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A hidden camera comedy programme starring Dom Joly deliberately entering into ludicrous or embarrassing situations in public places, all filmed surreptitiously. Sketches took place in a variety of locations primarily on the streets of Central London and Cheltenham. The humour is derived through the public’s reactions to Joly’s shenanigans rather than the usual format, where members of the public are themselves pranked.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Trigger Happy TV

S01E01 Ian Botham, Bill Wyman 14/01/2000 No one is safe when Dom Joly releases his twisted creations on an unsuspecting Britain. Ian Botham has an unusual encounter with an emotional interviewer, and the dogs of war take to the streets.
S01E02 Alice Copper, Tony Blackburn 00/00/0000 The Parkie questions some bewildered old age pensioners about a bit of unpleasantness by the lake, Alice Cooper has an interview with a dutiful son, and the portrait painter tries his hand at a different art-form.
S01E03 Telly Treasure Trail 00/00/0000 Among other gems: the spy risks blowing his cover, the kitchen showroom falls down in the catering department, and the aggressive ice-cream vendor loses it completely.
S01E04 Ken Livingstone 00/00/0000 It's Ken Livingstone's turn to ask some questions when his interviewer turns violent. Elsewhere, the Parkie sorts out some pensioners whom he suspects of creating merry hell with fire-extinguisers, and two enormous gentlemen cause a public inconvenience...
S01E05 Tamara Beckwith 11/02/2000 A passer-by gets a blind tasting with a difference, Tamara Beckwith is the subject of a drunken interview, and the Parkie takes on some old-skool old folk.
S01E06 Jason Donovan 00/00/0000 Dom Joly unleashes his twisted humour on an unsuspecting public. Quick-fire comedy and a hip soundtrack make this the ultimate in TV junk food.
S01E07 Best of Series 1 (Terry Gilliam, Patrick Moore) 00/00/0000 More wacky stunts, gags and gaffaws from that master of slap-stick humour, Dom Joly, in this compilation of the best moments from the first series of the award-winning show.
S03E01 26/09/2016
S03E09 Best of Series 3 00/00/0000
S03E11 Best of Season 3 00/00/0000