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Depuis plus de 1000 ans, tanuki et tengu se fondent discrètement parmi les humains. Même si les premiers sont maîtres de la terre et les seconds du ciel, les tanukis restent sous la menace d'être utilisés comme ingrédient pour un pot-au-feu. Alors, pour dissimuler leur réelle nature, ces derniers n'hésitent pas à prendre l'apparence des humains. Yasaburō est un jeune tanuki qui s'amuse à les imiter en se travestissant. Entre les affaires sentimentales de son maître, sa famille connue pour son excentricité et les tengu, celui-ci n'a pas le temps de s'ennuyer. source Animeka


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Uchouten Kazoku

S01E01 Goddess of the Noryoyuka 07/07/2013 Yasabur? Shimogamo, a young tanuki living in Kyoto, is tasked by Professor Akadama, a tengu and his teacher, to deliver a love letter to his former lover, a young woman known as "Benten", a task that is no easy giving how dangerous Benten can be, and the confliting feelings that Yasabur? himself has for her.
S01E02 Mom and Raijin, God of Thunder 14/07/2013 Yasaburo visits Yajiro, who lives in the bottom of a well as a frog and forgot how to transform back into himself. When a storm comes, the three non-frog Shimogamo brothers race to help their mother, who is terrified of thunder.
S01E03 Yukushibou's Inner Parlor 21/07/2013 In order to uphold a Shimogamo family tradition, Yasaburo needs to do what Yaichiro could not and come up with a leisure cruiser for them to launch. He asks to borrow Yakushibo's flying inner parlor, but ends up having to make a dangerous deal with Benten.
S01E04 The Daimonji Leisure Cruiser Battle 28/07/2013 During the traditional Daimonji leisure cruise, the Ebisugawas come to pick on the Shimogamo family. Yasaburo fights bravely, but loses the Fujin Raijin folding fan. Fearing Benten's wrath, he goes into hiding after the inner parlor crashes.
S01E05 The Friday Fellows 04/08/2013 Yasaburo had been hiding from Benten in Osaka, but thanks to Kinkaku and Ginkaku she catches him during a visit to Kyoto and makes him perform tanuki tricks for the Friday Fellows. It is revealed that Yasaburo's mother was saved by a man who gave her onigiri and also that one of the Friday Fellows, Hotei, has loved tanuki ever since he saved one and fed it onigiri...
S01E06 Taking in Fall Colors 11/08/2013 Professor Yodogawa chases down Benten and Yasaburo, and they check out some autumn foliage. When she ditches them, Yodogawa has a lot to say about his philosophy of eating and Yasaburo also gets told a story about a conversation between Yodogawa and Benten's first tanuki hot pot victim (i.e. Shimogamo Soichiro), which he promptly reports to Yajiro.
S01E07 Bathouse Rules 18/08/2013 Yasaburo, Yashiro, and Yaichiro convince Prof. Akadama to take a much-needed bath, but they run into the Ebisugawa twins at the bathhouse. After a brief scuffle it is revealed that Yajiro was at least partly responsible for Shimogamo Soichiro's death in the Friday Fellow's hot pot.
S01E08 The Day of Dad's Departure 25/08/2013 Yajiro tells Yasaburo and Yaichiro his account of the night their father was eaten. Later Yasaburo hears a continuation of the story Yajiro doesn't know: Soichiro bumped into Prof. Akadama on his way to the afterlife.
S01E09 Kaisei, Daughter of Ebisugawa 01/09/2013 Yasaburo gets interrupted while warming his butt and sent to convince Prof. Akadama to attend the council where the new Nise-emon will be decided. He later succeeds in his quest for warmth, but over the wall splitting the men's and women's baths, he receives an ominous apology from Kaisei; her brothers are plotting something.
S01E10 The Strings Pulled by Ebisugawa Soun 08/09/2013 The meaning of Kaisei's mysterious apology becomes clear as the Ebisugawa plot to boil Yaichiro in a hot pot is revealed on the day of the Nise-emon election. The day is also the anniversary of Soichiro's death, for which it turns out Soun was responsible.
S01E11 Back in the Game 15/09/2013 After Yasaburo gets a hand from Benten to escape Soun and his Elite Guard, the Ebisugawas manage to nab him anyway through a clever Kinkaku-Ginkaku plot. Meanwhile, Kaisei helps Yashiro escape the Electric Brandy factory and Yaichiro is handed over to the Friday Fellows as the primary ingredient for their year-end hot pot.
S01E12 The False Eizan Electric Railway 22/09/2013 Yashiro comes up with a plan to get Yajiro back in the game, leading to the trouncing of Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Yashiro stalls the Nise-emon decision meeting while Yasaburo saves Yaichiro, but their mom is still in danger of becoming Friday Fellow hot pot.
S01E13 The Eccentric Family 29/09/2013 Tanuki and human worlds collide as both the Nise-emon ceremony and Friday Fellow year-end bash descend into chaos. The scale of the disturbance increases when Prof. Akadama starts brandishing the Fujin Raijin folding fan, but by New Year’s everything settles down and Yasaburo and co. are able to calmly consider their hopes for the future.