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King Tut-ankh-en-set-amun was revived when lightning hit a very old Egyptian casket in a museum The Pharaoh was in charge of the 10 year old mummy. King Tut may not be so tall, but his personality is very big. So big that he believes he is the ultimate leader the world he is currently living in. Tut meets up with a 12 year old girl, Cleo, and his trusty companion, Luxor. Watch him as he sets out to recover his rightful place in the world. Characters Tutenstein: Tutenstein is a 10-year old mummy, who was brought back to life when lightning hit his coffin. He believes he is still the ruler because he was a Pharaoh three thousand years ago. Will he be able to go about his life as he did then, with the help of his friends Cleo and Luxor? Cleo: Cleo is sort of Tutenstein's keeper. She is twelve years old and always keeping King Tut safe. Cleo Carter vowed never to expose the concealed secret of Tutenstein. Luxor: Luxor belongs to Cleo. He is also Tutenstein's t


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tutenstein

S01E01 The Awakening 01/11/2003 When a museum is hit by lightning, Pharaoh Tut-ankh-en-set-Amun is arisen from the dead in the current world. A cat named, Luxor, becomes his aide and a girl named, Cleo Carter, becomes his friend.
S01E02 Curse of the Pharaoh 08/11/2003 The goddess, Ammut is released from the underworld by El Zabkar. Her job is to ruin Tutenstein. Can Luxor, King Tut, and Cleo put a stop to her plans before Tutenstein is hurt?
S01E03 Clash of the Shabtis 15/11/2003 Trouble begins when Tutenstein is asked by Cleo to assist her in purging the museum. Not feeling like doing it, Tut brings his shabtis - wooden tomb helping statues, to life to do the duty in his place. Tutenstein must stop the shabtis because they are becoming uncontrollable.
S01E04 I Did It My Way 22/11/2003 King Tut misses the ancient Eygpt. He is becoming bothering by the ordinary world, so he decides to create the current world like the past life. This life is also hard - trying to control the ancient life, will he change the world back to the way it was, before he won't be able to at all.
S01E05 The Boat of Millions of Years 06/12/2003 Tut wishes viewing movies with one of his good friends, Cleo, would go on forever. The sun god, Ra, is summoned by Tutenstein, asking him to put off sunrise for a few more hours, so he can remain awake a little bit longer than usual. Ra is in trouble now, after time halts. It is up to King Tut to rescue Ra and fix the time.
S01E06 The Powerful One 03/01/2004 Luxor, Tutenstein, and Cleo must end the lioness goddess, Sekhmet's upset fury towards civilization. She was awaken by King Tut and his bickering opposing the servants constructing his pyramid.
S01E07 There's Something About Natasha 10/01/2004 Tutenstein really likes Natasha, Cleo's best companion. In hope to gain her love, he awakens to god of children, Bes. Tutenstein is suprised by the conclusion of the spell, it is not what he imagined. Now, Tut doesn't know what to do, he has to choose and be certain of Natasha being his real love or a zombie affection.
S01E08 King of Memphis 17/01/2004 There is a park known as the ""Kingland Amusement Park,"" that venerates a king, rather than King Tut, himself. Tutenstein doesn't like to see the people at the park dressed as kings, so he splits his soul in half, in hope to vie with them.
S01E09 Roommates 24/01/2004 Cleo is a really good friend of Tut, but after he comes to live with her, she thinks she will never have the freedom she had before because of King Tut tries out of possessions & does some other stuff she doesn't seem to like very much.
S01E10 Ghostbusted 31/01/2004 The goddess, Isis and King Tut are competing in a game of Senet. She becomes angry with him, after he tries to slide through the game and not play fair. Tutenstein gets put in his place, when Isis brings about Nebka, the apparition, also a past companion of King Tut's.
S01E11 Near Dead Experience 21/02/2004 Cleo has caught a cold, and Tutenstein becomes worried. He has never experienced this, so he thinks she is in a danger. King Tut's special doctor tries preserve Cleo, causing some trouble.
S01E12 The Unsafety Zone 15/05/2004 Two crooks steal the Crown of Geb, after Tutenstein accidently switches the alarm off in the display of the Geb, when he was disturbed in his sleep.
S01E13 Happy Coronation Day, Tutenstein 22/05/2004 The Scepter of Was is taken away by demons after King Tut becomes disappointed over the ceremony of Coronation Day assembled by Luxor and Cleo.
S02E01 Friends 04/09/2004 King Tut is seeking a new companions. He finds some, but trouble ensues by the bad events they partake in.
S02E02 Green-Eyed Mummy 11/09/2004 There is a new interest at the museum, a fake mammoth. The guests are no longer paying attention to Tutenstein, so he uses magic to make the mammoth disappear.
S02E03 The Shadow Gobbler 25/09/2004 Some trouble comes about when King Tut's shadow comes alive through magic. His shadow has its own mind.
S02E04 Tut Jr. 02/10/2004 Tut convinces Cleo that he is responsible enough to watch her little cousin Thomas; and then loses him.
S02E05 Something Sphinx 09/10/2004 A fresh servant has seemed to taken Luxor's place. This makes Luxor feel sad. He decides to go somewhere else because he thinks his service is no longer needed. Some harm comes about to Tutenstein and his helper after Luxor left.
S02E06 The Supreme Tut 16/10/2004 King Tut doesn't think anyone listens to him, even though he is a pharaoh. With this in mind, Tutenstein decides to raise his powers, in to a god-like authority. How will Luxor & Cleo react to this?
S02E07 Old Man Tut 27/11/2004 Tutenstein becomes aggravated, so he decides to change his appearance to look older, even though he is over 3000 years old because he can't get into adult movies and clubs.
S02E08 Cleo's Catastrophe 04/12/2004 Luxor switches his mind with Cleo's, while attempting to divide himself in two, so he has an equal amount of duration with Tutenstein and Cleo.
S02E09 Queen for a Day 15/01/2005 The Scepter of Was is still at King Tut's coffin, but he isn't there. Luxor and Cleo realize he was captured by a god, so now Cleo must learn to use the Scepter and rescue Tut along with Luxor by her side.
S02E10 Day of the Undead 26/02/2005 When Tut learns about Halloween. He wants to go Trick or Treating.
S02E11 Procras-Tut-Nation 01/10/2005 Tut his having so much fun on Cleo's skateboard, that he'll miss the sed festival in the underworld.
S02E12 Behdety Late Than Ever 22/10/2005 Tut raises the heat at the museum, raising expenses, so Behdety calls a salesperson to save money, little does he know that he is was stealing the museum artifacts, allowing Behdety to be framed and sent to jail.
S02E13 Walter the Brain 19/11/2005 Tut enchants a spell that allows Walter to become smarter. However, this angers Thoth, who believes Walter used his scrolls.
S03E01 The Comeback Kid 09/09/2006 Tut uses the Egyptian ankh to make him flesh and blood again, but the spell backfires and the dinosaur in the museum is brought back to life.
S03E02 Rest In Pieces 12/09/2006 Tut separates his body parts to do many activities at once, but his body part gets dispersed into many places and now it's up to Luxor and Cleo to find him.
S03E03 Irresistible You 13/09/2006 Cleo's childhood enemy, Katie, comes back to take Jake. So Tut asks Isis to cast a love spell, but it goes out of control.
S03E04 Sleepless In Sarcophagus 14/09/2006 Tut gets a snake named Fang to make him sleep again, but it is a demon from the underworld that is possessing the snake.
S03E05 The Truth Hurts 16/09/2006 Tut insults some ancient gods, causing him to be cut-off.
S03E06 Was Not Was 23/09/2006 Tut misplaces his Scepter.
S03E07 Tut the Defender 14/10/2006 Tut bring two vikings back to life to battle them.
S03E08 Spells and Sleepovers 26/10/2006 Tut dresses as a girl to enter Cleo's slumber party.
S03E09 Fearless 29/10/2006 Tut tries to prove that he is fearless, but he leaves a portal to the Underworld open, allowing a fire demon to escape and go on a rampage.
S03E10 UnPharaoh 25/11/2005 A scorpion bracelet possesses Dr. Vanderwhelle and Cleo tries to prove that Tut was a pharaoh after his title has been changed.
S03E11 Tut's Little Problem 02/12/2006 After using a scroll to make himself big, Tut shrinks and must find a way to make himself big.
S03E12 Into the Past 09/12/2006 Cleo uses the mirror of Isis to go back to ancient Egypt to find out what really happened to her father.
S03E13 Keep Your Wandering Eye to Yourself 13/01/2007 Tut gets jealous of Cleo's life outside the museum so he plans to spy on her.