (aka Hot Stuff) 23/07/2000 The troupers hit the road on the stretch of 6 week tours. They get a new counselor, Eileen, who has some trouble with a couple of the kids. They head to their first show where its extremely hot and the troupers must decide if the show can go on.
S01E08 Total Rain, Total Pain! (aka ER) 06/08/2000 The smirkos head to the next town and the next set of shows. At the next show they receive a very heavy rainstorm. During the show Raber falls over the ringcurb and breaks his arm. Everyone is upset by what happened to Raber so the smirkos are taken to a beach. Raber finds out he wont be returning to Smirkus for the remainder of the tour.
S01E09 Totally Jealous! (aka Substitutes) 13/08/2000 When Olivia hurts her ankle Juliana and Julia must fill in for her on two of her acts. Olivia becomes upset at seeing them do her parts. Meanwhile, Olivia and Sian are having some argumental problems. Tosca gives the girls a bunking party and the boys are taken to a church for a lock in.
S01E10 Totally Uplifting! (aka No Time for Tears) 20/08/2000 The troupers head to Martha's Vineyard where Sarah's mom visits with some bad news. Sarah, however, knows that the show must go on since she has been given the opportunity to work with the horses. Stevie, meanwhile is having problems with his attitude and it is affecting the other troupers.
S01E11 Totally Backward! (aka Tight Wire and Tents) 27/08/2000 When the smirkos pull into Marthas Vineyard it is discovered that the tent has been put up backwards. In addition the ground is wet and the stakes are being pulled out. Jade tells us how dangerous it is for Willow and Rachel to do the wire act under those conditions.
S01E12 Totally Joking! (aka Flying High) 03/09/2000 As the troupers close out the season they head to Barton Fair where they all have a chance to have fun with the show and play jokes on eachother. Barton is also a big opportunity for Nerida. She has been given the chance to display her talent on the trapeze in the show. She is worried, however, that she wont be able to learn a new trick before showtime.
S01E13 Totally Tired! (aka The Long Goodnight) 10/09/2000 The troupers are getting exhausted as the tour winds down so they are taken to get some extra sleep. When Julia is told to go to bed with the younger kids she feels that she has been treated unfairly. She and her friends request a meeting with Eileen to straighten it out. Meanwhile, the excitement is growing as the kids head back to the barn. After arriving back they hold the untalent talent show.
S01E14 Totally Too Short Summer! (aka Raber's Return) 17/09/2000 As the summer draws to an end Raber returns to the barn to bid the troupers a fond farewell. The staff and kids have the last council meeting and all describe what it means for them to be troupers. Stevie holds the 1st annual smirko auction and Case and Tamir hold a ping pong tournament.
S01E15 Totally Cheerful, Totally Tearful! (aka See You Down the Road) 24/09/2000 The troupers put on the final show at the circus barn. As all the kids are heading home we get a glimpse of all the highlights of the summer. ""See you down the road""