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All the best farm action shown in real life and presented by Tractor Ted.


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S01E01 Tractor Ted in Summertime 00/00/0000 See how the sun is shining at Tractorland, everything is growing well and the first crops are ready to harvest. The combine gets to work along with the balers and there is a huge excavator clearing some land.
S01E02 Tractor Ted in Wintertime 00/00/0000 As winter is a good time to check the animals and farm machinery watch as the farmer goes to market to buy some more sheep and a new tractor - but there are so many to choose from which one will he buy?
S01E03 Tractor Ted in Autumntime 00/00/0000 Watch the events during one of the busiest seasons on the Tractorland farm. There is so much to harvest; apples, potatoes, maize and sweetcorn. The machines used are varied and fascinating to watch at work – even the forage harvester sharpens its own blades!
S01E04 Tractor Ted in Springtime 00/00/0000 Springtime at Tractorland is full of lots of animals being born. There are calves taking their first steps outside, bouncy puppies and jumping lambs. Sing along with the JCB as he clears out the ditches.
S01E05 Tractor Ted Makes Bread 00/00/0000
S01E06 Tractor Ted Grows Potatoes 00/00/0000 Preschool children are fascinated to see the real farm action of potato growing in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite farm character, Tractor Ted. Have you ever wondered how potatoes get to the shops for your roasties? Potatoes are a crop farmed using some amazing big and technical machines. Children who love tractors and machines will be captivated by this film that uses real life action to follow how farmers plant, grow and harvest potatoes. There are wonderful close ups of planters, de-stoners, tilers and the harvester at work. Tractor Ted is with your children all the way, explaining what is happening so that they not only enjoy the action but pick up all sorts of useful knowledge. One of the early Tractor Ted films without songs but for machine mad children is one of the most popular.
S01E07 Tractor Ted Showtime 00/00/0000 Preschool children love to see the real farm animals and tractors in this 40 minute DVD introduced by their favourite farm character, Tractor Ted. In this children's DVD, Tractor Ted introduces children to all the fun that happens at one of the England's best agricultural shows, the Bath & West Show in Somerset. The real life filming takes place behind the scenes as the new machinery arrives at the exhibitors tents and the animals are prepared to be entered for the livestock prizes. We follow a family and their children as they wash their calves for the competition and even use a hairdryer to dry them! In the main marquee we see lots of delicious farm foods like the enormous Cheddar cheeses and big tables of strawberries. Out in the display ring are some great tractors and machines to watch as they prepare the jumps for the ponies in the showjumping. Then there are the dare devil displays by the stunt bike riders. The sheep dog display will make your kiddies laugh as there are some funny animals to round up! Tractor Ted has lots of interaction with the children as he pops up on screen to narrate the real life action. He encourages them to listen, count, read and sing to the film. You'll find the nursery rhyme style music is great fun - also available as a CD - just the thing for car journeys or night-time listening. THE ONE WITH Animal Wash & Dry/Quad Bikes/Duck Herding KIDS LOVE The Big Rosette/Stunt Riders. GROWN UPS LOVE The Old Fashioned Country Show.
S01E08 Tractor Ted goes Milking 00/00/0000 Watch how you have to care for the cows on the Tractorland farm to get lots of milk from them. See the silage making with some fantastic machines including swath turners, balers and a bale wrapper. A film which dispels the myth that milk arrives by magic at the supermarket!
S01E09 Tractor Ted Meets the Animals 00/00/0000 A captivating film showing how to care for all the animals on the farm. There are pigs, cows, foals, sheep and more. Watch all the different machines in action that the farmer needs to use to look after his animals, including straw choppers, feed wagons and muck spreaders.
S01E10 Tractor Ted Farm Visit 1 (Organic Farm Visit) 00/00/0000 Preschool children are fascinated to see the real organic farm animals and machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite farm character, Tractor Ted. Made in partnership with the Soil Association. This children's film is shot using the real life action of work on some of the country’s most prestigious organic farms. It shows which farming techniques are used by organic growers to keep the crops weed-free and thriving. Techniques such as composting and clover growing, ways that encourage insects and birds to act as natural pest controllers. Tractor Ted interacts with the children throughout the film, encouraging them to listen, count, read and sing along to the lovely songs like the 'Clover Song'. Children love the bugs and beetles that Ted finds in the flowers. They are also fascinated by the tractors and machines that are out in the fields clover mowing, composting, thistle topping and oat harvesting. The beautiful countryside of this DVD is breathtaking and filmed on Helen Browning's farm in Wiltshire and Patrick Holden's community farm in Wales, both senior figures within the organic movement.
S01E11 Tractor Ted Big Machines 00/00/0000
S01E12 Tractor Ted Mighty Maize Machine 00/00/0000 The amazing forage harvester is hard at work; sing along as he collects the grass silage and harvests the maize. So many machines packed into this brilliant DVD including feed wagons, rakes, mowers, JCBs and more. Ted visits two dairies: one with cows and one with sheep! Poor Les forgets something rather important - just as well the children are there!
S01E13 Tractor Ted All About Tractors 00/00/0000 First up is a visit to a New Holland factory to see how a blue tractor is built and the big machines used to help. A big transporter takes it off to the agricultural merchants while Tractor Ted's friend, Les shows us his shiny new tractor. Poor Les, his day doesn't end well when he finds a water leak and ends up getting very wet! Children can see tractors at work doing all sorts of jobs like lifting, pushing, pulling and one or two extremely smelly jobs that always make kids giggle!
S01E14 Tractor Ted Harvests Vegetables 00/00/0000
S01E15 Tractor Ted Diggers and Dumpers 00/00/0000
S01E16 Tractor Ted Meets More Animals 00/00/0000 Preschool children are fascinated to see more of the real farm animals and machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite farm character, Tractor Ted. A film full of surprises as Tractor Ted takes us to meet the more unusual animals now being farmed in the UK. Amongst them the beautiful buffalo with their huge horns, big wet noses and soft ears. We are shown their noisey calves and watch them being fed. Then we see how the buffalos are milked and the milk made into delicious Mozarella Cheese on the Laverstoke Farm in Berkshire, owned by Formula 1 ace, Jody Schekter. There we also visit the wild boar and see their delightful stipey piglets and the huge flock of free range chickens. Then Tractor Ted moves on to meet alpacas, farmed for their highly prized wool and explains how they also make excellent guard dogs. The farms we see use some exciting machinery including the telehandler with its big prongs to lift pallets that is being fitted with a new set of tyres. There is also a combine harvester to see that runs into a spot of bother! Tractor Ted interacts with the children throughout the film, encouraging them to listen, count, read and sing along to the nursery rhyme style songs such as the Ted Chart-topper, 'Buffalo!'. As always Tractor Ted entertains everyone, especially when he catches Fudge the Dog getting up to mischief with Les the Tractor Driver. Take the catchy tunes along with you in the car on the Tractor Ted CD. THE ONE WITH Telehandler/Buffalo/Alpaca/Buffalo Song KIDS LOVE The 'Big-headed' Buffalo/Counting the Telehandler's tyres/Fudge the Dog stealing a sandwich. GROWN UPS LOVE The Buffalo Song - an ear worm!/What you can make with Buffalo milk/Learning about Bio Fuel.
S01E17 Tractor Ted Meets The Horses 00/00/0000 Preschool children are fascinated to see the real life horse action in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite farm cartoon, Tractor Ted. We find this one of the most popular films with both grown ups and children alike as Tractor Ted goes behinds the scenes for a day in the life at one of the world's top racing yards, Andrew Balding's historic, Park House Stables, Kingsclere in Berkshire. Watch how the athletes of the horsey world are kept in the peak of condition for their next race. See how fast they train with their stable mates on the gallops, how they are given a bath to cool down and how they can even use a running machine and take a swim around the pool! It takes all sorts of interesting machines to keep the horses well fed and their stables clean, like big mowers, hay turners and balers. But everything is worth the effort when the horses win their races! Tractor Ted takes the children off to Newbury Racecourse to see if his horse can beat all the others to the finishing post. Billy the stable hand doesn't have such a good day as he gets a soaking! As always, the storylines, sing along songs and interaction by Tractor Ted with the children makes this DVD one you'll be happy for your kids to watch again and again. THE ONE WITH Harrows/Swimming/Quad Bike/Billy Gets Wet/Muckspreading Song KIDS LOVE Horses morning exercise/Tractor & harrow GROWN UPS LOVE Horse in the pool & on the treadmill/Fantastic Farrier
S01E18 Tractor Ted More Big Machines 00/00/0000 Preschool children are fascinated by the real life big farm machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite animated character, Tractor Ted. Tractor Ted has discovered some more big machines - Pea Harvesters. These enormous machines work all day and night to bring in the crop when its at its most sweet and tasty! They need to be washed and checked by the mechanic every day. A great insight for children into how much hard work goes into bringing peas to their plates. Les, the famous tractor driving friend on the Tractor Ted farm has to help out when Fudge the Dog gets stuck in a stable. The action continues when we see how the fields are prepared with a giant plough and seeds are planted with a big seed drill. Just the combination of storytelling, adventure and discovery that every Tractor Ted film brings to the preschool audience.
S01E19 Tractor Ted Down At The River 00/00/0000
S01E20 Tractor Ted Meets Baby Animals 00/00/0000 Tractor Ted Meets Baby Animals DVD ..... Tractor Ted takes on a tour of the farm with Fudge the dog who is full of excitement. She is desperate to show Tractor Ted the piglets all snuggled in their bed, the calves being fed and the newborn lambs in the barn. There are some exciting machines hard at work in the fields too including the JCB, tractors and a brand new telehandler is delivered to the farm.
S01E21 Tractor Ted All About Harvesters 00/00/0000 Tractor Ted shows us lots huge harvesters and we get to see the amazing work that they do harvesting food for us and for the farm animals. Farmer Tom is busy on the farm getting in the maize. Luckily the children are there to save the farmer before he loses the grain from his combine! There are lots of great harvesters to watch as they harvest crops from sugar beet to peas, potatoes and wheat.

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