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S01E01 Jackie Gleason 03/11/2002 In 1984 Mr. Gleason sat down with 60 Minutes to talk about becoming famous and how The Honneymooners came about.
S01E02 Johnny Carson 03/11/2002 In 1979 Johnny talked with Mike Wallce his alcoholism, as well being the public eye.
S01E03 Carol Burnett 03/11/2002 Carol talk about her rise to fame. There interviews with her kids as well as Tim Conway and Julie Andrews.
S01E04 Jerry Seinfeld 03/11/2002 In 1997, Steve Kroft interviewed the then ""King of Prime Time."" Jerry talked about his stand-up, life in New York and how fame has changed his life. The Seinfeld cast is also interviewed.
S01E05 Robin Williams 10/11/2002 Robin talks about Mork & Mindy as well as stand up comedy.
S01E06 Chris Rock 17/11/2002 Chris Rock talks about being one of 7 kids and being on Saturday Night Live. Chris would later host his own show on HBO.
S01E07 Steve Martin 24/11/2002 Steve Martin talks about his role on Saturday Night Live and his love of art.
S01E08 Mel Brooks 01/12/2002 Mel Brooks talks about your show of show as well as how he met his wife.
S01E09 Jim Burrows 15/12/2002 Jim Burrows talks Cheers and the others he has made and the actors he has worked with.
S01E10 Candice Bergen 29/12/2002 Mike Wallace sits down with Candice to find out why being beautiful all her life was a problem for her.
S01E11 Norman Lear 12/01/2003 He gave us Maude and other shows find out what makes him a tv legend.
S01E12 Neil Simon 26/01/2003 Neil Simon talks about writing plays an television. Leslie Stahl takes down memory lane as we find out more about Neil's long career.
S01E13 Rob Reiner 09/02/2003 Learn more about Rob's life From being ""Meathead"" to becoming a director.
S02E01 Jay Leno 22/06/2003 Jay Leno talks about replacing Johnny Carson (he has since 1992 hosting longer than Steve Allan 1st host Jack Parr 2nd host) Recently Katie Couric filled in for Jay in May 2003 as part of ""Today"" trading places week. He then filled in for her on ""Today"" In this episode Jay shows us how his jokes will work with his writers.
S02E02 Jon Stewart 22/06/2003
S02E03 Larry King 22/06/2003
S02E04 George Burns 22/06/2003 George Burns was married to Gracie Allen for 39 years and would make history by making the Burns & Allen Show from 1950-58 on CBS. Bea Benaderet Played Blanche Morton on the Radio & TV Show. George was the straight man (he would leave the laughs to Gracie) which made the show a hit. Later Gracie left the show to spend time with family. In This episode George teaches Ed Bradley how to sing a tune and we take a trip to the place where his wife is buried see George telling Gracie about being on 60 Minutes.
S02E05 Donny & Marie 28/09/2003
S02E06 Harry Belefote 12/10/2003 Harry Belefote was the first African American to get an Emmy & Tony Award. He was first seen on The Ed Sullivan Show 1953.On The American Musical Theater for CBS, Harry told some New York High School Students why doesn't much television. He said, ""You can't a ford to abuse the medium."" Harry works for UNICEF as an ambassador for children in Africa. He did an anthology of African music that took 40 years to finish!
S02E07 Charles Schultz 19/10/2003 Charles Schultz tells ""60 Minutes"" about his self doubts and which Peanuts character he wouldn't like to be around. The Peanuts character he would like to be around is Charlie Brown.
S02E08 Bill Maher 26/10/2003 TV Land Legends: The 60 Minutes Interviews takes viewers behind the scenes of Politically Incorrect. We also find out why Bill Maher likes controversy. Bill Maher talks about being a headline and why PI was dropped by ABC in June 2002.
S02E09 Angela Lansbury 02/11/2003 Angela tells 60 Minutes why she left film and went on to Broadway (to get leading parts) Angela went on to TV (30 years before Murder She wrote!) She only did TV (in the 1950's) hoping for bigger parts in movies.
S02E10 David Wolper 09/11/2003 In this episode David Wolper talks about his career which began by selling educational films to TV stations. He also bought Alex Haley'sRoots to TV.
S02E11 Phil Donahue 23/11/2003 Mike Wallace talks to Phil Donahue about his talk show and why he isn't crazy about interviewing Celebrities. Marlo Thomas tells 60 Minutes what the fight about.
S02E12 Judge Judy 30/11/2003 Judge Judy talks about how she went from being a Family Court Judge to TV star and how she deals with fame.
S02E13 Bill Parcells 25/01/2004 The NFL coach discusses his coaching strategies, money, players and more.
S02E14 Robert Johnson 00/00/0000

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