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Instruction on modifying and customizing pickups, sport trucks and SUVs.


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S255E01 Project Basket Case Fire Up & NighTrain Plumbing 10/01/2016 Firing an EcoBoost in bare chassis & custom plumb a Duramax cooling system.
S255E02 Workahauler F-150 22/01/2017
S255E03 Suspension Overhaul 29/01/2017
S255E04 Project Preview 19/02/2017
S255E05 Suspension Drop 101 Leafs vs Links 07/02/2016 Lowering kits are installed on two half ton pick-ups. A 2013 Ram gets a 2/4 drop and a 2010 Silverado 4/6 drop.
S255E06 In the Weeds 06/02/2014 The guys drop their high mileage '93 Senior Silverado street truck with a front and rear suspension lowering kit and finish off the stance with fresh wheels and tires.
S255E07 Sheet Metal Mods 16/02/2014 Time and cash saving tech on how-to fit and body work rusted rocker panels and rotten cab corners on Senior Silverado.
S255E08 Supermax Rust Repair & Paint Prep 09/04/2017
S255E09 Identity Crisis Engine & Trans 30/04/2017
S255E10 Identity Crisis Custom Paint 07/05/2017
S255E11 Klassy K5 blast & body work, Silverado IFS upgrades 28/05/2017
S255E12 Identity Crisis Re-assembly 04/06/2017
S255E13 Ford Model A truck chassis 25/06/2017
S255E14 SuperMax Paint & Steering 02/07/2017
S255E15 Klassy K5 Frame Repair, Axles 23/07/2017
S255E16 Ford Model A Teardown Build-Up 06/08/2017
S255E17 Klassy K5 Rolling Chassis 20/08/2017
S255E18 SuperMax Stage 2 engine upgrades 03/09/2017
S255E19 Emissions Mission, C10 Faux-tina paint 04/09/2016 Our C10 Chevy gets bed assembled, cut open for exhaust and a fresh interior. Plus relocating the gas filler by shaving the factory hole.
S255E20 Project Basket Case: Custom Cut Glass & Final Assembly 18/09/2016 A chopped top begs for a custom cut windshield, Glass Guy Chicago will show us how it's done. Plus the rest of truck is assembled before the big payoff and auction.
S255E21 C10 Gets Fired Up 02/10/2016 Our '71 C10 goes through final assembly and fire up, plus how to turn a vintage Cadillax bench into a tuck and roll couch for your man-cave
S255E22 Ram Jam 09/10/2016 Our '01 Ram is back for leveling kit and brake upgrades, plus how to turn a vintage Cadillac bench into a tuck and roll couch for your man-cave
S255E23 F100 Finale 16/10/2016 The '55 F100 gets its virgin shakedown run, then we'll trailer her to Louisville's Mecum Auction where she hits the sale block to the highest bidder.

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