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Jason Hawes et son compère Grant Wilson sillonnent les Etats-Unis et enquêtent sur les phénomènes étranges qui leurs sont signalés. La Société des phénomènes paranormaux qu'ils ont créée est appelée à la rescousse par tous ceux qui sont témoins d'événements a priori surnaturels. Plombiers le jour, Jason et Grant deviennent chasseurs de fantômes la nuit, et partent à la rencontre de ces victimes de l'au-delà. C'est le plus sérieusement du monde qu'ils envisagent toutes les explications possibles aux phénomènes sur lesquels ils enquêtent. Ils trouvent le plus souvent une cause tout à fait rationnelle à ces événements. Pourtant, certains de ces phénomènes résistent à toute tentative d'explication...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Traqueurs de fantômes

S01E01 L'histoire de Brenda 06/10/2004 We are introduced to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, co-founders and lead investigators for The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Their Technical Manager, Brian Harnois, tells them of an interesting case. The home they are to investigate is in Altoona, PA which is several hours away, but because of the dramatic nature of the case they decide to make the long drive. They investigate reports of poltergeist activity in a home with a very young girl who seems to see the spirits. After uncovering some dramatic Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) they return to the site and inform Brenda, the girl's mother, of their findings. Due to the long distance traveled, they decide to investigate two other sites while they are in the area. That investigation is continued in the next episode.
S01E02 I.C. Mishler 13/10/2004 The team investigates the historic Mishler Theatre and the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum. At the theater, the owner and employees have seen the late owner walking into the wall where his old office used to be, sitting in the seats, and have heard him walking on the catwalk above the stage. At the museum, the spirit of a railroad worker has been seen. Despite some orb activity in the theater, neither site presents any good evidence of paranormal activity. During the investigation, Jason complains to Grant about missing equipment that Brian was in charge of.
S01E03 Lighthouse Inn / John Stone Tavern 20/10/2004 The team investigates The Lighthouse Inn in New London, Conn., which is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a bride who fell down a flight of stairs on her wedding day in 1930. Drops in temperature are recorded, and Steve feels someone touch him on his back when no one else is nearby. They then travel to Ashland, Mass. to a pub called Stone's Public House, formerly The Railroad House. Here, a little girl died after being hit by a train. Glasses have been known to fly off the shelves, lights turn themselves on, and a number of other occurrences have been documented. The team records one EVP of a voice saying ""I'm not..."" and a strange light. The light may have been caused by an IR light source.
S01E04 Race Rock Lighthouse 27/10/2004 At the request of the US Coast Guard, TAPS goes to Long Island Sound to investigate the Race Rock Lighthouse. The lighthouse is now automated, but the Coast Guard officers who come to do maintenance and inspection have reported strange occurrences and are nervous about going to the site. The commanding officers hope to disprove the rumors. The team's cameras pick up strange orb activity and a fog which the investigators do not remember from the time of the video. Andy is able to follow an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) reading that seems to move up and back down the stairs (following the course of the old caretaker when he would check on the light). More dramatic, one camera sees a chair move a few inches in an empty room. Jason tells the Coast Guard that the site does appear to be haunted.
S01E05 Pénitencier d'Eastern State 03/11/2004 TAPS investigates Eastern State Penitentiary, an abandoned prison with a long, colorful history and a reputation for paranormal activity. While there, they capture a strange, shadowy shape on film. After reviewing the film, Jason decides that the team should return. More orbs are caught on film, but no repeat of the shadowy figure. Efforts to duplicate the footage prove unsuccessful, but Jason and Grant see how it could have been done. Not wanting to ruin TAPS' reputation, they decide that the footage is inconclusive and put it up on the TAPS site so that the public can decide what they think.
S01E06 L'église convertie en maison 10/11/2004 This investigation focuses on some friends of Brian's whose home is a deconsecrated 19th century church. They claim to have seen apparitions and to have heard strange noises. Also, one of the doors in the house opens by itself. The investigation turns up only orbs caused by dust. Jason determines that the sounds and orbs are caused by the settling of the wood beams when the church bell rings. The team is able to duplicate the opening door, giving a mundane explanation. No evidence of a haunting is found.
S01E07 Manège militaire de New Bedfort 17/11/2004 TAPS is called to investigate an armory in New Bedford, Mass. In one room, the thermal imaging camera detects a warm mist passing in front of the lens. This is very strange, because mists are generally colder than the surrounding air. While moving along a catwalk, sound man Frank DeAngelis suddenly falls down and does not feel well enough to move for quite some time. When the video is examined, Jason sees that Frank's audio equipment actually jumps up with no visible reason and hits him in the face. The video is on the TAPS site.
S01E08 Appartement Fortuna & Maison Topton 01/12/2004 Reports of disturbances in a college student group house are easily explained as acoustics and encounters with neighbors who were drunk at the time. At the Topton House Pub, witnesses have reported that the ghost of a little girl sometimes trips people on the steps and has moved glasses of soda on one table. The daughter of the owner has also smelled roses while in the cellar and heard murmurring voices. The smells and voices are explained, and no evidence is found of any other paranormal activity. Jason shows Frank DeAngelis the footage from the Armory.
S01E09 Auberge de New Boston & Résidence de Gloria 08/12/2004 Mike Sinclair, the founder of O.R.I.O.N. Paranormal and a TAPS family member, has called in TAPS to co-investigate the New Boston Inn, in the Berkshires. After examining his findings, the TAPS team is able to disprove or cast doubt upon, everything he found. However, the experience their own incident when a pen seems to have moved with no one else nearby. Next they travel to Pittsburgh to investigate the home of Gloria and Genny. Both of them relate dramatic experiences, but the team finds no evidence of a haunting.
S01E10 Résidence des Johnson & Maison Zubrowski 15/12/2004 TAPS investigates two cases. First they go to Albany, NY to the home of Linda Johnson. Linda claims to be psychically sensitive, and to have been accosted by a negative or ""demonic"" entity. No conclusive evidence is found, but Jason suggests that Keith Johnson contact her separately to try to help further. Next, they meet Adam Zubrowski, who seems to be experiencing strange events. The house was built by his grandparents, and his grandfather died there. Two odd EVPs are recorded, and it is judged likely that the house is haunted. One of the recordings sounds like Adam's grandfather.
S02E01 La plantation Myrtles 27/07/2005 We are re-introduced to Jason and Grant, and TAPS gets a new headquarters, a new van, and lots of new equipment. Jason and Grant must make a hard decision about Brian.The team gets a call from the owners of Myrtle's Plantation in Louisiana (one of the
S02E02 La maison Grafton / La maison DiRaimo 03/08/2005 TAPS investigate a case of entities reportedly threatening children in a home in Grafton, Massachussets. After this investigation, they are called to a home in Cranson, Rhode Island, much nearer their headquarters.
S02E03 La maison DeVille / Le restaurant Brennans 10/08/2005 The team is called in by a TAPS family member and returns to Louisiana to investigate the home of a man who is bothered by spirits whenever women come to visit.While they are in town, they are asked to investigate Brennan's Restaurant, where many supernatural occurences have been reported. After dinner in the ""haunted dining room"" the investigation begins.
S02E04 Parc historique Mordecai / USS North Carolina 17/08/2005 TAPS investigates a North Carolina home which may house the spirit of Andrew Johnson.Then Jason and Grant check out claims of hauntings on the battleship USS North Carolina.
S02E05 Théatre Bradley / Caserne Harris 24/08/2005 TAPS investigates claims of spirits in the Bradley Playouse in Connecticut. Next they check out tales of a haunted firehouse in Rhode Island.
S02E06 Le Phare Ledge / Musée Merchants 31/08/2005 Andy talks Jason and Grant into investigating a haunted lighthouse in Connecticut. Next the TAPS team goes to a New York museum to check out a possible haunting.
S02E07 La maison des Tanguay / La maison des Sutcliffe 07/09/2005 The TAPS team visits two homes to investigate their claims of a long history of paranormal activity.
S02E08 Manoir Astor Beechwood / Parc Rosell 14/09/2005 On this episode, The TAPS team and an amateur paranormal investigators are unnerved by a case. They travel to New Jersey to find out an old mystery.
S02E09 Maisons Worthington / L'asile Rolling Hills 21/09/2005 The TAPS team investigates reports of paranormal phenomena at Worthington’s house and try to assure the family that their house is safe. Then the team travels to Rolling Hills Asylum to investigate reports from visitors of hair tugging, noises and phantom smells at the former insane asylum in Bethany, N.Y.
S02E10 Return Eastern State Pénitencier / Vacation Home 28/09/2005 The TAPS team revisits the site of one of their most dramatic pieces of evidence, the Eastern State Penitentiary. Then they try to help a woman whose vacation home is becoming unlivable due to spirit activity.
S02E11 Manoir Manchester / Paquebot Queen Mary 05/10/2005 The TAPS crew investigate the R.M.S. Queen Mary, a ship with more reported hauntings than virtually any place on earth.
S02E12 Maison de correction Mansfield / Maison de Lizzie Borden 12/10/2005 The TAPS gang tackle two famous locations in this hour. The Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio, the prison where Stephen King's "Shawshank Redemption" was filmed, and the site of the infamous axe murder of Lizzie Borden's parents.
S02E13 Hôtel Crescent / Maison du Dr Ellis 19/10/2005 Jason and Grant investigate sightings of several apparitions in the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Next TAPS searches for evidence in the home of a real medium, also in the same rural vacation town in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas.
S02E14 Le Sanatorium de Waverly Hills 29/03/2006 TAPS investigates the Waverly Hills Sanatorium where 63,000 patients died of tuberculosis.
S02E15 Grace / Le Théâtre Palladium 05/04/2006 TAPS searches for a spirit who is haunting a mother and her child before moving on to the Palladium Theater, a concert hall with a strange history.
S02E16 Red George / Le Musée Valentown 12/04/2006 TAPS returns to Jason's childhood hometown to look into claims from Elizabeth Leonard who claims a ghost named George is scaring her family and leaving scratch marks on her son's neck and stomach. Also, while in the area, TAPS visits the Valentown Museum, which has a history of paranormal activity, and is the location of a murder.
S02E17 Deux Frères / La bibliothèque hanté 19/04/2006 At the request of Mike Dion, TAPS investigates the claims of a man's house is being haunted. He and his brother have a large collection of tapes they have tried to record EVPs on, and they're convinced it's haunted. Also, TAPS travels to Indiana to investigate the Willard Library, Indiana's oldest library, home of over 50 years of claims of seeing a grey lady.
S02E18 Maison Hodgman / Le conservatoire Hartford 26/04/2006 TAPS visits Hilary Hodgman's home in New Jersey and tries to find the shadowy figure she and her husband have seen. Also, the guys visit the Hartford Conservatory and attempt to explain why students have heard music playing in an empty school, why lights flicker on and off, and why doors slam shut.
S02E19 Le phare hantée 03/05/2006 TAPS members Jason, Grant, Dustin, Steve, and Brian travel to Florida to investigate the rumored haunting of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, built in 1870. Steve's fear of heights become a problem and limit his time in the lighthouse.
S02E20 Restaurant Domanis / La vieille prison 10/05/2006 TAPS first investigates a New Jersey restaurant, which was recommended by Dave Tango. Also, the guys head to Florida to investigate a jail built in 1891 and was the location of eight authorized hangings.
S02E21 Cadavres embaumés 17/05/2006 TAPS first travels to Oklahoma to investigate the Stone Lion Inn, which was once a funeral parlor. The owner believes it to be haunted by a young child who died by accidentially being poisoned. TAPS then travels to David Edgerly's home in Massachusetts. David's been complaining about sleepless nights, nausea, headaches, and fatigue.
S02E22 The Stanley Hotel 31/05/2006 TAPS travels to Estes Park, Colorado to investigate the Stanley Hotel made famous by the movie The Shining.
S02E23 Shining Hotel 31/05/2006
S03E01 Le théâtre hanté de Tombston (Théâtre Bird Cage) 11/10/2006 TAPS goes to investigate a haunting at the Bird Cage theater in Tombstone, Arizona.
S03E02 Hôtel Copper Queen / Ok Corral 18/10/2006 Taps pays a visit to the O.K. Corral where the famous gunfight occurred.
S03E03 Maison Johnson / Pénitencier Moundsville 25/10/2006 The team travels to a Vermont home and investigates the closed West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Virginia to investigate phenomena attributed to "shadow people."
S03E04 Maison des Veau & Manoir Bucksteep 01/11/2006 Massachusetts is visited for two paranormal investigations. The team explores a Victorian Mansion and an 1897 manor.
S03E05 Stanley Hotel en direct (Les meilleurs moments de l'Hôtel Stanley) 08/11/2006 The best of the footage from the live Halloween event.
S03E06 Le Château de Leap (L'élémental irlandais) 15/11/2006 Jason and Grant head to Ireland to investigate Leap Castle, considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the world. One of the spirits in the castle is an "elemental" that was supposedly summoned by dark arts, and is reported to be hostile and perhaps even deadly.
S03E07 Ruines de Lisheen (Les ruines irlandaises) 06/06/2007 Continuing with their Ireland trip, TAPS travels to Lisheen Castle to investigate possible fairy activity in an area near the Castle called "the Wrath". They then board a plane to London to investigate the Viaduct Tavern, built on the site of Newgate Prison, where strange voices and touches by unseen hands have been reported.
S03E08 Les grottes de l'enfer (Hell Fire - Les caves de l'enfer) 16/06/2007 Still on their European tour, TAPS heads to the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe to investigate the paranormal activity. Then, on their day off, Jason and Grant take a tour of Jack the Ripper's haunts were they learn more about the gruesome murders.
S03E09 Des bruits cauchemardesques 20/06/2007 When a mother comes to them for help, TAPS takes on a local case at the Tedeschi's House where strange voices are heard and toys come on by themselves. Then it's on to the MacLean's House to investigate strange noises and shaking that are coming from under the house. Jason and Grant head up to the attic where a whole new investigation begins.
S03E10 Les jouets de la terreur 27/06/2007 TAPS travels to Chesapeake, Virginia to investigate the Keffer's House which suffers from apparitions, voices, and possibly a possessed doll. Then Steve is put in charge of his own investigation when he and TAPS head to Charlestown (Rhode Island) to investigate The General Stanton Inn where apparitions and voices have been seen and heard.
S03E11 U.S.S. Lexington 11/07/2007 TAPS heads down to Corpus Christi, Texas to investigate the U.S.S. Lexington, an aircraft carrier where over 400 officers died on board during it's 21 out of 24 battles in WW2. Then it's on to a local case in Warwick at City Hall, where the sound of a woman crying has been heard and ghostly picture of a man was captured on a webcam.
S03E12 Meurtres de Charles Manson 18/07/2007 The team investigate claims of paranormal activity at a house in Hollywood, CA near the site of the 1969 "Manson Murders." Then TAPS heads to the film studio built by Charlie Chaplain to check out claims of activity including full apparitions.
S03E13 Les esprits égarée 26/09/2007 Northern State Hospital
S03E14 Les esprits de San Francisco 03/10/2007 TAPS heads to San Francisco to investigate claims of activity at the Presidio. Then they talk to a family who believe that an old employee and family friend is still coming to work 20 years after her death.
S03E15 Une invitée fantôme 10/10/2007 The Gibbons family, in Seattle, WA, ask TAPS to investigate their home. The whole family has been having seemingly paranormal experiences ever since their orphaned niece has come to live with them. The family wants to find out what is going on, and whether the ghostly presence might be the girl's lost mother trying to make contact. While in Seattle, the team decide to go to the Moore Theater, a place that has been considered haunted by employees for years.
S03E16 La maison des Saints & Sprague Mansion 17/10/2007 The congregation at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, in Prosser, WA, has suggested that the Reverend Jennings invite the Ghost Hunters to come in to examine a number of strange sounds, smells, and sights. Back in New England, TAPS then goes to the Sprague Mansion in Rhode Island, a beautiful building with ghost sightings dating back to 1925.
S03E17 Salem Witch 24/10/2007 Jason and Grant finally travel to Salem, the place that sparked Donna's interest in the paranormal. There they investigate the Lyceum Bar and Grill, which is built on land once owned by the first victim of the infamous Salem witchcraft trials. Then, when Jason must race back home due to a family emergency, Grant is left to direct the team in their investigation of the Hawthorne Hotel.
S03E18 Résultats en direct du "Sanatorium de Waverly Hills" 07/11/2007 The TAPS team goes over the evidence collected at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the 2007 live Halloween special.
S03E19 Revelations 14/11/2007 In the season three finale, Jason and Grant reflect on the greatest, and most terrifying, moments from the first three seasons of Ghost Hunters.
S04E01 Le Fort Mifflin 05/03/2008 Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia is investigated. The site was used as a garrison during the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars.
S04E02 Tango père et fils 12/03/2008 Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly, NJ, which has now been turned into a museum, is investigated. Elsewhere, a Connecticut family's home is investigated.
S04E03 Le veilleur de nuits 19/03/2008 The Clapp Library in Belchertown, Massachusetts and a family's claim that they have been haunted for four generations are investigated by the team.
S04E04 La cage de l’angoisse 26/03/2008 The team travels to Pennsylvania to investigate the Cashtown Inn, a bed & breakfast that was a military headquarters during the Civil War.
S04E05 Le fantôme du chasseur de prime 02/04/2008 The team goes to Trinway, Ohio to investigate Prospect Place, a stop along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Then they investigate a home in Massachusetts where the owners complain of shadowy figures.
S04E06 La base aérienne hantée 09/04/2008 TAPS investigates three buildings at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio where stories are told of ghostly typists, children's voices, and a haunted elevator.
S04E07 Une princesse bavarde 16/04/2008 TAPS investigates the Ruff Stone Tavern in North Providence, R.I. and the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire.
S04E08 Les esprits du Far West 23/04/2008 TAPS heads to Nevada to visit the famous 100-year-old abandoned Goldfield Hotel and then the Old Washoe Club and St. Mary's Art Center (formerly St. Mary's hospital) in Virginia City.
S04E09 L'Asile hantée 30/04/2008 TAPS is contacted by volunteers who are restoring Weston State Hospital. Jason & Grant head to West Virginia to investigate this former asylum that once housed Charles Manson.
S04E10 La demeure des esprits 28/05/2008 Jason, Grant and their team head to New England to answer a call from a terrified family plagued by mysterious apparitions. During their investigation, TAPS uncovers shocking evidence of paranormal activity in the home. From there, they take on claims at the Palace Theater in Manchester, N.H., a former vaudeville stop that hosted performances by Bob Hope, the Marx Brothers, Jimmy Durante and Harry Houdini. Today, staff at this historic playhouse report endless paranormal claims ranging from apparitions to footsteps and slamming doors.
S04E11 Le belvédère 04/06/2008 The Taps team heads to the coasts to tackle with two investigations. First they travel to Massachusetts to visit the Colonial Inn at Cape Cod. Then they head over to California to investigate the Moss Beach Distillery.
S04E12 Les fantômes du New Jersey 11/06/2008 TAPS investigates two locations in New Jersey. First they tackle the Proprietary House, the home of New Jersey's last royally appointed Governor. Next they move on to a 19th Century mill with reports of paranormal activity.
S04E13 Fort Delaware 18/06/2008 TAPS investigates Fort Delaware, located on Pea Patch Island. The Island sits in the mid channel of the Delaware River near its entrance into Delaware Bay. Once the location of strategic military defenses, the island is currently owned by the state of Delaware as Fort Delaware state Park. During the American Civil War, Fort Delaware was used by the Union as a camp for Confederate prisoners, in particular ones captured at the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. Many of the prisoners who died at the fort are buried at nearby Finns Point National Cemetery in New Jersey.
S04E14 Iron Island 03/09/2008 A local preservation society took over this property in 2000, and discovered over 30 boxes of unclaimed human remains tucked away in the basement bathroom. Renovations unearthed remnants of the Episcopal church as well as light fixtures and stained glass that'd been hidden behind the walls and ceilings as if the original funeral director created a building within a building. Many women who work at what is now a museum complain of being followed around the building by someone who isn't there. One in particular believes this feeling has increased 100% since they received an altar from another century-old church. Temperature fluctuations from extreme cold to uncomfortable heat are found throughout the structure. Furniture and doors have been heard moving and the sounds of shuffling footsteps are common. The original funeral director even admitted that doors that he had closed and locked would be found open. Floral arrangements were found rearranged. And on a few occasions he had heard strange voices in the building when there was no one else around.
S04E15 À en perdre la tête 10/09/2008 Jason and Grant are called in to investigate a haunt hidden in their own neighborhood — the Slater Mill. In its early years, almost all of the employees at the mill were children, and the workers were often pushed to their limits. Working conditions were difficult and unhealthy — respiratory ailments and diseases were rife, and the mill was home to many grisly accidents. Then, TAPS goes to Connecticut to unravel the mysteries at the historic Pettibone Tavern. Built in 1780, the tavern originally served as a carriage stop between Albany and Boston during the late 18th century. During this time, it was also supposedly the site of a brutal axe murder, and through the years, employees have consistently reported activity that they cannot explain.
S04E16 Le garçon dans la maison close 17/09/2008 TAPS visits a 16th century North Kingstown, R.I., landmark to solve an awful mystery. The Carriage Inn was built in 1760. Now a busy banquet facility called Hoof, Fin and Feathers, it is the center of mysterious sightings. A woman in period dress (late 1700s, early 1800s) has been seen in the main house's main dining room. In the bar, people have seen a man dressed in black carrying a book. The most disturbing sighting by far happened in the barn, which is now the banquet hall. There, people have reported seeing a young girl who had been burned. Both the cellar and attic inspire feelings of great dread. Several employees have refused to enter them alone. In addition, temperature changes plague the attic. Intense cold will settle onto an extremely concentrated area — someone's face, or even just his or her nose. Owner and head chef Linda Wadensten does not feel threatened, though she does want TAPS to find what is haunting the Carriage Inn. Then, TAPS comes to help a military family living in Groton, Conn. When the Stitelers's four-year-old son first saw the ghost of a child in his room, a boy with black hair and black eyes, he didn't tell his parents. Instead, he mentioned it while he was in the hospital with a brief illness. His mother was surprised that he knew what a ghost was, and wrote it off as an imaginary friend until she told her husband. William went white. He had seen the same figure in their home, and it had terrified him. In addition, the husband has had a sleeping problem in recent months. He wakes up in the middle of the night with a feeling of overwhelming dread and danger, not from a dream, but in the waking world. Invariably, within minutes of waking up with these feelings, he hears toys turn on in his two-year-old's room. He turns them off and tries to return to sleep.
S04E17 Conversation avec les morts 24/09/2008 TAPS visits the abandoned (and skeevy) remains of an art-deco masterpiece, Buffalo Central Terminal. The terminal, a 14-story combination office tower/train station, opened in 1929 and closed 50 years later. After falling through the hands of various owners, the Central Terminal Restoration Corp. acquired it in 1997. In the years since the Terminal's abandonment, it has become a potent source of paranormal stories. Local urban explorers and less respectable paranormal investigators would break into the property to look around, leaving in a hurry and with numerous scary experiences. One volunteer was alone in third-floor offices, and saw two people (described as being dressed in old-fashioned clothing) standing at a water fountain. When he stepped closer, the people and the water fountain disappeared. The experience shook the volunteer so badly that he will not enter the building alone. There are cold spots widely reported throughout the terminal, especially on the train platforms. Some who have visited have asked the darkness for a response, and gotten a loud bang.
S04E18 Les fantômes de la Floride 01/10/2008 TAPS is in Florida to investigate an inn that is a hotbed of paranormal activity. This unique St. Petersburg property consists of two multi-story Victorian manors: the Pink House and the Purple House. They were both built in the late 1800s, and are believed to house more than just customers. Elsewhere in St. Petersburg, TAPS investigates the legendary Renaissance Vinoy hotel, Major League Baseball's favored paranormal getaway. Built in 1924, the Vinoy has always been a preferred vacation spot for the rich and famous. Today, the facility is the visiting-team hotel for the Tampa Bay Rays.
S04E19 La plantation Oak Alley 09/10/2008 TAPS returns to Louisiana to investigate the historic Oak Alley sugar plantation in Vacherie. When Jacques Telesphore, the businessman who built the house, died of tuberculosis in 1848, his family couldn't maintain the business, and had to sell the property.
S04E20 Les esprits en bouteilles 15/10/2008 Dayville, CT: Tracy house Heather Tracy and her family moved into her ancestor's property two years ago. There were always reports of odd activity and it soon became apparent to her that there was something more to the stories. Appleton, NY: Haunted Winery Previous owners saw their wives die in the house from illness. And one owner accidentally shot and killed his son while another died under suspicious circumstances. By 1933, the Sisters of St. Joseph became the new owners and used the estate for decades as a nuns' retreat, a camp for girls and a training school for the deaf. Now, the winery has become a part of an eerie lore.
S04E21 Je reviens chez nous 22/10/2008 Springfield, MA: THEODORE'S/SMITH'S TAPS investigates a landmark pool hall in team member Steve Gonsalves' hometown. Over the years, the first floor fronted several retail clients, but is now a tavern called Theodore's. Though two separate establishments, Theodore's and Smith's have a common problem; they both experience intense paranormal activity. Now, their owners are working together and asking TAPS to diagnose their decades-old problem. Leominster, MA: HAUNTED VICTORIAN II TAPS investigates claims of paranormal activity in a local family's 19th century Victorian home. After their investigation, the team left with the belief that something other than the family was living in the home.
S04E22 USS Hornet 29/10/2008 Eureka's Colin Furguson joins the team for a startling investigation aboard the USS Hornet.
S04E23 Résume du live au Fort Delaware 05/11/2008 All the shocks. All the frights.All the details hashed out in a roundtable discussion about the Ghost Hunters live event.
S04E24 Portes ouvertes 12/11/2008 The TAPS team takes a look back at their most memorable cases. Hosted by Josh Gates.
S04E25 Âmes recyclées 19/11/2008 TAPS explores the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium, a sixty-six year-old, 8,000 square foot mansion. The former sanitarium opened in 1942, and stayed in service up through 1992. In that time, countless patients passed through the halls, and thousands died there.
S04E26 Des esprits à la mer 03/12/2008 TAPS goes to the Maritime Museum of San Diego to investigate the oldest active ship in the world, the star on India, and her slip mate, the Berkeley.
S04E27 Le phare de Portsmouth 10/12/2008 Ghost Hunters' season four finale takes the TAPS team to Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and Fort Constitution in New Castle, NH. The 48-foot cast-iron tower was erected in 1771, with the grounds covering approximately 2 acres including Fort Constitution and the Keeper's Quarters. After years of late night reports from the Coast Guard and other witness accounts, the members of the Friends of The Portsmouth Lighthouse want to know if the lighthouse and surrounding grounds are truly haunted. Jason and Grant will be facing one of their most interesting challenges as they explore the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, the Fort Constitution and the Keeper's Quarters.
S05E01 La Maison de Betsy Ross 11/03/2009 On the season premier of the show, TAPS heads over to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the home of Betsy Ross were TAPS will investigate several claims of paranormal activities. Later, on the second investigation of the episode, TAPS heads to Glen Mills, Pennsylvania to investigate a 300 year old residence.
S05E02 Star Island 18/03/2009 Taps finds out that it takes a village to haunt a house on Star Island. The team heads to Star Island, which is part of the Isles of Shoals off of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to investigate several claims of paranormal activities.
S05E03 Le Domaine d'Edith 25/03/2009 TAPS heads over to Lenox, Mass., to investigate the home of author Edith Wharton.
S05E04 Le Club des morts 04/01/2009 TAPS heads to Florida to investigate claims of the paranormal made in part by staff members of the historic 'El Circulo Cubano de Tampa', which include a female apparition who haunts the the location. Later on the second investigation of the night TAPS heads to an abandoned Trelles Clinic in Ybor City to investigate other claims of paranormal activities.
S05E05 Chasseurs d'âmes 08/04/2009 TAPS heads over to the Belcourt Castle located in Newport, Rhode Island to investigate claims of the paranormal. Later, on the second half of the episode, TAPS heads over to Somerville, Massachusetts to investigate Sacco's Bowl Haven, which is an old-time candlepin bowling alley.
S05E06 Terreur titanesque 15/04/2009 TAPS heads over to Atlanta, Georgia at the Pemberton Place to investigate claims of paranormal activities at a local aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium is the home of a large exhibit of rare RMS Titanic artifacts that have been linked to paranormal activities in the aquarium.
S05E07 Passer le relais 22/04/2009 The TAPS teams is joined by the GHI team (Ghost Hunters International) in a joint investigation of the Spalding Inn located in Whitefield, New Hampshire. The Spalding Inn is said to have been purportedly haunted by the ghost of child roaming around the hallways of the inn. Other claims include a shadowy figure that also haunts and watches people on the grounds from the windows.
S05E08 Hôpital du comté d'Essex 29/04/2009 The TAPS team heads over to Newark, New Jersey to investigate an psychiatric hospital and facility, where people have claimed to hear and disembodied screams and sightings of a former nurse that use to work at the facility.
S05E09 Entité inhumaine 19/08/2009 Ladouceur House, Blackstone Massachusetts The team returns with all new cases. First up is the private residence of the Ladouceur family in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Once when Roxanne, the mother, was sitting on the couch, the couch was stuck with such a violent force that it literally moved while she was sitting on it. Then, while in the basement, the couple's 17 year-old son Gabriel saw a five-foot tall black mass come towards him at full speed. He was so startled by the encounter that he yelled for his parents to come rescue him. But since the Ladoucer's can't just pack up their things and move, they've enlisted the help of TAPS. The Brentsville Historic Centre, Prince William County Virginia Next, the team heads to the Brenstville Historic Centre. The town was founded in 1820 as a courthouse town and numerous witnesses have made claims of paranormal activity. People have claimed they saw faces in the windows of the courthouse, particularly in the second floor window of the judge's room. Another witness claims to have seen the face of an African American woman looking out of the jailhouse door but when he blinked the face was gone. Allegedly, there was a slave who shot her master in that room. Despite all of these sightings, Robert Orrison, the current site manager is a big sceptic and has called TAPS in to verify or disprove the accusations that others have made.
S05E10 Je ne suis pas coupable! 26/08/2009 In this Civil War-themed episode, the Ghost Hunters visit the historic Samuel Mudd House, famous for being a pit stop for John Wilkes Booth on his escape route following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Samuel Mudd met John Wilkes Booth six months before the assassination and let Booth stay in his home after tending to Booth's broken leg following the assassination. Mudd's involvement in the plot remains unclear, but he was found guilty of conspiracy. Now, several apparitions allegedly haunt the house (now operating as a museum), including a soldier and a woman in a white dress believed to be Samuel Mudd's wife, Sarah. Then, the team heads to Virginia to visit the Edgewood Plantation, part of the ancestral home of U.S. Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison and site for the Confederate army during the Civil War. Today, it is officially a national- and state-regulated landmark and is a hotbed of paranormal activity, including full-bodied apparitions.
S05E11 Esprits de la guerre 02/09/2009 While investigating one of the bloodiest battlefields in history, TAPS has a close encounter with Americas past
S05E12 Pénitencier du comté d'Essex 09/09/2009 TAPS is joined by special investigator and host of SyFy's "Destination Truth", Josh Gates who will help the team in investigating claims of paranormal activities in New Jersey's Essex County Jail.
S05E13 Le jugement dernier 16/09/2009 TAPS is joined by Dave Tango's father, Bruce Tango, to help the team investigate the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Later, on the second investigation, TAPS investigates a 19th-century home in Hopkinton, New Hampshire.
S05E14 L'Enfant au tambour 23/09/2009 Taps may pray for mercy after encountering tortured spirits in a historic New York church.
S05E15 L'île aux fantômes 30/09/2009 Thousand Islands, New York Isle of Pines This week, musical legend Meat Loaf joins the team for an exciting investigation of Syfy's Great American Ghost Hunt winner Danielle Parody's estate. The private island has been in Danielle's family for over 50 years and since that time many have made claims about paranormal encounters in and around the property.
S05E16 Une âme à la mer 07/10/2009 The team travels to Massachusetts to investigate the USS Salem. The heavy cruiser ship was built in 1945 toward the end of WWII. Presently, volunteers and crew-members claim they've seen full-bodied apparitions and heard voices throughout the vessel.
S05E17 Fort Henry 14/10/2009 Taps crosses the border to investigate Fort Henry, notoriously known as Canada's most haunted location. The fort was originally built in 1812 by the British to keep out American soldiers. But for the sake of the case, TAPS— despite their U.S. origins— are allowed across the threshold. The location currently functions as a museum and both guides and tourists a like claim they've had paranormal encounters while on the premises.
S05E18 Le Théatre Congress 21/10/2009 The team returns to Chicago to investigate the historic Congress Theater. Since it was established in 1925, infamous acts like Prince and Billy Idol have graced the stage. Yet recently, the most popular shows appear to be the ones that go on behind the scenes when the paranormals come out to play.
S05E19 Fantômes des Rocheuses 28/10/2009 TAPS heads to Colorado to investigate the manor where the walls are bleeding. Briarhurst Manor was originally built in 1888 and is 14,000 square feet of pure eeriness. This swank (and spooky) property was a finalist in Syfy's Great American Ghost Hunt contest. America voted and thinks the place is haunted, so the team heads in to investigate.
S05E20 Le fantôme de Buffalo Bill 04/11/2009 TAPS investigates the Buffalo Bill museum with guest hunter Eddie McClintock from the hit Syfy series "Warehouse 13". According to various workers, the museum is filled with unexplained activity that appears paranormal; so the Ghost Hunters head in to investigate.
S05E21 Le New Hampshire Gothique 11/11/2009 The team travels to Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire to investigate the Amos J. Blake House Museum. Then they head to the Arbona Building in Pensacola, Florida where books fall off shelves perfectly stacked.
S05E22 Le phare de Pensacola 18/11/2009 This week, the team heads to Florida to investigate the Pensacola Lighthouse that was built in 1858 and has historical civil war connections. The lighthouse is known to be an extremely active area, people have heard footsteps and their names being called throughout the building. To date, the site is controlled by the United States Coast Guard. So since the guards serve and protect us, TAPS—being the good Samaritans they are have decided to give back by completing a thorough investigation of the area.
S05E23 La maison de Mark Twain 02/12/2009 TAPS heads to Hartford, Connecticut to investigate the house of the well known American author Mark Twain. Where it has been reported that people who visit this home have seen sightings of full-bodied apparitions and heard disembodied laughter of an alleged "ghostly child".
S05E24 Phénomènes inexpliqués 09/12/2009 TAPS heads to Willow Grove, Pennsylvania to investigate an 18th-century farmhouse, where it has been claimed to be inhabited by spirits that allegedly play with the lights and cast large, dark shadows. Later, on the second investigation of the episode, TAPS heads to Hartford, Connecticut to the "Old State House". Where it has been claimed to have disembodied voices and "phantom footfalls".
S05E25 L'écrasement du Hindeburg 16/12/2009 In the exciting season finale, TAPS travels to the site where Hindenburg, one of history's most infamous disasters, took place. Because the tragedy occurred on a large naval base, the team is only asked to investigate the Main hanger, which is known as the hub for paranormal activity. And in case you've never heard of Hindenburg, here's a little history lesson for you: The Hindenburg was a German airship filled with hydrogen for buoyancy. In 1937, while trying to dock at the Lakehurst Naval base, it caught fire and killed 36 people. The entire ordeal was caught on film and is still one of the most famous tragedies that has ever been reported. To date, people on the base claim: they've seen shadows, been touched by invisible forces and heard doors slam by themselves. Sounds like paranormals to us, but TAPS heads in to give the official word. After taking a tour of the massive base, the ghost hunters get to work. Jay and Grant begin the hunt on the main floor of Hangar 1. They hear loud humming noises but realize that they are in the middle of a huge building so they attribute the sounds to the size of the space. They have another false alarm when a figure is picked up on the thermal imaging camera that looks like a person under a white sheet. Upon further investigation they see that the "figure" is merely military equipment that looks like a human form from a distance. But later on they do see an actual figure running up the stairwell. Hoping to catch whatever was running from them, each of the investigators walk up the catwalk. Meanwhile hunters Kris and Amy co-investigate the medical facilities area where people claim they've seen paranormals. While there, two lights in the building turn on and off by themselves and neither of the hunters can figure out if the issue is electrical or paranormal. Toward the end of the investigation, Amy and Kris survey the abandoned office area of Hanger one. While the ghost hunters are there, a
S06E01 L'île d'Alcatraz 03/03/2010 San Francisco, CA - Alcatraz Island (2-hour, season premiere hosted by Josh Gates of Destination Truth; TAPS reviews their 100th televised investigation before a live, studio audience at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City).
S06E02 Fort Ticonderoga 10/03/2010 An 18th Century fort haunted by the dead of three nations needs help from the TAPS team, and the Ghost Hunters are thrilled to oblige. Fort Ticonderoga has it all: voices from apparitions speaking in French and English, lights flashing, drums and bagpipes playing and even horses stomping.
S06E03 Esprits irlandais 17/03/2010 At Paddy Reilly's Bar in New York City, claims are that the activity is as hot after hours as it is when the bands are playing. The customers are gone but glasses are moving around and voices are speaking! Next the team moves on to the home of abolitionist and author Harriet Beecher Stowe, sadly without Jason who is home with his sick children. After making her name as the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet became involved in spiritualism, hosting seances in her home. Stowe engaged a medium to help her communicate with her tragically deceased son.
S06E04 Les fantômes du New Jersey 24/03/2010 Any location nicknamed the "graveyard inlet" where thousands have perished is bound to get the hair standing on even the most seasoned investigator's neck! So it goes for the Ghost Hunters as they visit the Tower of Terror, a.k.a. the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, NJ. In the Asbury Park home of Stephen Crane, author of The Red Badge of Courage, the team arrives to investigate claims of apparitions, children playing and the sounds of crying. In the parlor, people have been bonked on the head with fireplace accessories, and even heard and saw a female apparition. A man in Victorian clothing was seen on the second floor, and people outside the house have seen an image of a woman looking out the attic window.
S06E05 Moments Touchants 31/03/2010 This week the team is off for The Southern Mansion in Cape May. Built as a summer home during the civil war, today it is an Inn that has a few guests that aren't checking in at the front desk. Dave Tango's father, Bruce, has experienced first hand some of the paranormal activity at the mansion and is joining the investigation.
S06E06 L'école de réforme hantée 07/04/2010 This week the TAPS team investigates Preston Castle, once a notorious reform school for boys in Northern California. The team will be venturing into new territory in trying to communicate with the ghosts of young boys who made as much trouble when they were living as they're making dead.
S06E07 Un fantôme dans le grenier 14/04/2010 Imagine if your dream house turned into a house of horrors! It happened in Amityville, and it's happening in Plymouth, Mass. Next it's the NJ Bar and Grill where a man was once murdered by his mistress while playing pool. In the bar area, two wine bottles had levitated and hit the ground. A shadow has taunted one of the owners, and oddities have frightened workers out of the basement more than once.
S06E08 L'auberge des morts 21/04/2010 The Orleans Inn in Cape Cod, Mass., was once a getaway spot for gangsters and bootleggers (and a house of ill repute) during the roaring twenties. The problem is, some of them never left!
S06E09 Esprits de la nuit 28/04/2010 The team visits the home of the terrified Scully family who is ready to move. Mrs. Scully shows the team the hot spots starting in the living room that has confrontational shadows, adult legs walking up the stairs and spirits breathing down people's necks.
S06E10 L'hôpital d'État de Norwich 05/05/2010 Never before has a paranormal team been invited to investigate Norwich State Hospital. That is- until tonight! Jason and Grant have wanted to visit this abandoned mental hospital for years- rumors of moving shadows, haunting faces, screams and moans and apparitions of children have attracted many an amateur ghost hunter. Yet the state would never allow anyone in officially to verify the claims before this episode of TAPS.
S06E11 L'hôtel hanté 25/08/2010 The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY, has some 4 star claims! Employees are terrified by swinging doors and voices calling their names. Guests are freaking out after hearing non-existent children running the halls and furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs - when they're actually ON the top floor! Shadows, orbs, moaning; this massive hotel has it all!
S06E12 Le plus vieux zoo américain 01/09/2010 The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest in the country, but the reported Native American burial ground beneath it is even older. While there are no claims of animal ghosts, there are reports from the staff of disembodied voices, footsteps, apparitions and faces peeking through windows and misty shadows. There are 5 buildings to investigate, so the team has its hands quite full.
S06E13 Invités Indésirables 08/09/2010 The TAPS team is doubling down tonight! First they investigate The 1875 Inn in Tilton, New Hampshire. Then the team goes to New Jersey to investigate the 18th century Shippen Manor.
S06E14 Coup de feu dans la nuit 15/09/2010 TAPS is investigating the Colonial Inn, which has recorded paranormal experiences going back to the 1960s. The activity, which could easily be rumors made real by circumstance in a 300-year-old building, include shadowy figures, people being touched, objects flying off shelves and power surges. The history is amazing, going back to 1775 when wounded soldiers from both the colonial and British armies were brought to the site for care.
S06E15 Signaux du passé 22/09/2010 This week TAPS is checking out the Rose Island Lighthouse off of Newport, R.I. where there's some unusual activity going on. Then later the team hits the world famous Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, where supposedly some famous athletes just can't seem to move on. Case 2 has the team hitting the Baseball Hall of Fame, opened since the 1930s. A key hotspot was in the 19th Century Gallery, which houses relics from as late as the 1790s, where supposedly the spirits gather after hours. In the Ted Williams exhibit, a guest heard the voice of the great slugger whispering encouraging words into his ear. In the gallery of plaques, people report hearing voices coming from the nearly 300 plaques of hall of famers. Do the hero's of America's game return to their plaques to relive the glory days?
S06E16 Le manoir Lemp 29/09/2010 Let's face it, the Lemp family had some issues. The brewery masters had a beautiful mansion, which stands as a landmark in St. Louis, Missouri. Tragically, the patriarch and three of his children took their own lives inside. Are their ghosts still lingering around the 32-bedroom family home? The TAPS team is about to find out!
S06E17 Des fantômes à l'école primaire 06/10/2010 Everyone has a spooky scary tale that all the kids at school knew. "This school is haunted by the ghost of Old Man Jansen who roams the halls looking to eat small children-" or something to that effect. For the Milton Elementary School in Alton, Il., however, the ghost stories may actually be TRUE!
S06E18 Touche-à-tout 13/10/2010 The team starts in Columbus, Ohio, at the home of author James Thurber. The hauntings date back to Thurber's residence in the early 1900s. Thurber even wrote The Night the Ghost Got In based on his personal paranormal experiences in the house. Of course, it was built where an insane asylum once stood, where 7 women died and a man killed his wife and himself, so odds are good there are some spirits floating around. Now a museum, people in the building have experienced apparitions and footsteps, lights turning on and off, furniture shaking and a defunct clock spontaneously coming back to life! Later on the team travels to Canfield Casino, built in 1870, in Saratoga New York. In the high stakes room, people have seen the roulette table spinning on its own, a man sighted an apparition of a dress moving up the stairs. In the office, a person had an actual verbal interaction with a man in Victorian garb. And once, the candelabra crystals clinked together with no explanation.
S06E19 À en perdre la tête 20/10/2010 Things were all hunky-dorey between the spirits and the staff at The Bissman Building, in Mansfield, Ohio. That is, until a paranormal force tried to choke a manager to death. Needless to say, TAPS is rushing to the site to make sure everyone in Mansfield - living or dead -is safe and happy.
S06E20 La plus vieille maison de Géorgie 27/10/2010 Ghost Hunters is a double episode has the TAPS team investigating spirits locked up in The Ulster County jail in Kingston, N.Y. From there the gang travels to an Atlanta, GA., to the Antebellum Plantation.
S06E21 Des maisons hantées 03/11/2010 Little Falls, NY - Beardslee Castle NOTE: This location was picked as part of the 2008 Great American Ghost Hunt contest, and Savannah, GA - Olsen House
S06E22 New York, État hanté 10/11/2010 it's off to Fort William Henry in Lake George, NY. This place dates back to before the American Revolution. Forts? Usually haunted. Pre-Revolutionary structures? Usually Haunted. Oh, and during the French and Indian war some Native Americans went haywire after defeating the British and began massacring and cannibalizing survivors. Over 1,000 people were killed. Think there may be a ghost or two sticking around from that? After this a recap of the 2010 Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special at Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY.
S06E23 La fonderie Sloss 17/11/2010 Meat Loaf is back on the team and he is just full of energy! Tonight the legendary singer turned ghost hunter is joining TAPS as they investigate one of the most notoriously creepy sites in Alabama: Sloss Furnace. The locale has long been on the top of Jason and Grants investigation wish list.
S06E24 Les Real Housewives d'Atlanta 01/12/2010 Atlanta, GA - Rhodes Hall with guests Nene Leakes, Shereé Whitfield and Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
S06E25 Les fantômes des Noëls passés 08/12/2010 "The Ghosts of Christmas Past" brings TAPS to The Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire. Then it's off to the Old Stone Court, a revolutionary war fort in Schoharie, New York.
S07E01 Haunted Town 23/02/2011 TAPS opens their seventh season on the road to Alexandria, La., where they investigate several locations, including a tavern and the Diamond Grill restaurant.
S07E02 Pennsylvania Asylum 02/03/2011 TAPS investigates the outrageously spooky Penhurst State School and Hospital in Philadelphia. Penhurst was forcibly closed in 1986 due to maltreatment of patients: people were actually rotting in cages! There’s good reason to for any ghosts of Penhurst to be angry or sad. The building had been built to house around 600 patients, but at the time of its closing was jam-packed with nearly 3,000 individuals who suffered greatly in this facility. Here are the paranormal claims: people being pushed, shadows, a glowing apparition, violent banging and dragging noises. Naturally, there are underground tunnels connecting the buildings, and lots of visuals of ghosts, half torsos of men, doors slamming and voices.
S07E03 Century Of Hauntings 09/03/2011 The Voas family in Oxford, Mass., has had enough! Three generations have been haunted by the same old ghosts and they want TAPS to figure out what is going on. Next it’s the U.S.S. Olympia in Philadelphia where both staff and visitors have seen some creepy activity.
S07E04 French Quarter Phantoms 16/03/2011 The TAPS team are the first ever paranormal investigators invited to investigate the most haunted vault in America’s most haunted city. The historic Mint building, in New Orleans, was built in the 1800s and now stands as a museum. Paranormal activity includes stories about the ghost of a confederate gambler who was hanged on the front lawn. But only the Ghost Hunters will be able to confirm this.
S07E05 Hotel Haunts Unleashed 23/03/2011 TAPS is in Rapid City, South Dakota- at the foot of Mount Rushmore- investing the Hotel Alex Johnson. This place is so freaky that contractors have walked off the job and refused to return.
S07E06 Frozen In Fear 30/03/2011 TAPS heads to Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island in Michigan. It was built as a retreat in the 1950s. Here resides the ghost of Harvey, a jilted lover who took his own life in the woods. His ghost is supposedly seen throughout this chilling hotel.
S07E07 Residual Haunts 06/04/2011 This week the Ghost Hunters head to Fort Knox in Maine, then on to a family in North Carolina desperate for help with their paranormal problems. (P.S. This is a different Fort Knox- not the one with all the gold!) On to the Ferrell house in North Carolina, where recent increases in activity are really freaking out the owner, Janet Ferrell. A large black shadow has scared them in the past, but now there seems to be a ghost touching them and scaring their dog Harley to death!! Good thing Maddie is coming along to sort things out for her canine brethren.
S07E08 Knights of the Living Dead 13/04/2011 John Higgins was a collector who had pieces of armor from feudal Europe, ancient Greece and Rome and Japan. Since he died and his collection was turned into a museum, many strange happenings have surrounded the artifacts. The museum workers want to know- and now the viewers want to know- are the hauntings related to Mr. Higgins, or the souls of those who died within these pieces of armor. Odds are good they're dealing with residual haunts at the gallery.
S07E09 A Soldier's Story 20/04/2011 When the good folks of Derby decided to renovate and reopen their local opera house- one of the oldest in the country- they had no idea the spirits they were about to awaken! Workers have seen a woman in white, a woman in a sparkling evening gown, a woman in a teal dress, shadows in the balcony and a gentleman dressed in period garb. Could it be the spirit of Mr. Sterling, who died tragically just before the Opera House's 1897 completion. On to North Carolina, where the Leah Rivers is home alone with her two sons and pregnant with her third. Her husband is in Afghanistan, and she's so terrified she wants to move out of her house. Naturally, TAPS rushes to put this family at ease.
S07E10 Pearl Harbor Phantoms 01/06/2011 A special episode of Ghost Hunters takes the team to the site of one of America's greatest tragedies Pearl Harbor! Joining the crew is Britt Griffith and Josh Gates from Destination Truth.
S07E11 Urgent 24/08/2011 Pearl Harbor Phantoms Results. Jason and Grant head back to Rhode Island to answer An urgent call from a Family.
S07E12 Hill View Manor 31/08/2011 TAPS visits Hill View Manor, a former poorhouse and retirement home said to be inhabited by several spirits, some friendly, and some not.
S07E13 Dark Shadows 08/09/2011 TAPS is summoned to Newport, R.I., to investigate Seaview Terrace, the setting for the gothic soap-opera, "Dark Shadows," where a door handle is said to have turned on its own and seemingly inexplicable footsteps and banging have been heard.
S07E14 Ghostly Evidence 14/09/2011 TAPS visits the Reed Homestead of Townsend, Massachusetts, where sightings of a ghostly grieving mother are reported. Next, they investigate stories of an apparition of a Confederate soldier at Summerseat Farm in Maryland.
S07E15 Ghost Of Carnegie 21/09/2011 TAPS looks into stories of doors slamming, apparitions and disembodied voices at the Carnegie Library in Philadelphia.
S07E16 Harvesting Murder 28/09/2011 TAPS investigates Hawaii's Plantation Village in Waipahu, where sightings of a ghostly girl and possibly haunted artifacts are reported. Later, the team visits Ventfort Hall in Lenox, Massachusetts.
S07E17 Well Of Horror 05/10/2011 Jason along with daughter Haily, visit a house to investigate child ghosts who occasionally bounce balls and are heard walking back and forth on the third floor. Jason allows Haily to take the lead on her first investigation, as he believes that child ghosts are more apt to make contact with younger females. The group just might have thought correctly after Haily hears whispering voices.
S07E18 Roasts And Ghosts 12/10/2011 TAPS investigate the world famous New York Friar's Club! There won't be much laughing at the eerie Main Street Armory in Rochester, however, when TAPS checks into their claims of paranormal. Starting at the Friar's Club, the famous hang out for comedians known for roasting one another in Manhattan. In addition to jokes, people hear voices whispering, doors opening and closing and have seen apparitions throughout the building. Could it be the ghost of comedian Al Kelly, who died in the dining room? Other claims include cold spots, people being touched, shadow figures that speak, and full bodied apparitions. Next, the team heads on to the Main Street Armory! Given all the live firing activities that have gone on there, the chances that soldiers perished here are quite high. People see apparitions dressed in military garb. In the office, something continually moves items around a table to the point where the owner, Scott Donaldson, changed the locks on the doors. As a blind man, he relies on things being exactly in their place.Even with the doors locked, his belongings are continually moved about.
S07E19 Stage Fright 19/10/2011 The Rapids Theater in Niagra Falls, NY was built in 1921, but the suicide of an actress years ago has placed a paranormal shadow over the building. Claims include apparitions crossing the stage, a woman's voice and female whistling and high heels clicking. Doors also tend to open and close on their own, including a fire door in the front tunnels, a type of basement. In the Orchestra Pit, people see legs walking around in the auditorium when there is no one there.
S07E20 Murdered Matron 26/10/2011 Robert Richard Randall was a philanthropic sailor who donated Snug Harbor to the city to provide housing and services to retired sailors in the 1800s. While there are no sailors there today, there certainly are some apparitions. In the matron's cottage, the matron's young mentally ill son had been chained in the basement. He escaped and murdered his mother, and was later hanged for his crime. Her ghost has been spotted in several locations across the campus. Other claims include a steeple bell ringing unexpectedly and a woman dancing in the chapel, plus doors slamming and apparitions in the music hall- one was even captured in a photograph! Could it be the ghost of the matron?
S07E21 The Bloodiest 47 Acres 02/11/2011 Spectral inmates are sought at Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City.
S07E22 Voices of Pain 09/11/2011 Louisville's Waverly Hills Sanatorium is revisited for a probe of the nurses' wing.
S07E23 Distillery of Spirits 16/11/2011 The team visits Kentucky to probe a distillery where the ghost of a colonel may lurk and to investigate a nightclub with a grim past.
S07E24 Membership Denied 30/11/2011 Probing Connecticut's Hartford Elks Lodge #19, where doors are said to jiggle on their own and phantom voices have been heard. Also: Missouri's Morse Mill Hotel is investigated.
S07E25 Christmas Spirit 07/12/2011 Oh haunted town of Bethlehem. TAPS investigates an historic inn and then an old roadhouse in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Though it's Christmas City, Bethlehem has some spirits that aren't quite so bright! The town would love to find peace on earth for those souls whose bodies have long departed. At the Sun Inn, the belief is that the ghost of a little girl is caught in the building's attic. She could be Sarah a little girl who died at the inn. In the Guest Room, people hear her singing. In the Great Room and dining room, people have seen an apparition outside the window looking in- on the second floor! In the attic, a visitor brought a teddy bear and was poked in the side as the bear was knocked out of his hands. Other visitors heard her crying "don't go" when they tried to leave the attic. The next night, TAPS heads to the Hanoverville Roadhouse, where a little boy's apparition has been seen with tears in his eyes. He is about 8 to 10 years old with dark hair and dark clothing, and he is very, very sad. He has tapped customers on the hip. In the owner's bedroom a ghost actually SAT on the bed with the resident owner and he couldn't move because the covers were pinned under invisible weight!
S08E01 Roller Ghoster 11/01/2012 It's the season 8 premier of Ghost Hunters and it is going to be good! TAPS is investigating a haunted amusement park in Mason, Ohio that has a restless spirit yearning to stay on the rides. Later, a family is frightened in their home and call on the Ghost Hunters for help.
S08E02 Buyer Beware 18/01/2012 Tonight the Ghost Hunters visit a hotel haunted by the spirit of a suicide victim, and later come to the rescue of a couple that is ready to leave their home because the paranormal activity is too much to handle. Don't move! Call the Ghost Hunters!
S08E03 Flooded Souls 25/01/2012 On this episode of Ghost Hunters, TAPS investigates the abandoned Hales Bar Dam and Marina that is supposedly cursed by a Cherokee chief! Are the ghosts of dead workers trapped in the world of walls?
S08E04 Dead & Breakfast 01/02/2012 TAPS heads to Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, where the Thomas House Bed and Breakfast apparently has guests that don't want to leave. Leave this realm, that is. Built in 1890 by the Coyd family, many members of the family died in the house and are causing the current owners, the Cole family, great concern. The Cole family now own the building and want to know what exactly is haunting their home and business, and what can they do?
S08E05 Moonshine & Madness 08/02/2012 Memories of slavery, murder and madness plague a notorious mansion in Virginia.
S08E06 City Hell 15/02/2012 TAPS investigates claims that the city hall in Providence, R.I., is haunted by a former mayor; a child is traumatized by spirits at his grandparents' home.
S08E07 Frighternity 11/04/2012 TAPS investigates a haunted fraternity house, and a Coast Guard ship that survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.
S08E08 A Ghost Of A Marine 18/04/2012 The team ventures to a Maryland navel base to find out if a marine's ghost is calling rank from the afterlife
S08E09 A Family Of Spirits 25/04/2012 TAPS heads to an old brewery where two sisters are still running the business... from their graves! Can the team reach this family of spirits that is refusing to leave? Later, a pregnant woman is being targeted by a spirit in her historic home, so she calls on the Ghost Hunters to save her and her baby!
S08E10 Haunted By Heroes 02/05/2012 Purported paranormal activity is investigated on the USS Yorktown.
S08E11 The Princess And The Evp 09/05/2012 TAPS returns to the Mt. Washington resort in search of a paranormal princess who refuses to check out.
S08E12 Please Sign The Ghost Book 16/05/2012 Grant Wilson's last investigation takes place at the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, N.H.
S08E13 A Serial Killer's Revenge 05/09/2012 Tonight the team investigates Old City Jail, a historic location in Charleston, South Carolina that's one of the most haunted locations in the country. The jail dates back to the 1700s and imprisoned Lavinia Fisher, a violent female serial killer who was executed (reportedly wearing her wedding dress).
S08E14 Camp Fear 12/09/2012 A camp in Georgia is investigated; a family's home in Marion, N.C., is probed.
S08E15 French Quarter Massacre 19/09/2012 A trip to New Orleans includes a probe of the site of a fatal fire. Also: visits to a mortuary and a cemetery where some of the victims were taken.
S08E16 Don't Feed The Apparition 26/09/2012 Strange goings-on at Louisiana's Alexandria Zoo are investigated; and a new member joins the team.
S08E17 Ghostly Refuge 03/10/2012 TAPS travels to Oswego, N.Y., to investigate reports of paranormal activity at Fort Ontario, which during World War II served as home to Jewish refugees.
S08E18 Paranormal Politics 10/10/2012 Two investigations tonight, one of which includes the ghost of a dead Louisiana congressman. This is going to be good! Employees at the Old State Capital Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are tired of encountering spirits and have asked TAPS to check out the activity like shadows, noises and voices. Many suspect the soul of Pierre Couvillan, who died in the building after a heated debate over gambling. Tom Clarke, the client and distant relative of congressman Couvillan, has been physically bumped by an invisible entity. Also, the building was once a prison for Union soldiers during the Civil War so those spirits could well be present too. Steve and Jay aren't 10 seconds into the investigation when a door slams and they hear footsteps running away from them! They capture footsteps on the recorder as well! Meanwhile, Amy and Adam play blackjack even though they don't know how, in hopes of drawing out Couvillan. They get a series of noises in response, so the strategy worked! Then the two see a shadow move across the doorway in the basement and hear a voice. This place is actually a little scary! STOP: All teams hear a crazy squealing sound at the same time! What was that?! At the end of the investigation, the team has lots of personal activity and recorded evidence of the paranormal. They cannot confirm that it's Couvillan, but at least the employees know they're not crazy! Next, the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, S.C. is one of the most haunted locations in the country. The team has been asked to determine if the paranormal activity on the plantation are the ghosts of the Drayton Family, which has owned the property since the 1600s. One distant uncle was accidentally shot while hunting and died on the front porch- could it be him? People have seen an apparition and a one-handed broken clock has suddenly chimed for no reason. Hopefully, the team can offer scientific evidence to back the claims. And if they are able to find evide
S08E19 Curtain Call 17/10/2012 On this episode of Ghost Hunters, TAPS travels to Joliet, IL to check on the historic Rialto Square Theater, where the ghost of a little boy has all employees and crew on edge. Back in the 1920s, this theater hosted famous entertainers and vaudeville stars. But today's unseen visitors are stealing the show! People have been touched, seen objects moved and heard a child's laughter when no child was present. In the 1930s, a little boy named Kevin was hit by a car in front of the theater, and many believe his is the ghost that haunts the historic site. His shadow has been spotted several times and visitors even tried to have him removed from an all-girl's party! One child even reported playing with a little boy named Kevin, when there were no other children there. Whoa. And Kevin is not alone! There's a woman in white who haunts the balcony and plays the organ. TAPS is on call to help sort out these spirits and make employees feel safe at work. Side note! Amy is on maternity leave, which means she can't help out in this huge building. Jason's daughter Haylee is on site, with KJ and newbie Ashley to help pick up the slack. The investigation turns up some interesting results. Steve is freaked out by a moving shadow, but it can't be seen on the big screen. KJ and Britt chase shadows in the coatroom, and they both see what COULD BE the lady in white on the balcony. WOW. In the star's dressing room, Steve and Jason find that the EMF levels are at dangerously high levels. The room is so unsafe that it's messing up their monitors! The high levels could give power to the spirits, but it could also make people hallucinate and feel extremely uncomfortable. In the auditorium Ashley and Adam see a shadow running around the aisles, it's small. Is it Kevin?! Meanwile Tango and Steve see the shadow shaped like a woman in the rotunda. This entire place is freaky! Analysis of the footage produces audio of a child's laug
S08E20 Fear Factory 24/10/2012 A former shoe and furniture factory in Claremont, N.H., is investigated.
S08E21 Tunnels of Terror 31/10/2012 The team explore an underworld of tunnels in Lockport, N.Y., and uncover stories of a possible murder, numerous deaths and strange goings-on.
S08E22 Heir Apparition 07/11/2012 The team travels to the Governor's Mansion in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, where there are rumors of hauntings caused by State Senator Warren Brown's illegitimate child, who was murdered; TAPS heads to Kentucky to help a woman with reports of seeing figures and hearing odd noises in her home.
S08E23 Paranormal Pioneers 14/11/2012 Josh Gates joins the team as they investigate a spooky castle minutes away from his childhood home!
S08E24 Higher Dead-ucation 21/11/2012 The team visit Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky.
S08E25 Due Date With Death 28/11/2012 The Atlantic Paranormal Society travels to the city of Rochester in the state of New York to uncover a haunting secret that the Rochester Public Library, an establishment that has been around since 1801, has kept below the radar for 15 years.
S08E26 Haunted Home for the Holiday 05/12/2012 The Ghost Hunters revisit one of their favorite haunts: The Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT! The frightening activity in the house has increased ever since TAPS' last visit, and the team is ready to figure out this haunted mystery.
S09E01 Hollywood Horror Stories 17/01/2013 Hooray for Hollywood? Actually, this time Hollywood is cheering for TAPS as they come in to solve some age-old mysteries in famed haunted locations. The season 9 opener starts at The Sowden House. This is the site of the Black Dalia murder. They meet Steve Hodell, whose surgeon father was the original suspect in the vicious attack. This is L.A.'s most infamous murder, where Elizabeth Short was surgically cut in half, and both halves were carefully posed on the side of the road. George believes his father murdered 9 other women in the basement. His sister, Rita, saw apparitions in the basement. Rita's experiences include seeing shadows in the night, hearing voices and other strange sounds- including chains being dragged. Everyone wants to know who these spirits are and what they want. An intensely personal request, which is what TAPS does best. Big news!! Michelle Tate, runner up from Ghost Hunters academy, is now joining the team. Everyone is excited to see her, and Jason reminds her that professionalism is key, and she needs to remember that not every noise is paranormal. During the investigation, K.J. and Britt monitor the cameras and notice a figure walking halfway across the room and then returning to the bathroom that was likely the murder scene. What is that?? It looks like half a human being, and Elizabeth Short was cut in half! Jason believes that whether the ghost haunting the house is the spirit of George Hodell or one of his victims, they would be more apt to reach out to Michelle. So she's alone in the bathroom, and hears footsteps and pacing. In the basement, K.J. and Britt mix the shadow detector and the laser grid technologies. They see odd movements and hear strange noises. Later, Michelle and Adam hear a woman's voice in the hallway. Analysis revealed that the footsteps Michelle heard in the bathroom were from someone outside, and the figure that Britt and K.J. saw turned out to be a crew member. Bummer!
S09E02 Ghost Mission 23/01/2013 Josh Gates of Destination Truth joins TAPS as they investigate the centuries old Mission of San Jaun Capistrano.
S09E03 Prescription For Fear 30/01/2013 Renovations at Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Illinois, are slowed down by strange occurrences, which are investigated by the team.
S09E04 Permanent Residents 06/02/2013 An investigation into the 1890 House in Cortland, N.Y., delves into the background of the mansion's original owner, businessman Chester F. Wickwire, and his ancestors.
S09E05 All Ghosts On Deck 13/02/2013 Kentucky sure has its share of ghosts! Tonight TAPS returns to the Bluegrass State to investigate The Belle of Louisville, the oldest operating steamboat in America. The beautiful and colorful exterior of this vessel isn't enough to cover up the ship's history of rumors, mystery and murder! Captain Winters, the longtime head of the steamboat, was not a nice guy. Apparently he sent one of his mates, Floyd, to the paddle wheel and then turned it on, killing Floyd! Winters later died on the ship of a heart attack. Mark Doty, the current captain, is skeptical of paranormal claims. But his crew has seen more than their share of activity. Shadow figures, moving blue lights, voices, whispering, doors swinging and even a face-to-face encounter with the ghost of Captain Winters! The crew is freaked out by the increasing intensity of the experiences, and suspect that the activity has moved to the neighboring lifesaving station as well. Captain Doty would like TAPS to put his night watchmen at ease. During the investigation, Britt and Michelle conclude that high EMF levels may be serving as a conduit for the spirits moving between the two ships. Jason and Steve chase footsteps from the boiler room to the ballroom to the gangway, but can't find the source. A mysterious swinging door catches Tango and Michelle's attention, but it turns out the wind is the culprit. Jason and Steve continue to chase Floyd on the neighboring ship, but determine that the high EMF levels on that ship could be causing the crew to misguidedly perceive paranormal activity. On the main deck, Britt and Adam see a large black shadow just where the ship crew claims to see figures, and they can't debunk it. Britt and Adam experience shuffling footsteps and flashing lights in the life saving station and continue to hear unusual noises. In the captain's quarters, they have shocking conversation with Captain Winters. Michelle and Britt then have a conversation w
S09E06 Ghosts From Hale 20/02/2013 The TAPS team travels to CT to investigate the Nathan Hale homestead.
S09E07 Scream Park 27/02/2013 The team investigate paranormal activity being reported by the new owner of an amusement park in Sylvan Beach, N.Y
S09E08 The Ghost Hasn't Left the Building 12/06/2013 The team travel to Louisiana to investigate the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, a National Historic Landmark where famous singers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash got their start.
S09E09 Ghost Friends Forever 19/06/2013 A Little Rock family believe a bungalow that they inherited is cursed
S09E10 Vintage Spirits 26/06/2013 Reports of paranormal activity at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Mo., are investigated
S09E11 Hoover Damned 10/07/2013 Nevada's Boulder City Hospital is investigated.
S09E12 Something In The Water 17/07/2013 The Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs, Mo., is investigated by the team.
S09E13 Undying Love 09/10/2013 The team travel to Monticello, Ark., to investigate a mansion where, according to legend, a woman committed suicide over an ill-fated and secret love.
S09E14 The Coroner's Case 16/10/2013 Tonight the team heads to Shreveport, Louisiana, where they visit two separate locations on the same night- and it will be an intense investigation!
S09E15 Shock Island 23/10/2013 The team investigate the Pennsylvania Asylum and Testing Lab in Scott Township, Pa.
S09E16 Hyde And Seek 30/10/2013 TAPS takes on one of the most exciting locations in a long time: Hyde Hall in Cooperstown, NY. This 19th century mansion is stunning, but the one-time lady of the house has apparently left a stain on this architectural wonder. The house was built by George Clark, but when he died his children pushed their mother, Anne Clark, out of the house. Legend says she put a curse on the mansion saying no woman would ever be happy there.
S09E17 Orphans of Gettysburg 22/01/2014 The team travel to Pennsylvania to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and visit a former orphanage with a history of ghostly sightings.
S09E18 Phantom Fleet 29/01/2014 Michelle's last case with the team takes her to a naval park in Buffalo to investigate three former service vessels that are alleged to be haunted.
S09E19 Don't Forget About Us 05/02/2014 Old homes harbor secrets. The TAPS team is about to discover this amidst an oddly-shaped house with secret passages.
S09E20 Family Plot 12/02/2014 The TAPS team visit Lucas, Ohio, where they investigate the 1896 case of a woman who killed her entire family, and explore the home of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
S09E21 Dead Presidents 19/02/2014 Tonight's investigations have TAPS confronting the ghosts of dead Presidents! First, the team investigates the Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia, which is the birthplace of James Madison. Then, they move to Jordan Springs in Winchester, Virginia. The springs are believed to have healing powers that attracted many dignitaries, including Theodore Roosevelt! Now the ghosts of dignitaries haunt both locations!
S09E22 Nine Men's Misery 26/02/2014 TAPS heads to Rhode Island, where the graves of murdered colonists (and some monks) haven't been allowed to rest in peace.
S09E23 An Officer and an Apparition 08/10/2014 The TAPS team celebrate their 10th anniversary when they travel to the Old City Hall in Brunswick, Ga., to investigate claims that a person who died during a 19th-century shooting is haunting the premises today.
S09E24 A Textbook Case 15/10/2014 TAPS is called to an abandoned school in Barnegat, New Jersey to see if the souls of students are still roaming the halls.
S09E25 Phantoms of the Opera 29/10/2014 The TAPS team celebrate Halloween as they investigate reports of paranormal activity at the Cincinnati Music Hall in Ohio.
S10E01 Barrels of Boos 26/08/2015 In the Season 10 premiere, the Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky is investigated by TAPS, who look for traces of the ghosts of the founding family members.
S10E02 Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen 02/09/2015 The TAPS team investigate the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., for signs of the spirits of Jesuit priests who once lived, worked and were buried on the CIA campus.
S10E03 Last Will and Evidence 09/09/2015 A bride-to-be needs TAPS help in determining if her dream venue is safe despite claims of terrifying phenomena.
S10E04 Over My Dead Body 16/09/2015 A trip to St. Charles, Mo., to investigate the historic Main Street finds the team trying to determine whether buildings constructed over a cemetery could be the reason why people experience unnerving sightings.
S10E05 Fright at the Opera 23/09/2015 The team investigate the Burlingame and Chaffee Opera House in Carthage, Mo.; and they visit a private residence in Connecticut to help a family who believe a presence has taken over their home and children.
S10E06 There Ghosts the Neighborhood 30/09/2015 TAPS travel to Missouri to help three generations of a family living on what they believe to be a haunted estate; and in Massachusetts, the team investigate whether one ghost is connected to two different properties.
S10E07 The Plot Thickens 07/10/2015 The TAPS team travel to Woonsocket, R.I., to investigate a theater owner's claim that spirits are traveling between two buildings.
S10E08 Fortress of Phantoms 14/10/2015 The team travel to Fort Adams in Newport, R.I., where they investigate three deadly events, none of which involved battle casualties.
S10E09 Houghton Hears a Who? 21/10/2015 The team investigate Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Mass., where they suspect unexplained phenomena on the property relates back to a deadly car accident.
S10E10 Darker Learning 28/10/2015 The team investigate a college in Bennington, Vt.., after hearing reports of frightening paranormal activity, which they trace back to the legend of a mysterious love triangle and suicides.
S10E11 Innocent Until Proven Dead 04/11/2015 TAPS arrive in Louisville to investigate whether a trio's ancestors still inhabit their property; and in Pennsylvania, the team work to solve a tragic hanging in the Old Cumberland County Prison.
S10E12 Rockets Red Scare 11/11/2015 TAPS investigate the USS Constitution, the famous ship better known as "Old Ironsides," during a trip to Boston. Later, they meet historical reenacters in Kentucky who claim they've encountered spirits of early settlers in Old Fort Harrod State Park.
S10E13 1st Edition Apparition 18/11/2015 Season 10 concludes with a trip back to the Mount, Edith Wharton's home in Lenox, Mass., to investigate reports of increased paranormal activity since TAPS last visited in 2008.
S00E01 Maison Bader / Brasserie Moon River (Mon fantôme bien aimé) 31/10/2005 In this one-hour special, Jason and Grant look at a few investigations TAPS did in Savannah, Georgia. This includes the Bader's House, a colonial cemetery, and the Moon River Brewing Co.
S00E02 Best Of Seasons 1 and 2 24/05/2006 Jason and Grant count down the 20 most memorable moments of Ghost Hunters.
S00E03 Live From the Shining Hotel 31/10/2006 Join TAPS as they return to the Stanley Hotel (the hotel which was the inspiration for Stephen King's novel "The Shining") for a television first. This six-hour investigation was aired live from 11:00 PM EST Halloween night until 5:00 AM EST November first.
S00E04 Résultats en direct de Waverly Hills 31/10/2007 TAPS returns to Waverly Hills Sanatorium for their second annual Live Halloween Special. The team will spend six hours investigating this abandoned tuberculosis hospital that is called by some "the scariest place on earth." Thousands of patients died in this building, and this live investigation will attempt to find out if any of them are still there.
S00E05 Return To The St. Augustine Lighthouse 09/01/2008 TAPS returns to the St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida. Steve battles his fear of heights in hopes he can have the experience he missed out on during the last investigation.
S00E06 Live From Fort Delaware 31/10/2008 Commonly referred to as the "Black Hole," Fort Delaware was used during the Civil War as a POW camp that housed over 33,000 Confederate soldiers. Ravaged by epidemics and torture nearly 2,400 failed to escape and died on the island. The restless spirits have never left. Join the exclusive seven-hour hunt from home with access to thermal imaging camera feeds and live Q&A with TAPS team members and host Josh Gates. Watch carefully for anything out of the ordinary — you'll be able to send instant alerts of any sightings you make straight to the Ghost Hunters!
S00E07 Halloween Live Countdown '09 31/10/2009 Josh Gates hosts this Ghost Hunters Halloween special with appearances by Jason and Grant, along with the Ghost Hunters Academy crew. TAPS will re-investigate the Essex County Sanitarium in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. The special will air live simulcasted with live interactive camera feed in The special will focus on showcasing the top 5 clips and episode of fan sumbitted favorite Ghost Hunters investigations.
S00E08 Ghost Hunters Halloween Live '10 31/10/2010 TAPS returns to the Buffalo Central Terminal for a six hour live Halloween Special investigation. The special is hosted by Josh Gates (Destination Truth) and Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13), and several other celebrities join the night's investigation, including Ben Hansen (Fact or Faked), Meaghan Rath (Being Human), and Kofi Kingston (WWE Friday Night Smackdown).
S00E09 Ghost Hunters Halloween Live '11 31/10/2011 The team probe Pennhurst State School, an abandoned asylum in Spring City, Pa., with help from Barry Fitzgerald, Kris Williams, Joe Chin, Ben Hansen, Jael De Pardo and Devin Marble. Host: Josh Gates.