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"The truth about British cooking is to be found in the kitchens and dining rooms of real people's homes," says Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as he fearlessly invades the kitchens of amateur cooks preparing for the ultimate in dinner parties. Channel 4's exciting food series tracks down the hidden connoisseurs of culinary genius who normally remain hidden behind closed doors. The art of cooking for others is fully explored in TV Dinners as ingredients are flown in from afar, primal instincts are exposed and cooks aspire to reach ever greater gastronomic heights.


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S01E01 Episode 1 14/11/1996 In the first of the series, Gordon Perrier prepares a sumptuous banquet to mark the arrival of his £7000 specially commissioned table, ably assisted by his co-host and brother Raymond. In a sumptuous display of studied decadence, Gordon's hired extra waiters to serve a themed menu climaxing in eight pre-sketched desserts to match the newly upholstered velvets of his guests' chairs. An Arranged Bouillabaisse precedes a Veal and Mushroom Salad, but the opulent menu reveals its true flavours when Gordon unveils the Gilded Pears with Goat's Cheese. Meanwhile, Dave Heyward's Valencian Paella party gives a rousing reception to live, rosemary fed snails fresh off the plane from Spain. Spanish blood is in the 40-year old rugby player's veins and his Spanish-born mother ensures the sangria flows freely through the eight hour cooking marathon.
S01E02 Episode 2 21/11/1996 Eddie Baines and Steve Donovan prepare a special wedding anniversary dinner for their apprehensive wives. The two thirty-somethings share some common obsessions - such as 1950s Americana...and, more specifically, chillis. From their baseball team to the beer they drink, they eat, sleep and wear chilli. Hugh investigates the Richter scale of chilli heat as Eddie and Steve organise a feast their loved ones aren't likely to forget in a hurry. Meanwhile, Wynne Fearfield is perfecting her all-consuming passion for cooking. Her Yorkshire Dale neighbours will surely miss the obsessive cook who has used them all as guinea pigs as she moves house to greener pastures. Her unrequited desire to win Masterchef has led her to cook over 500 chickens and long-suffering husband Mike once had to eat three puddings every night for a month. Renowned for her culinary skills in the neighbourhood, Wynne is preparing a last supper for her saddened neighbours.
S01E03 Episode 3 05/12/1996 When does food stop and art begin? Art critic Celia Lyttleton probably couldn't tell you. Each course at her Futurist Feast is a sensory experience, from the cubist canapes - eaten while blindfolded - to the bandaged fish which can only be admired from afar. Famous for extravagantly themed dinner parties, Celia has willing participants clamouring to get in. Hugh finds himself entangled in the preparation of Italian Breasts in Sunshine - a dish the guests thoroughly enjoy devouring. Stewart Ibbotson takes a more traditional route with his perfect Sunday Roast. In between trips to the pub, the Yorkshire fireman prepares a hearty meal featuring a traditional Yorkshire pudding starter. Stewart first came to culinary greatness during his days in the navy when the ship would be without its cook on weekends. With a crew of sailors hungering for a Sunday Roast, Stewart soon picked up the basics.
S01E04 Episode 4 12/12/1996 Stockbroker Fred Carr cooks a 60 pound pig on his home-made spit at his Cotswold retreat. For 25 years, Fred has been perfecting the art of spit roasting - it now resembles a scientific art. He once came across a spit in a market, took it home and thought he had better get something to go with it. These days, everything from mixing the ideal stuffing to building the fire has benefited from his dedication. The preparation of the pig is not for the faint-hearted. It is a physical affair and one in which Fred and Hugh indulge some of their more primal instincts. Artist Selina Snow devotes her life to food. She paints food, she collects bizarre foods wherever she goes and no meal would be complete without her obsessively photographing the food as her guests eat it. As a child, Selina was introduced to the delights of French food and French markets by her dad. As a birthday treat for Peter, they both go to Boulogne for the day in search of authentic ingredients.
S01E05 Episode 5 19/12/1996 Australian diva Felicity Keebaugh takes a rumble in the jungle when her North London council flat is transformed into a cavewoman's den. She lays down strict rules for her guests - from what they should wear to which route they choose to her lair. Her guests are an eclectic group of people who have never laid on eyes on each other before, but Felicity's zebra skin bustier and matching mini-skirt combined with a backdrop of appropriately draped vines give her guests plenty to talk about. Wendy Ingham always thought cooking wasn't for the 'serious woman'. After 20 years of eating takeaways, she embarked on a cookery course which changed her life. Now Wendy finds herself cooking her first big dinner for Elaine Lemm, or 'Lemmy' - her inspirational cookery teacher and mentor. Her background as a business woman stands her in good stead - the four course extravaganza is planned to the minute.
S01E06 Episode 6 23/12/1996 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall continues to discover the truth about amateur cooking as he joins Gordon Irvine at his wedding anniversary dinner. Only the finest haute cuisine will do for this former docker residing on a housing estate near Glasgow. Gordon regularly does hours of overtime just so he can purchase the best ingredients and utensils he can find. He even bluffs his way into a wholesaler's food warehouse used by restaurateurs to buy the finest ingredients shipped over from the Paris markets. Surprise parties can be risky to arrange - particularly when it's for your flatmate, but when Tricia Wallace and Alison Haughton plan a dinner for their friend Amaka, they leave nothing to chance. Both second year students at Birmingham university, Tricia and Alison spend most of their time exploring the local markets in search of the best ingredients for the traditional Caribbean cooking they have become famous for amongst their friends. Amaka suspects nothing as all of Tricia and Alison's hard work pays off.
S02E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 Hugh joins sari-clad sister-in-laws Nina and Sumita who are on a mission to impress with their mouth-watering North Indian food. The two food lovers have just started up their own Punjabi cookery course using unusual techniques such as making ghee in the microwave. The course culminates in a big celebration for family and friends and Nina breaks out in a Punjabi love song. Meanwhile, in Gloucestershire, sixty-year-old Enid Jean unveils her inherited tea set for an airing and lays on a big spread for her lady friends including a delectable array of savouries, scones and sponges.
S02E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall goes vegetarian this week and joins Tommy and Kirsty's magic bus, christened Florence, the bus is painted with sunflowers. The pair are to be married in the middle of a stone circle and Hugh lands himself a major role - helping prepare the reception festivities around the bus. In other TV Dinners, Reg Gray indulges in a French bistro night. The Liverpool builder loves themed dinner parties and prints an a la carte menu for his guests featuring frogs legs and lamb in hay.
S02E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall joins Sue Smallwood and Monica Curtain at their '70s soul food feast themed around the cult movie, Car Wash. Monica and Sue's movie-themed dinners have achieved a cult following of their own with Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Saturday Night Fever among previous hit evenings. Hugh also helps third generation Italian Yorkshireman Michael Massarella cook an Italian meal for 30 with the help of a pizza oven in his back garden near Doncaster. With very little food on the menu that can be cooked beforehand, it's a frantic day for Michael but he rises eagerly to every challenge.
S02E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 Hugh holds his own in a Chinese showdown with Gary Venables and samples the finest lobster at Lorna Macleod's literary dinner in Herefordshire. A forthright Londoner, Gary Venables displays an obsessive passion for Chinese cooking which drives his family mad in his quest for new spices, vegetables and flavours. His week wouldn't be complete without a pilgrimage to London's Chinatown markets and shops where he picks out the best Chinese flavours and all the hot tips he can gather from local chefs. Meanwhile, in Herefordshire, Lorna Macleod is hosting a black-tie dinner featuring the best of European cuisine. Nearby Hay on Wye lends a heavy influence to the gathering which is filled with literary types and wine buffs.
S02E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall indulges in a gentleman's breakfast with Duncan Douglas and his equestrian Empire Club and joins the festivities as Grace Elone celebrates the arrival of her mother from Cameroon with a West Indian feast. Hugh finds himself drawn into the fold of the Empire Club - a very male establishment which celebrates its members' collective pride in being British. The Empire Club are selecting a racehorse for the club's sponsorship in the coming season and will cast their votes over a gentleman's breakfast at their bi-annual meeting. Following an early morning ride and a viewing of the potential candidates, the members retire to Duncan's tack room to cast their vote over a sumptuous champagne breakfast. In another TV Dinner, Grace Elone's mother is about to walk into a huge West Indian welcome from her daughter who has been planning a traditional all-night feast for weeks. The champagne flows freely as Grace's north-west London home is flooded with guests eager to sample Cameroon's exotic flavours and welcome Grace's mother, fresh from a long journey and eager to see her daughter again.
S02E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 This week Hugh shares a Valentine's moment with the Dawsons as Peggy and Bernard invite each other to a romantic dinner for two in the New Forest and joins Clare Moncreiff-Hunt as she scours the beaches for her seafood picnic in Cornwall. To celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary last year, Peggy and Bernard Dawson held a lavish dinner party...for themselves, and enjoyed it so much they're doing it again this year. The setting is their caravan retreat in the New Forest and Hugh finds himself in the role of postman as the formal invitations come through the mail. While Bernard is busy purchasing flowers and setting the mood in the caravan. Peggy is holed up in her North London kitchen making the food she knows Bernard will die for. Meanwhile, on the Cornish coastline, Clare Moncriefif-Hunt is preparing a seafood barbecue to mark the end of her family's first sailing season in their newly renovated boat Sara. The day begins as Hugh, Clare and her children, take a walk down the local beach in search of fresh mussels which will be transformed into hors d'oevres of Clare's fishy supper.
S02E07 Episode 7 00/00/0000 Hugh visits Penny Sinclair for some elegant indulgence as she entertains her adoring male dinner guests with exotic Eastern food and even more exotic costume changes. Simplicity and elegance with the allure of surprise is Penny's recipe for a successful evening. There's also a return to the wilderness for Hugh when Sam Thornley invites him to share a zen dinner from the kitchen of his tipi celebrating Sam's first year of living off the land. Sam decided to leave the rat race of London, quit his job in a publishing house and made the move to the tipi he now calls home. Constructed from driftwood and entirely recycled materials, his tipi is built in the Sioux Indian style and features a 'designer' kitchen.
S02E08 Episode 8 00/00/0000 Hugh drops in on Josie Livingston, famed throughout her Glasgow estate for outstanding community work and enormous Clootie Dumplings, as she throws a three course Scottish blow-out for her fellow septuagenarians. Now in her seventies, Josie, is known far and wide for the work she has done for her community and the hearty Scottish cooking that almost everyone has sampled in the 42 years she has lived on the estate. A trip to Dartmoor with the Zahara brothers finds Hugh entangled in their annual pheasant shoot, leading into a weekend filled with black tie suppers and school-day traditions. "The Boys Shoot" is an annual event for 20-year-old Anthony and 22-year-old Patrick Zahara which takes place at their grandmother's estate on the edge of Dartmoor. Six old school chums are invited along for a weekend of shooting, eating and drinking.
S02E09 Episode 9 00/00/0000 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes a look at two of his favourite gastronomic adventures from TV Dinners. Chilli obscssives Eddie Baines and Steve Donovan prepare a special wedding anniversary dinner for their apprehensive wives. Hugh measures the Richter scale of chilli heat as Eddie and Steve organise a Mexican feast that their loved ones won't forget in a hurry. Meanwhile, Felicity Keebaugh takes a rumble in the jungle when her North London council flat is transformed into a cavewoman's den. Her guests are an eclectic group of people who don't know each other, but Felicity's zebra skin bustier and matching mini-skirk combined with a backdrop of appropriately draped vines give her guests plenty to talk about.
S02E10 Episode 10 00/00/0000 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall joins the festive preparations for two sumptuous but very different Christmas feasts. The first, a 12-course lavish affair, launches with pale bare bottoms as three eccentric looking men on a Norfolk beach dive naked into the cold sea for the twelfth Christmas running. The close friends, Simon Gough, James Late and Tony Elliott swear by this as a technique to ensure "the body will be deeply frozen, the mind crystallised and thereafter the cooking will gel." Highlights of the extravagant meal include a purple beetroot consommé borsht served with sour cream and caviar; monkfish mousses (each hiding a succulent orange scallop coral); stuffed giant carp and fresh langoustine served on a huge fir-tree branch. Hugh's second culinary encounter could not be more different as he visits artist and roaming surfer Tony Kitchall and his gang of 40 fellow travellers. Each year, they end their stint of work as lumberjacks and jills in a Brighton Christmas tree yard with a massive, adventurous feast (almost) al fresco, warmed by a roaring fire which cooks colourful kebabs.
S03E01 Episode 1 07/01/1998 This episode features amateur chefs Jon Ashton and Marguerite Vincent. Jon, 24, is a chirpy Liverpudlian who spends his spare time trying out dishes on friends and family alike. But now, he and girlfriend Mary are off to travel the world and he's cooking a farewell barbie for 30 from his holiday caravan on the Wirral. Meanwhile, in Surrey, Marguerite Vincent's culinary expertise is in demand once again. As social secretary of her local Conservative club, Marguerite has issued a three-line whip to local ward members for a fund-raising evening to swell party coffers. In her Richmond flat, Marguerite is "queen of the kitchen" according to husband, Edward, who keeps a low profile while the preparations get under way. Hugh, sensibly, keeps to the sidelines too, as Marguerite proficiently prepares a dazzling array of food.
S03E02 Episode 2 14/01/1998 Hugh meets Bob Wootton and his wife Liz whose obsession with all things fungal reaches a climax as they plan to combine mushrooms in every course at a dinner party for colleagues. Plus, he takes the bull by the horns at a tapas party hosted by Deborah Chaplain in Lancashire. Bob's passion for modern design is matched only by his passion for hunting for wild mushrooms. Bob is now planning to subject six dinner guests to another mushroom bonanza, a four-course fungal feast with each dish featuring at least one mushroom variety. Deborah is another party-giver who does nothing by halves. When she puts on a "beat the holiday blues" party for her friends in Rawtenstall, near Manchester, she goes to great lengths to make the experience entirely authentic. This time it's "Viva Espana" - and that means Spanish food, Spanish clothes and even Spanish hairstyles.
S03E03 Episode 3 21/01/1998 Rose Billaud left Borneo to marry a French oil executive. Rose invites her Chinese family and their English spouses to share in a sumptuous, eight-course feast at her home on Harrow on the Hill. For Southampton, schoolteacher Holly Waghorn and her ex-naval husband John there are few more important dates than October 21st. Each year they press gang 12 of their friends to help them celebrate Britain's most famous sea battle in which Nelson defeated the French at Trafalgar. For John, the courage and patriotism displayed by the sailors is paramount and feels that all should celebrate this day.
S03E04 Episode 4 28/01/1998 Hugh visits two very different clubs: an elderly slimming club in Chichester and a dining club in the ornate surroundings of Hamden House in Buckinghamshire. When you get to the age of 80, you might think that losing weight was not particularly important. But for Marion Postma - or Pozzi to her friends - the weekly meetings of her informal slimming club have become a ritual not to be missed; a ritual that has been going on for 30 years. For Pozzi, it's the little indulgences that make life worthwhile and once in a while, the Monday night weigh-in becomes a waistband-expanding blow-out. When you're the caretaker of a stately home, one of the perks of the job is getting to use the big house occasionally. So when Jonathan Hutchinson and his friends set up a gentleman's luncheon club, where better to hold the lunches than in the Big House? For the eight men, what started out as a casual get-together to watch the horse-racing has now become a formal gathering called "The Other Club". With their wives safely out of the way the members meet half a dozen times a year to indulge in good hearty food and fine wines.
S03E05 Episode 5 04/02/1998 Hugh joins baby Indie Mo's Welcome to the World party, where a very unusual ingredient is on the menu - a mother's placenta. Ninteen-year-old Rosie and her partner Lee have just had a little boy - Indie Mo - and to celebrate his birth, his grandmother Mary is throwing a Welcome to the World Party as an alternative Heather Matuozzo is a 38-year-old divorced single mum from Solihull. For 12 years she lived in Sorrento with her Italian husband, where she found herself very homesick and missing the curries of Birmingham. Thanks to the food parcels from her two loyal school chums, she was able to ease the homesickness by introducing the familiar tastes of home to traditional Italian fare. Now back in the Midlands, Heather serves up some of these hybrid dishes to her school friends for their annual reunion - but not before she has welcomed them with their old school favourites: cold baked bean, beetroot and crisp sandwiches and a quick swig of barley wine.
S03E06 Episode 6 11/02/1998 Hugh heads into the Welsh countryside and explores the secrets of a truly perfectly balanced meal. Hilary Waterhouse is a Welsh countrywoman born and bred. She strongly believes in living off the land wherever possible and loves to go out shooting rabbits, pigeon and other game - "It's an honest way of collecting your food," she says. Last year she and her husband had a fire which could have caused colossal damage if not for the help of her farming neighbours. She intends to cook them a thank you meal using meat she has hunted and butchered herself. Brought up in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Shaila Parthasarathi took the food and culture of her Indian background for granted. Now, as a busy career woman, she's rediscovered the ancient science of Ayurveda, the all-embracing Indian philosophy which teaches that the secret of health and happiness is found in the harmonisation of mind, body and spirit. The occasion is the Indian rice eating ceremony known as Bhaat which celebrates a baby's progression from milk to solid food. The star of the show is Shaila's four-month-old nephew Alex and whilst he is tucking in to a meal of ground rice mixed with expressed milk, the rest of the family enjoy a stunning array of fish and vegetable dishes.
S03E07 Episode 7 18/02/1998 Holding a dinner party for 60 in your back garden requires military precision, but when you are a police sergeant and a member of the Territorial Army, nothing fazes you. When Paul Francey entertains, it's never on a small scale and nothing is too much trouble. A marquee which covers the entire back garden of his East Barnet home, two hundred pieces of crockery and several hundred glasses is the norm. With most of the guests members of the police force, Territorial Army or regular army, you would have thought the food would be hearty and sustaining, but Paul's cooking is more stylish than you'd find in most mess halls. Hugh's next visit is to Marina Schofield. "We've never celebrated his birthday before and he's going to be 70 so I wanted to mark the occasion". Marina has spent months organising a surprise birthday party for her father, Andrew and, as part of a large and close-knit Italian/Greek London family, keeping it a secret has not been easy. With all the guests invited, Marina concentrates on her lavish menu of more than 20 Italian and Greek dishes to feed over 30 hungry family and friends.
S03E08 Episode 8 25/02/1998 Hugh heads west to Llansteffan in Wales for a wintery celebration and to Cheshire where a wedding anniversary is cause for a feast with a Highland flavour. Not many people rejoice at the start of Winter, but for artist Ozi Osmond and his wife Hilary, it's a time to celebrate - and how better than with the Celtic Feast of Samhain. Traditionally held on November 1st, Samhain is mystical time, when spirits are abroad, strange happenings occur and prophesies come true. Described by his wife as "the original hunter-gatherer", nothing short of fresh ingredients is good enough for Ozi, even if it means an early morning trip to the beach with Hilary to collect the main ingredients of his first course. Hugh's next culinary visit takes him to Cheshire, where June Ainsworth, a self proclaimed Hyacinth Bucket is planning another social foray to celebrate her 3rd wedding anniversary. Whilst most of us are catching up on our beauty sleep, June spends the wee small hours planning her next dinner party. Having recently married for the second time June has launched herself into a social whirl of entertaining in her neat Cheshire home and in the search for perfection, nothing is left to chance.
S03E09 Episode 9 04/03/1998 Hugh joins Michael Dudgeon and his mother Mary as Michael prepares a celebratory dinner, using ingredients to be found on his 4,000 acre estate in the Highlands. The West Essex Gourmet Club offer Hugh a taste of the 70s and 80s as the men don the aprons and look to their favourite decades to provide some dinner party delights. Michael Dugeon runs a 4,000 acre family estate in Sutherland, just 30 miles south of John O'Groats in the Highlands of Scotland. He not only hunts and butchers his own deer, fishes from trout in his own pool and grows his own vegetables, he's also an accomplished cook. Michael proudly prepares a formal dinner for a select group of his mother's oldest friends. Meanwhile the West Essex Gourmet Club is preparing to cook up some nostalgic delights from their book of menus, which translates like a history book of the suburban dinner party. In 1963, Ron and Pam Heath and four friends formed the Gourmet Club and have held regular dinner parties at each others houses ever since, with the men unusually stepping into the kitchen. This meal will be the Gourmets' 35th anniversary and Ron plans to cook some of the dishes they have enjoyed over the decades.
S03E10 Episode 10 11/03/1998 Brenlen Jinkens invites Hugh to an exotic apartment warming celebration with lively - literally - flavours from his native New Orleans. "I recommend it to any girl to find a man who can cook," says the contented girlfriend of international management consultant Brenlen Jinkens. Brenlen has just moved in to a stunning new Thameside loft apartment and he has invited his jet set pals to a cool Creole brunch to celebrate. Moving on to sleepy Cambridgeshire Hugh meets Leah Scott, the youngest TV Dinners chef to be featured, who is planning a sophisticated sleepover. Leah has always enjoyed helping her mum in the kitchen, and now cooks for the family three times a week. But it's her best friends from school that will enjoy the fruits of her labour this time. Hugh is put through his paces as never before as the teenager bosses him around in the kitchen, before finally barring him from entry to the "girls-only" event.
S03E11 Episode 11 18/03/1998 Hugh joins amateur cook Gerry Mansfield as he tackles the prospect of making a Five Nations' themed curry for his local rugby team in Kent. Gerry and his teammates turn out for a game of rugby every Sunday morning and always end up at the local curry house. This time however, Gerry's inviting the veterans to his own home for a curry ambitiously themed around the Five Nations Tournament. Liz Kabbara met the dashing Abed Kabbara from Lebanon while she was teaching English in Ghana. Twenty-six years of experience later, she is now an accomplished Lebanese cook. Liz is preparing a welcome home meal for Abed who has just returned from a trip to the Lebanon.
S03E12 Episode 12 25/03/1998 The amateur cooks sharing their culinary skills with Hugh are ex-reggae drummer and strict vegetarian Matthew Fraser, and Staff Nurse Bobby Gangar who is bringing a taste of the West Indies to Hampstead. Fifteen years on the road with his band and enough junk food to fill several supermarkets made Mat Fraser desperate for some healthy living. He now lives with partner Patou Foult and they both accept that healthy living demands dedication and discipline. They keep fit through the high-kicking martial art of Chio Kwang Do and are strict vegetarians preferring to eat only fresh and organic foods. Hugh heads to Hampstead in north London to meet Staff Nurse Bobby Gangar as he prepares to help his friends unwind and bring a bit of West Indian sunshine to his home. Famous for his flamboyant events, party animal Bobby throws himself wholeheartedly into the role of host, and after customising his house with the colours and sounds of the Caribbean, he sets about cooking up a selection of tasty dishes to complement the theme.
S03E13 Episode 13 01/04/1998 Hugh joins Colin Beattie and his partner Duncan Sutherland from Edinburgh for more culinary delights. Colin and Duncan have always enjoyed the good life, but to celebrate Duncan's early retirement, something rather special is called for. A real perfectionist, Colin demands that his food doesn't just taste fantastic, it has to look amazing too. And as an avid collector of silverware, he likes nothing better than an excuse to show it off. A group of their closest friends are invited to the all-male event and settle down for an evening of indulgence. Feeding a family of seven makes a huge demand on your time, ingenuity and enthusiasm, but Lena Warboys not only loves to cook traditional English food for her large family, she also loves to experiment with new ideas. So far Lena's catered for all of her children's weddings and her grandchildren's christenings. Now it's the turn of her ninth grandchild, Perry, who is christened in a beautiful 800-year-old church in Shepperton, Surrey. After the ceremony, family and friends retire to the Hampton Social Club for a gargantuan feast.
S03E14 Episode 14 08/04/1998 A feast of continental cuisine is lined up for the final episode of TV Dinners with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Hugh joins passionate amateur cook Nicky Samengo-Turner as he prepares some mouth-watering traditional Italian dishes for a birthday feast. Third generation Italian Nicky Samengo-Turner likes nothing better than getting into the kitchen and preparing a lavish Italian feast, and he doesn't mind whose kitchen it is. Four years ago Nicky cooked his friend Amanda Forrest an Italian birthday spread and it has now become an annual tradition. Amanda and her husband live in a beautiful house near Oundle and have invited friends to a birthday Sunday lunch, to be completely prepared by Nicky. Every Sunday is open house at music teacher Howard Morgan's Blackpool flat. When his mother was alive, Howard used to cook enough food on Sunday to last her all week. When she died, he couldn't get out of the habit and now his wide collection of friends are the beneficiaries of his toil. For them, Howard's Sundays are very special, a time in their week when they can indulge in good company and delicious, if eccentric, food. Howard gets his inspiration from music, films and travel and this Sunday the theme is Moroccan.
S04E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 Kicking off the forth series, hair salon owner Michelle celebrates 25 years in the business with a riotous silver anniversary supper that includes anatomically correct nude pastry people and trifles crowned with sugar hair beehives. Michelle's supper table is decorated with silver grapes, candles and flowers before she decks herself out in silver too. The meal concludes with the arrival of a strip-a-gram and, to her delight, Michelle is fireman-lifted out of the room. After they've delivered a day's labour clearing one of her fields, sheep farmer Jenny rewards her friends with a barbecue meal cooked by her friend, ex-gamekeeper David 'The Pigeon Biter', whose speciality dessert is the strangely titled Boiled Baby, He takes Hugh shooting for hare for his hare and venison pie, and expertly butchers the sheep Jenny has donated for the Tandoori Lamb, While the workers toil on the rain-lashed hillside, David and Hugh set up the iron barbecue in the barn and get a roaring fire going.
S04E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 Thirty-six year old Deborah Wilkins from Norfolk is the proud owner of several tropical fish. One huge tank occupies 6ft of wall space in her dining room and is home to four fish, one of which has grown too big for the tank. Deborah was originally given the pacu by a fish shop that could find no one else with a tank big enough to take it. But the pacu, as this vegetarian piranha from the Brazilian Amazon is known, has become a 'tankbuster' again and has already outgrown Deborah's enormous tank. She wants to free the spirit of the pacu and send it back to the rainforest. Deborah is an adventurous cook and has decided to cook it as the centrepiece of a family Sunday lunch. It's not the first time she's served up a pet for lunch. "She ate her black shark before - it also grew too big for the tank," says her Dad Norm. Thirty-two year old Simon Kelton is a Hollywood screenwriter who has for the past five years lived in LA for eight months of the year. Simon would like to meet an English girl and settle down. He is not alone. Three of his friends who are also high flying successful men, are in the same position. As Simon is a passionate cook he decides to have a singles dinner.
S04E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 Ten years ago, Jewish born Lindsey Jacobs was happily eating pork, lobster and other shellfish. But when she met her future husband, she decided to renounce most of her favourite foods and learn how to keep a kosher kitchen. This was the only way she could marry the man she loved. Each year, she invites close friends to celebrate the annual return of Succot, a traditional harvest festival that commemorates the Jews wandering in the desert for 40 years. Lindsey and her family build a sukkah - a canopy decorated with fruit and vegetables under which they feast for a whole week - so over catering is the order of the day. George Dyer V is a 36 year-old trawler fisherman from Brixham in Devon. He has followed the Dyer family tradition into fishing. The previous four generations have all fished from Brixham Harbour. His job on the boat is to do a fishing watch and cook for the crew. Most fishermen dislike eating fish, but George is always on a mission to "open their eyes to cooking fish in sauces." Most members of the crew are converted and George's next challenge is to cook for his father and his friends. His father has never tasted George's cooking. Hugh joins George and the crew at sea for the catch, then it's back to the harbour to cook on board the boat for the two generations of fishermen.
S04E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 Once a year, astrology mad Tony Crowthers makes decideds when to have a dinner party and what to serve based on the stars. Hugh joins him as he prepares sauteed bulls' balls, stuffed guinea fowl and a rich and creamy rum moon cake for an annual zodiac dinner party. Every course is based on the astrological characteristics and personal passions of each of his guests. Progressing the theme of his party even further, he enlists the help of a designer friend to hand paint the tablecloth with astrological signs, creating a different napkin for each guest. Hugh also hops over to Ireland to experience the sensuous joys of what happens in the country kitchen of Jamaican born New Yorker Paige Mulroy. After 35 years in the Big Apple, she and her husband Patrick realised a cherished dream and retired to the wild and beautiful Irish countryside. But their romantic notions of the rural life have been shattered and after only six years they're heading back to the bright lights of the city. Now delighted to be returning to the cosmopolitan mix and all the international culinary riches, she is holding a farewell Caribbean feast to thank the friends and neighbours who have stuck by her.
S04E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 When country girl Emma Sturt moved to London she was determined to bring some of her rural pursuits to the big smoke. This busy PR executive likes to relax from the demands of her hectic London life by entertaining. With her country upbringing, Emma is trying to revive the Great British Picnic and she is holding a picnic at the Guards Polo Club in the Royal Pavilion. Emma likes to cater for a truly civilised event and having a picnic for Emma is no ordinary affair. Rugs are replaced by tables and chairs, paper plates with fine china and disposable cups with fine cut crystal glasses. The menu is planned as a three-course meal, with Pimms flowing throughout. Greek born Dimitris Vassiliou holds an all-male philosophy symposia at his home in north London. The key to both the food and the conversation is the pursuit of excellence. Set up so Dimitris and his friends can gather to share philosophical ideas, he says that the reality is: "We sort the world out, but by the morning have forgotten what we were talking about." Tonight's topic is about virtue and the senses. The men gather in the kitchen for the final food preparation and pre-symposium drinking.
S04E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 Ten years ago Vietnamese violinist Sam Thi Nguyen was in a Hong Kong refugee camp. Now living in her first proper home in London, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall helps Sam Thi to prepare a Vietnamese feast for this special housewarming - and her guests include the camp's former Superintendent.
S04E07 Episode 7 00/00/0000 Local magistrate, Teresa Ibbotson finds an interesting way of raising funds for the local church organ - she invites people to an al fresco Italian feast and suggests that the guests pay what they think her meal is worth. The five-course feast includes home-made spinach and ricotta-filled pasta, stuffed pigs' trotters and Italian sausages in a rich tomato sugo. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall also visits Bethany Schneider and Kate Thomas, two Oxford women planning a brunch for their friends. On the menu are home baked croissants and bagels, and Mexican nopalitas - cactus leaves and scrambled eggs with a variety of salsas. Hugh also helps with their unusual place settings of dolls decorated with tattoos, whips and high-heeled boots.
S04E08 Episode 8 00/00/0000 In the last episode of the series Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall rustles up some camp-fire flare with girt scout Niamh Watmore from County Kilkenny. When the group goes to camp Niamh takes over and produces corn chilli and cheese soup, chicken fajitas with home-made tortilla followed by amaretti chocolate torte. Soraya Duncan is throwing an Arabian Nights party for her 30th birthday, complete with Lebanese dishes Kibber Naye (raw beef with chilli), kousa (baby marrow with lamb), and a rich pasta cake.