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Instruction on modifying and customizing pickups, sport trucks and SUVs.


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S255E01 Model A to Model Awesome 28/01/2018 Continuing the transformation of the 1930 Model A into a modern day street rod; visiting a master builder with a powerful passion for finding the true purpose hidden inside old classics.
S255E02 Blazer Pre-Paint 04/02/2018 Project Klassy K5 gets one step closer to wearing its final coat of paint; the cab and firewall receive a coat of BMW Protronic Blue, then get reunited with the chassis for good; the guys explain some body work basics.
S255E03 F-100 Purchase and Baseline 11/02/2018 The guys pick up a new project, a 1974 Ford F-100, and bring it back to the shop for a quick inspection; heading off to the dyno for a baseline, and off to the road course for a thorough shakedown run.
S255E04 Preparing the Model A to Go Lower 18/02/2018 Project Klassy K5 gets its first coat of high build primer, then gets blocked down smooth; building some new shop equipment that will help modify the frame of the 1930 Model A hot rod.
S255E05 Suspension Drop 101 Leafs vs Links 07/02/2016 Lowering kits are installed on two half ton pick-ups. A 2013 Ram gets a 2/4 drop and a 2010 Silverado 4/6 drop.
S255E06 In the Weeds 06/02/2014 The guys drop their high mileage '93 Senior Silverado street truck with a front and rear suspension lowering kit and finish off the stance with fresh wheels and tires.
S255E07 Sheet Metal Mods 16/02/2014 Time and cash saving tech on how-to fit and body work rusted rocker panels and rotten cab corners on Senior Silverado.
S255E08 Supermax Rust Repair & Paint Prep 09/04/2017
S255E09 Identity Crisis Engine & Trans 30/04/2017
S255E10 Identity Crisis Custom Paint 07/05/2017 Step by step design and laydown to show a quality paint job, with techniques including metal flake, ghost flames, fades, and a way to create water droplet effects.
S255E11 Klassy K5 blast & body work, Silverado IFS upgrades 28/05/2017 The 1989 Blazer gets stripped to bare metal for repair; the SuperMax Silverado is treated to front suspension, fuel delivery upgrades and performance brakes.
S255E12 Identity Crisis Re-assembly 04/06/2017 The 1967 El Camino give-away, now dressed in custom paint, gets re-assembled; converting to 4:11 gears, building three exhaust and installing HiJacker air shocks.
S255E13 Ford Model A truck chassis 25/06/2017 Working on a 1930 Model A Ford with quick disassembly and the build up of a crate chassis including axles, suspension, springs, shocks, links, and I-beam front end.
S255E14 SuperMax Paint & Steering 02/07/2017 In preparation of Stage II, the shortened Silverado HD gets a new paint job and heavy duty steering that will eventually handle 1000 horsepower.
S255E15 Klassy K5 Frame Repair, Axles 23/07/2017 Restoration of the 1989 Blazer continues by stripping the frame bare and repairing the damage; the guys go searching for axles in the junkyard.
S255E16 Ford Model A Teardown Build-Up 06/08/2017 The 1930 Model A cab and bed is removed from its 87-year-old frame and gets the new frame put on, along with firewall modifications.
S255E17 Klassy K5 Rolling Chassis 20/08/2017 The 1989 Blazer frame comes back from powder-coat where it can be turned into a rolling chassis with suspension, a rebuilt junkyard axle, wheels and tires.
S255E18 SuperMax Stage 2 engine upgrades 03/09/2017 Delving into the inner workings of a diesel engine and building more power with upgraded components now that the 6.6L Duramax has pulled out.
S255E19 Klassy K5 Powertrain SuperMax Engine Dress Up 10/09/2017 The Blazer chassis gets its big block and transmission inside the frame rails; the SuperMax Silverado LB7 is fully dressed with turbo, charge and intake pipes
S255E20 SuperMax Stage 2 Final Mods 24/09/2017 The SuperMax Silverado gets a beefy transmission along with exhaust and suspension upgrades to finish up the Stage 2 upgrades.
S255E21 Klassy K5 Axle Rebuild 08/10/2017 The 1989 Blazer 4x4 returns for lockers in the rear and new gearing up front, along with steering upgrades
S255E22 SuperMax Drag Strip Prep 29/10/2017 The Stage 2 Silverado gets a final once-over in preparation for "Engine Power"'s BBQ and Burnouts exhibition on the drag strip; how to prepare and paint plastic.
S255E23 SuperMax Payoff 12/11/2017 The stage two short bed Silverado HD gets a custom tune and dyno run; the Duramax and new turbo upgrades go through the paces on the street and strip during BBQ and Burnouts.