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From extreme fast-food joints and roadside attractions, to outrageous pools and, of course, Vegas, the "Extreme" series is back. Are you ready?


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S01E01 Extreme Truck Stops 16/07/2008 Rev your engines because we're hammering on the gas and taking you to the biggest, best and wildest truck stops in the U.S. From the best grub to the only truck stop with parking spaces for your horse, EXTREME TRUCK STOPS is going to blow your doors off!
S01E02 Extreme Mindblowing Hotels 09/07/2008 We're taking you straight to the biggest, the best and the most over-the-top lodgings in America. From high-end to high up in the trees, this is the ultimate tour of the most EXTREME MINDBLOWING HOTELS!
S01E03 Extreme Superstores 23/07/2008 From a candy store that would make Willy Wonka jealous to a place where you can stock up on all of your Elvis nick-knack-needs, EXTREME SUPERSTORES will take you on a cross-country spree.
S01E04 Extreme Playtime 29/04/2009 Skate at the largest skate park in the U.S. and then skydive, surf and rock climb at the ultimate indoor adventure center! Plus, dodge paintballs at an 150-acre over-the-top paintball escapade, then hop in a dune buggy to soar through the Vegas desert!
S01E05 Extreme Terror Rides 06/08/2008 From a speed demon that achieves total weightlessness to frightening freefalls and the upside-downiest, corkscrewiest coasters allowed by law, strap on your helmet and get ready to scream... these are America's most EXTREME TERROR RIDES!
S01E06 Extreme Ways to Go Green 20/08/2008 Welcome to EXTREME WAYS TO GO GREEN, where we're taking you on the ultimate eco-friendly tour of the biggest, the best and the most over-the-top green spaces and places in America.
S01E07 Extreme SeaWorld 27/08/2008 Think you know SeaWorld? Think again. We're going way past Shamu and taking you on an all-access look at EXTREME SEAWORLD, an eye-popping journey through Orlando's three Aquatic themed parks: Discovery Cove, Aquatica, and the original Seaworld park.
S01E08 Extreme Places to Go Green 04/09/2008 EXTREME PLACES TO GO GREEN is taking you to the biggest and the most over-the-top eco-friendly getaways in America. From a solar and pedal powered eco-eatery, to a golf course irrigated by the Pacific Ocean, this is "green" like you??ve never seen!
S01E09 Extreme Fast Food 13/05/2009 Ante up the antacids, because we're driving down to the most gut-busting, sugar-filled, foul-mouthed, spiciest and sexiest fast food joints around! This is the ultimate stop for EXTREME FAST FOOD.
S01E10 Extreme Pig Outs 08/04/2009 From burgers so big it takes a basketball team to finish them, to a pizza delivery too huge to get through your door, this is the ultimate pit stop for EXTREME PIG OUTS! We'll also try some supersized pancakes and a burrito as big as a baby!
S01E11 Extreme Adrenaline Rushes 22/04/2009 EXTREME ADRENALINE RUSHES is a round-the-world voyage to the most dangerous and intense daredevil experiences on earth. From a military-style bootcamp to a luge sled flying 90 miles an hour, we've got the world's best thrills sure to stop your heart!
S01E12 Extreme Workplaces 06/05/2009 From a toy biz where they actually pay to you play, to a workplace so trippy, it's like falling down a rabbit hole -this is the ultimate place to check out EXTREME WORKPLACES. We'll take you to offices where you can surf and nap on the job!
S02E01 Extreme Bathrooms 15/04/2009 Sneak a peek at some of the most eye-popping bathrooms around! From a city where peeing in the streets is actually legal to a voyeuristic bathroom that makes private moments totally public, this is the ultimate pit stop - EXTREME BATHROOMS.
S02E02 Extreme Restaurants 29/04/2009 We're hitting the sexiest, scariest, grossest, and most dangerous restaurants around. From a gourmet meal served in the dark, to a restaurant so haunted, you wouldn't want to stay for dinner - this is the number one destination for EXTREME RESTAURANTS.
S02E03 Extreme Waterparks 13/08/2008 Slap on the sunblock and inflate those floaties, we're taking you on a tour of the most EXTREME WATERPARKS. From a watercoaster that has you rocketing uphill, to a bowl ride that spins riders at a dizzying 35 feet per second, get ready to take the plunge!
S02E04 Extreme Animal Encounters 10/06/2009 Forget your fears of all things that crawl, climb, quiver and squirm out the door! Ride on a real life bull ride, get dirty with gator wrestling, dive into the deep blue seas to swim with sharks, and then take a whirlwind ride on the back of an ostrich!
S02E05 Extreme Roadside Adventures 27/05/2009 We're taking you to the weirdest and wackiest pit stops in America and beyond! Visit a drug store that's a theme park, a house on a rock that's as close to a circus as a home can get, and a European, clothing-optional truck stop!
S02E06 Extreme Towns 09/06/2009 We'll take you to the town where it's Christmas year-round and to the healthiest town in the U.S. where yoga and meditation are part of the school curriculum. Grab your cape and head to superman's hometown and say your "I do's" in Hell on EXTREME TOWNS!
S02E07 Extreme Miami Hotspots 08/07/2009 EXTREME MIAMI has found the largest Cuban sandwich in the country, the priciest pad in the city, and a jaw-dropping nightclub that puts the rest of the South Beach scene to shame! We'll visit an underwater cemetary and a fairy tale hotel for adults!
S02E08 Extreme Vegas 24/06/2009 From scantily clad blackjack dealers to foie gras ice cream--this a Vegas you've never seen before! You'll satisfy any food craving at a 113-yard buffet and then lose your lunch at the Stratosphere, home to the tallest thrill ride in the world!
S02E09 Extreme Pools 17/06/2009 EXTREME POOLS is trekking the globe in search of the largest, the longest, the most teched out and coolest pools ever! Check out a pool full of beer and the ultimate dolphin experience, then swim in the deepest and the largest pools in the world.
S02E10 Extreme Barhopping 15/07/2009 From a fully automated wine bar to the largest ice bar in the world, EXTREME BARHOPPING is serving up a major dose of insanity with your drinks! Try a $10,000 drink that comes with handcuffs, or sneak into 2 secret bars through a phone booth and a slide!
S02E11 Extreme Wild Parties 22/07/2009 Break out your best duds and dancing shoes because we're going all out on EXTREME WILD PARTIES! From the largest pub-crawl in the world to the biggest and baddest club in the country, we're taking you to the zaniest bashes around!
S02E12 Extreme Resorts 12/08/2009 From the largest spa in the world to an indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert, EXTREME RESORTS has uncovered the ultimate adventure, kid-centric and craziest vacation havens out there!
S03E01 Extreme Collections 19/08/2009 We'll introduce you to a woman whose entire home is dedicated to shoes, a wild collection of 150 tarantulas, and a Barbie collection that would make any girl drool! Plus, meet a woman with more than 6,000 piercings!
S03E02 Extreme Mega Factories 26/08/2009 Grab your hardhats and hairnets! We're taking you to the most mind-blowing, eye-catching and most EXTREME MEGA FACTORIES out there! See the world's largest chocolate producer, the U.S. Mint, and the world's largest parade float creator!
S03E03 Extreme Terror Rides: Death-Defying Drops 02/09/2009 In this hour we'll defy gravity on the Steel Hawg, the steepest roller coaster around, dodge 9-foot breakers in the tallest man made waves on the planet and then get thrown out of a volcano in the biggest slingshot ride in the world.
S03E04 Extreme Terror Rides: Mega Speed 03/09/2009 Throw the seesaws and swings to the wind because we're bringing you the most intense rides that deliver the fastest rushes in the world! It's Extreme Terror Rides: Mega Speed!
S03E05 Extreme Superstructures 09/09/2009 EXTREME SUPERSTRUCTURES is taking you around the world from the tallest building ever to the largest underground complex, complete with apartments and ice skating rinks. We'll redefine super in a whole new way!
S03E06 Extreme Hawaiian Escapes 16/09/2009 Brush up on your hula skills and pack your sunscreen - we're off to Hawaii for surf, sun and wild adventures! We've hopped the islands to hunt down the longest zip line in Hawaii, the largest maze in the world and the gnarliest waves for kite boarding.
S03E07 Extreme Conventions 23/09/2009 Where can you find kid inventors, flame throwing bartenders and a heck of a lot of trekkies? On EXTREME CONVENTIONS! Check out celebrity impersonators, roller girls, magicians, Barbie fanatics and the most fiery BBQ at some bizarre conventions!
S03E08 Extreme Wild Races 30/09/2009 Battle runners from around the world in a race to the top of the Empire State Building, drive for 24 hours in the junkiest jalopies in a battle to the finish, & then throw your wife on your back in a race to win her weight in beer!It's EXTREME WILD RACES!
S03E09 Extreme Traditions 07/10/2009 You think your family has some weird traditions? They've got nothing on an annual testicle eating contest, an undie run, or the yearly potato fest where folks wrestle in mashed spuds! EXTREME TRADITIONS is taking you to the oddest of them all!
S03E10 Most Terrifying Places in America 2 09/10/2009 We explore the mysteries and legends surrounding seven spine tingling sites. Gathering a team of ghost hunters, psychic mediums and historians, we reveal why these paranormal hotspots deserve their reputations as the MOST TERRIFYING PLACES IN AMERICA!
S03E11 Extreme Alaskan Adventures 14/10/2009 Pack up your arctic gear and throw in an extra dose of wild because we are soaring, sledding and salmon fishing our way across the nation's biggest state! This is EXTREME ALASKAN ADVENTURES!
S03E12 Extreme Competitions 21/10/2009 Extreme Competitions is a whirlwind trip in search of the most over the top tournaments around. From a mustache competition to the Redneck Games, Extreme Competitions will blow your mind with what lengths people will go to for victory!

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