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Filmed in and around the village of Compton near Newbury, the series was set in the world of horse racing. It starred Mark Greenstreet as Mike Hardy, an aspiring horse trainer keen to set up his own stables. Other major characters included local gambler John Grey (David McCallum) and widow Rachel Ware (Susannah York). Trainer lasted for two series and was the last TV project for producer Gerard Glaister. The theme song, "More to Life", was performed by Cliff Richard. The song was written by Simon May and Mike Read.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Trainer

S01E01 A Racing Certainty 01/09/1991 A professional gambler and a widow uncover the truth about a fixed race being blamed on a trainer's assistant, Mike Hardy.
S01E02 All I Need Is One Good Horse 08/09/1991 Arkenfield Stables' trainer Mike Hardy solves the mystery of a problem horse.
S01E03 On the Carpet 15/09/1991 Rachel's step-son sells tainted feed to one of Mike's horses.
S01E04 Perfect Timing 22/09/1991 Horse owner James Brandt insists that Mike trains his horses only.
S01E05 A Just Weight 29/09/1991 After a horse opens as favorite, a betting owner suspects someone is sharing information with a bookie.
S01E06 Fight Night 06/10/1991 A local boxing championship leads to large bets.
S01E07 Horse Trading 13/10/1991 Mike loses his position after buying a lame horse at a high price.
S01E08 A Question of Loyalty 20/10/1991 A newspaper's publicity results in unwanted trouble for Arkenfield.
S01E09 Business or Pleasure 27/10/1991 Mike's relationship with horse owner Patti Roman turns from business to pleasure.
S01E10 A Little Touch of Magic in the Night 03/11/1991 Gypsies use Arkenfield horses to run in secret night races that tire them out for their track races.
S01E11 The Ace in the Pack 10/11/1991 Loan shark Malcolm Burns attempts to pull off a betting coup with John Grey.
S01E12 The Rough and the Smooth 17/11/1991 Mike and Francis rekindle their relationship while looking for a potential race horse.
S01E13 No Way to Treat a Lady 24/11/1991 Mike's last minute decision to replace a jockey for an important race backfires.

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