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Calendrier stellaire, année 446. La capitale de l'empire d'Euria est attaquée par l'empire de Tytania, un ennemi bien trop puissant contrôlant une grande partie de la galaxie. Cette difficile bataille implanta dans l'esprit d'un petit groupe de personne des idées de rébellion…


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tytania

S01E01 The Battle of Cerberus 09/10/2008 Duke Ariabart Tytania takes his fleet into battle against the vastly outnumbered Eurian fleet commanded by Fan Hulic. But Hulic, a new officer with little experience, has a little surprise waiting for the Tytanian fleet…
S01E02 The Four Dukes of Uraniborg 16/10/2008 Lord Ajman Tytania meets with his four dukes to review the Battle of Cerberus, and discuss the actions to take in wake of its outcome. His thoughts also turn to determining which of the dukes should succeed him as clan lord. Meanwhile, Fan Hulic finds his reception upon his return to Euria very different from what he had imagined.
S01E03 The Requirements of a Hero 23/10/2008 Fan Hyulick arrives in Emmental, and is taken by Tytania forces to Alses Tytania, who offers him a position within Tytania. Fan accepts, but Lira rescues him from Alses's mansion, hoping he will join their resistance force and defeat Tytania.
S01E04 Lira's Determination 30/10/2008 Lira tries to seduce Fan so that he joins her resistance force, but is interrupted by Tytania forces who were informed of Fan's whereabouts by Lira's grandmother. Lira refuses to give in and helps Fan to escape, where he meets Miranda Casmier and joins her forces on a ship named "The Honest Old Man".
S01E05 Admiration, Pride, and... 06/11/2008 After the battle of Cerberus, Tytania is clearly not invincible like it appeared, so Turandia officials decide to rebel. Jouslain arrives in Turandia to resolve the issue before a battle broke out, but fails and after he leaves the Turandia princess is shot.
S01E06 The Battle of Syracuse System 13/11/2008 Turandia, unable to gather allies, rebels against Tytania alone. To make up for his loss in the battle of Cerberus, Ariabart commands and after a short battle squashes Turandia.
S01E07 Under the Blaze Flag 20/11/2008 Fan and Miranda's group visit another resistive force, and watch them take over a Tytania fortress as part of a plan to defeat Tytania.
S01E08 Two Encounters 27/11/2008 Zarlisch defeats the resistive force that took over the Tytanian fortress, and Elbing is forced to give Tytania their mines to prove their loyalty. The Elbing princess, Lydia, realises that this would be a disaster for her country, and instead sacrifices herself as a hostage of Tytania.
S01E09 Small Wind 04/12/2008 Lydia goes on an adventure around the Tytania mansion in order to talk to Ajman Tytania about her becoming a hostage to prove Elbing's loyalty, but in the end Jouslain passes on the message.
S01E10 Collapse of Euria 11/12/2008 Euria collapses after an attempted rebellion, and Lira is kidnapped by Alses Tytania, after being betrayed by one of her comrades, to lure Fan out and capture him.
S01E11 Hyulick's Determination 18/12/2008 After learning of Lira's capture, Fan makes preparations to save her.
S01E12 The Infiltration of Emmental 25/12/2008 Fan Hyulick goes to Alses Tytania's mansion to rescue Lira Florenz, but Alses stops him from completing his mission. In order for Fan to escape, Lira attacks Alses, but dies in the process.
S01E13 The Beginning of the End 08/01/2009 Alses tries to escape from Emmental, but before he reaches the safety of Idris' fleet, Fan Hyulick attacks his ship, killing Alses.
S01E14 Storming the Ryutehhi 15/01/2009
S01E15 Like a Grain of Wheat 22/01/2009
S01E16 Counterattack of Fan 29/01/2009
S01E17 Overpriced Ransom 12/02/2009
S01E18 Prison Satellite Chronos 19/02/2009
S01E19 The Radmose Case 05/03/2009
S01E20 Chronos Assault 05/03/2009
S01E21 Chance Meeting on Esthar 12/03/2009
S01E22 Prelude of Ambition 12/03/2009
S01E23 Desert Rat 19/03/2009
S01E24 Honest Old Man 19/03/2009
S01E25 Fierce Fighting on Hot Sand 26/03/2009
S01E26 End of the Song of the Souls' Repose (Requiem) 26/03/2009