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Tumble Leaf is a series aimed at preschoolers, set in a whimsical land where a small blue fox named Fig plays each day and discovers adventure, friendship and love around every bend in the path. Children will be enriched by these narratives that promote play, the fun of learning and understanding the world around them.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tumble Leaf

S01E01 Shiny Coins 06/05/2014 After tossing coins to make wishes in a faraway wishing well, Fig and Maple find their way home in the dark by making giant clams laugh.
S01E02 Fig Finds A Shadow 06/05/2014 Hedge's fears of the dark are put to rest when he and Fig explore the Deep Dark Cave with a flashlight and discover that what they thought to be a scary giant isn't a giant at all, but their own shadows.
S01E03 Fig Flies A Kite 23/05/2014 Fig finds a kite in the Finding Place. By playing with a butterfly and a balloon boat, Fig flies his kite and saves his best friend, Stick, after he gets stuck in a tree!
S01E04 Missing Muffin 23/05/2014 When Fig's favorite breakfast muffin goes missing, he follows a trail of crumbs using a magnifying glass. He finds his muffin and shares his breakfast with his new friends, a family of tiny beetles.
S01E05 Beat of the Drumsticks 23/05/2014 Fig and Maple try to wake Tumble Leaf's sleepiest turtle, Gourd, from a deep slumber by making all sorts of noise and succeed by using drumsticks Fig has found and drumming on giant, hollow logs.
S01E06 Springy Surprise 23/05/2014 Fig helps Hedge, Maple and the Chickens plant a surprise flower garden for Pine. A coiled spring he's found becomes an unexpected tool that helps them finish before Pine arrives home.
S01E07 On a Roll! 23/05/2014 Buckeye the Beaver wants to live closer to his friends. Inspired by a ball he's found, Fig helps Buckeye make his house round and roll his house to a new neighborhood!
S01E08 Icy Igloo 05/09/2014 Fig and Maple use a block of ice as the inspiration for the igloo that Fig wants to build. With the help of Ice Skipper, they slip and slide through the construction of a special "Figloo."
S01E09 Fig Blends In! 23/05/2014 Fig and Maple become masters of disguise when they set out to collect honey from Hive Hollow. Their camouflage fools everyone including the snappy snapdragons at the Hive Hollow gates!
S01E10 Twirling Top 23/05/2014 Fig finds a musical top and has trouble making it spin, until he gets a few tips from Rutabaga and the Spiders at Spider Sanctuary. He and Hedge even spin their way out of a tangled mess
S01E11 Bucket of Mud 23/05/2014 Fig and Hedge have plans to swim but discover that their favorite swimming pond has dried up! Inspired by a sponge, Fig uses marshrooms to soak up and move the water that refills the pond and rescues Pine in the process!
S01E12 The Swimming Hole 23/05/2014 Fig and Maple open a Mud Pie Stand and run out of pies! Fig uses a bucket he's found to gather more mud and sets up a bucket brigade to keep the Stand well stocked.
S01E13 Loopy Straw 05/09/2014 Fig follows the bubbles he's blown with a new straw and gets stuck in the bog. With the help of Lily the Frog and some bouncy bog bubbles, he finally makes it back to dry land.
S01E14 Tumble Leaf Parade 05/09/2014 It's the day of the parade and the pinwheel on the float isn't spinning. Fig comes to the rescue, with his new pump to power the pinwheel and pumps a "pumpalump" when they get a flat tire.
S01E16 The Big Dig 05/09/2014 Fig and Hedge set out to build something on the beach with a shovel. When a cloud threatens to rain, they decide to cheer the sad little cloud by building a tall cloud tower made of sand.
S01E18 Hide and Seek 05/09/2014 When Stick fails to show up for breakfast, Fig and Hedge use a megaphone to call for him. It's not until they use the megaphone to listen, that the two best friends are reunited!
S01E20 Parachute Play 05/09/2014 Butternut wants to learn to fly and Fig and Hedge inspire her with a parachute that Fig's found and the help of a colorful Jellibeetle.
S01E22 Fig's Breakfast Surprise! 05/09/2014 Fig decides to surprise the Chickens with an extravagant breakfast and uses a statically-charged balloon to gather all the ingredients. Will he finish before the sleeping Chickens wake up?
S01E24 A Treasure Hunt 05/09/2014 Maple finds a map and Fig finds a unique rock. They travel to Dragon Rock, and after solving some puzzles, discover that Fig's rock is the most spectacular in Tumble Leaf!
S01E26 Pushy Pulley 05/09/2014 Fig and Hedge visit the Tumble Leaf Picture Plantary and help Stick's cousin Twig and her trusty stead Timber the Yak outfit the Plantary with a pulley system, so that every picture plant growing can be easily retrieved!

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