Affiche Two's Company
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An American author Dorothy McNab (Elaine Stritch), resident in London, hires uppercrust English butler Robert Hiller (Donald Sinden), and soon finds herself at odds with him and his style.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Two's Company

S01E01 The Bait 06/09/1975 Dorothy McNab is looking for a new butler. Robert Hiller knows he's going to take the position, but not until he's secured enough concessions.
S01E02 The Housekeeping 13/09/1975 Dorothy is hosting a dinner party for an American Senator to secure his vote on a tax bill for American authors domiciled abroad. Robert ruins the evening having heard from a colleague that the Senator intends to vote against the bill.
S01E03 Dorothy's Electrician 20/09/1975 Robert thinks the electrician that Dorothy has employed is not competent to carry out household repairs. Dorothy does not agree, but when the electrician messes up how will Dorothy save face?
S01E04 The Patient 27/09/1975 Robert falls down the stairs and hurts his ankle. Dorothy takes him to casualty and can't believe how long they have to wait.
S01E05 The Romance 04/10/1975 Dorothy has Sir Percy and his nephew coming round to take photos to promote her latest book. But when Sir Percy takes a shine to Dorothy will Robert be able to stop watching the cricket on TV to help her.
S01E06 Robert's Mother 11/10/1975 Robert's mother is coming to stay and he warns Dorothy that she can be demanding. Dorothy soon discovers that this is the case and works out how to make her leave.
S01E07 A Loving Christmas 25/12/1976 It's Christmas in the Mcnab household and both Dorothy and Robert say they're going away for Christmas. Both return to the house to find each other has a friend with them. To make maters worse Dorothy's cousin Clarence turns up uninvited.
S04E01 The Club 14/01/1979 Dorothy and Robert argue about who can control the heating thermostat. Dorothy and Robert agree that if she can enter his exclusively all male club for three hours within three days, she can take control of the heating.
S04E02 The Clergy 21/01/1979 Dorothy offers her old dressing table to the boy scouts thinking it's to raise money for charity. When she finds out it's actually for a bonfire she says it's worth £300 pounds. It's not long before every charity wants a share.
S04E03 The Salesman 28/01/1979 Dorothy and Robert encounter an extremely pushy door to door encyclopedia salesman who won't take no for an answer.
S04E04 The Visiting Scots 04/02/1979 Dorothy is extremely nervous when her accountant visits to check her books. However, she shouldn't have worried as her accountant says she should be spending more to take advantage of the tax breaks.
S04E05 The Silence 11/02/1979 Robert and Dorothy disagree about the type of tiles to get for the kitchen. When Robert buys the tiles he wanted a silence ensues. Things are resolved when Dorothy employes a couple of mediators.
S04E06 The Rolls-Royce 25/02/1979 Robert wants Dorothy to buy a Rolls-Royce but Dorothy is having second thoughts. She relents in the end so that they can go to the opera in style.
S04E07 The Friendly Aristocrats 04/03/1979 Dorothy is staying as a guest at a country house. Robert is mistaken as her partner and put in the guest suite. Fearing he'll have to stay in the servants' quarters if the truth is discovered, they decide to keep up the pretense. Things get difficult when mutual friends arrive.