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En 1980, la Terre est menacée d'invasion par une race extraterrestre en voie d'extinction. Seule une organisation secrète militaire, appelée le SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization), dont le quartier-général est camouflé sous les studios de cinéma Harlington-Straker en Angleterre peut empêcher cette invasion... Pour cela, cette organisation dispose d'une base lunaire, d'un véhicule amphibie à la fois sous-marin et avion, et de véhicules tout-terrain d'intervention.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de UFO

S01E01 L'homme du fond de l'espace 16/09/1970 SHADO engages in its first battle with the enemy. Sky One cripples an alien ship which crash-lands in a lake. Straker's team capture its pilot, a strange blue-skinned humanoid - and the grim secret behind the aliens' are revealed
S01E02 Un pilote obstiné 23/09/1970 An XV-104 test plane wanders into a UFO target area and the pilot, Paul Foster, makes sightings of both the UFO and Sky One. Angry and frustrated that no one believes his story, Foster suspects a cover-up and decides to conduct his own investigation into the activities of ex-USAF Colonel Ed Straker.
S01E03 Le chat 30/09/1970 The body of an Alien, recovered after a UFO attack on Moonbase, reveals some startling new evidence which overturns all SHADO's previous theories about the Aliens. For Interceptor pilot Jim Regan, the news has tragic consequences as he becomes possessed by the mind of an Alien held in the body of a Siamese cat!
S01E04 Conflit 07/10/1970 When an Alien Limpet UFO causes the destruction of Lunar Module 32, Straker demands a clean-up programme by the International Astrophysical Commission (IAC) to remove hazardous space debris from Earth orbit. But Straker finds himself butting heads with the IAC chairman, who wants a complete shut-down of SHADO operations.
S01E05 A Question of Priorities 14/10/1970 "Important? What can be more important than your own son's life?" Straker faces the toughest decision of his career when his son is critically injured in an accident. The drug that can save his life can only be ferried from New York in time aboard a SHADO transporter - the same transporter that is in the prime position to track an Alien defector on the West Coast of Ireland
S01E06 L'homme qui lisait les pensées 21/10/1970 John Croxley's talent for extra sensory perception is heightened after his wife is killed when a UFO crashes into their house. With his mind under the influence of the Aliens, Croxley learns the secrets of SHADO and lures Straker and Freeman to the remains of his house - to kill them!
S01E07 Tuez Straker 04/11/1970 When a Lunar Module is attacked by a UFO, Straker makes a split-second decision that endangers the astronauts, but ultimately saves them. Later, he is surprised to find his authority being questioned by his most loyal officer, Colonel Paul Foster, who spearheads a campaign against him. Then an attempt is made on Straker's life...
S01E08 L'accident 11/11/1970 Suspecting a UFO to be responsible for the sinking of a freighter, Straker, Foster and Nina Barry investigate in Skydiver. Attacked by an undersea UFO, the submarine is downed on a ledge on the sea bed and the crew are trapped. While Straker fights against his claustrophobia, Nina faces a living nightmare.
S01E09 Destruction 02/12/1970 A Naval vessel shoots down a UFO in the Atlantic, but the Admiralty rejects further investigation into the incident. Straker suspects a cover up and wants to know why, so Foster courts Admiral Sheringham's secretary, Sarah Bosanquet. What they discover could mean the end of all life on Earth.
S01E10 Un triangle à quatre côtés 09/12/1970 In the woods between Clare Cross and Lingbury, an injured alien stumbles into a lonely cottage and is shot down by Liz Newton and her lover Cass Fowler. Liz and Cass are taken to SHADO HQ for questioning, but when Liz's husband arrives at the cottage, Paul Foster realises that the alien's death was no accident.
S01E11 Gros plan 16/12/1970 Straker gets approval from above to build a probe with a camera that will track a UFO back to its home planet.
S01E12 Psychose 30/12/1970 A UFO imbues three young people with incredible powers. One blows up a radar station. The second steals fingerprints and tries to get aboard a Skydiver sub, blowing it up. The third, a woman, tries to blow up SHADO HQ.
S01E13 Le survivant 06/01/1971 Foster, with his radio knocked out and his oxygen line cut, is presumed lost during a confrontation with a UFO on the moon's surface. Foster is found by an alien, and they develop a bond when the alien attempts make-shift repairs on Foster's suit.
S01E14 Souvenir 13/01/1971 After a UFO inexplicably destroys itself less than two miles from Moonbase, a mysterious crystal rock is recovered, causes the person in its vicinity to hallucinate. The rock is eventually transferred to Straker's office, where he hallucinates that SHADO is simply a set for a TV series, he is an actor named Mr. Burns, Moonbase can be reached by stepping through two doors from the main control room at SHADO HQ, and 'Mr. Straker' is not available.
S01E15 Un mystérieux plan de vol 20/01/1971 A SHADO technician, being blackmailed for information by an unknown party, is caught by Freeman, but not before the information is passed. The technician divulges to SHADO the information he gave to the blackmailers and, after much work on the encrypted data, they discover it is part of a plan by the aliens to attack the Moonbase undetected.
S01E16 Le revenant 03/02/1971 Reported missing and presumed dead after a UFO incident which has left SID disabled, astronaut Craig Collins turns up alive and well. But as an operation to complete repair work on SID is planned, Colonel Lake and Colonel Grey discover that Collins is not the man he used to be.
S01E17 L'affaire Dalotek 10/02/1971 Two members of SHADO dining at a restaurant, see a diner who was part of Dalotek, a moon-based, private company which discovered an alien device that disrupted Communications between Moonbase and SHADO on Earth.
S01E18 Un moment important 17/02/1971 While picking up Lt. Lake at the airport, Straker and Lake find that time has been frozen except for them. Sawdust hangs in mid-air, Lt. Ellis is frozen mid-word on a view screen, and one man is taunting them, apparently working for the aliens.
S01E19 L'enlèvement 14/04/1971 Foster is abducted from a health spa by aliens and is taken into space, presumably back to the alien homeworld. However, the UFO is damaged and crashes on the moon. While the Moonbase personnel try to free Foster of the alien environmental suit, he wakes up in the steam room back at the health spa.
S01E20 Conseil de guerre 01/05/1971 Foster is suspected of being a security leak but, during the trial, Straker learns that Foster's apartment was bugged.
S01E21 Fausse piste 15/05/1971 After a pilot is killed when Moonbase operatives fail to give him course change information, the personnel are recalled to Earth for an investigation. A UFO crashes in northern Canada and the same personnel are assigned to the operation to find the UFO.
S01E22 Une organisation secrète 10/07/1971 Straker recalls his marriage, and the stormy days that followed as he worked covertly to get SHADO up and running and recruited personnel.
S01E23 Le bruit du silence 17/07/1971 A UFO hides in a lake on a country estate of a well-known equestrian, who has since disappeared. When SHADO tracks down the UFO and manages to destroy it, it breaks up and leaves a strange item floating in the lake.
S01E24 Reflets dans l'eau 24/07/1971 A mysterious dome is found under the sea, inside of which SHADO finds duplicates of their HQ personnel who are using non-alien technology to spoof SHADO's instructions to Moonbase and Skydiver.
S01E25 Une lourde responsabilité 08/03/1973 Freeman takes over temporarily while Straker deals with a woman apparently determined to investigate what SHADO is all about.
S01E26 Le long sommeil 15/03/1973 A woman awakens from a 10-year coma and begins telling the tale about her encounter with aliens while she and her boyfriend were high on drugs.
S00E01 Identified - Extended Opening Sequence 00/00/0000 Alan Killick's original edit of the opening scenes from 'Identified'. On viewing this cut, the producers realised that the bloodletting was unnecessarily gratuitous and decided to trim some 20 seconds in order to tone it down.
S00E02 Video Outtakes Disk 2 00/00/0000 Exposed: Original Edit - Section 1 Exposed: Original Edit - Section 2 Note: Some portions of dialogue are missing from these outtakes.
S00E03 Video Outtakes Disk 3 00/00/0000 S.I.D.: Computer Voice Session S.I.D.: Computer Voice Effect Test
S00E04 Video Outtakes Disk 5 00/00/0000 Kill Straker!" Original Audio Take with Michael Billington Kill Straker!: Original Audio Take with Ed Bishop Kill Straker!: Scene with Original Studio Sound
S00E05 Video Outtakes Disk 7 00/00/0000 S.I.D.: Singing S.I.D. - Take 1 S.I.D.: Singing S.I.D. - Take 2 S.I.D.: Singing S.I.D. - Take 3
S00E06 Video Outtakes Disk 8 00/00/0000 Timelash: Day For Night Example Timelash: Clapperboard Shot The Long Sleep: Unused Fall FX and Music Sting
S00E07 Video Outtakes Disk 2 00/00/0000 Exposed: Original Edit - Section 1 Exposed: Original Edit - Section 2 Note: Some portions of dialogue are missing from these outtakes.
S00E08 Video Outtakes Disk 3 00/00/0000 S.I.D.: Computer Voice Session S.I.D.: Computer Voice Effect Test
S00E09 Invasion: UFO (1980, TV Movie) 00/00/0000 This movie, Invasion: UFO was produced at the ITC's New York offices in 1980 and not 1974 as stated on IMDB. It was made by compiling several episodes. The movie was targeted at satellite and cable television services in America, and later found it's way on UK home video in 1983, the first UFO video release until Channel 5 video released the majority of the series including Invasion: UFO in 1986. The movie is comprised mainly from the three episodes 'Identified', 'Computer Affair' and 'Reflections in the Water', although it does feature some small clips from 'ESP', 'The Man Who Came Back' and 'Confetti Check A-OK'. The ITC New York Offices produced several TV movies from Gerry Anderson productions between 1980 and 1982, Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet were notably used, and some of these movies aren't too bad, as they were generally faithful to the original material, although the new opening titles they created for the movie were ghastly. For the opening they have taken away the original theme music and replaced it with an awful 80's sounding pop theme. They have also added further 80's sounding rubbish to the incidental soundtrack, which does not fit the action and spoils some of the fear in the proceedings. Other than this they have not changed the original material apart from the obvious editing. 3 episodes, 'Identified', 'Computer Affair' and 'Reflections in the Water' are chopped virtually in half to allow for the maximum 100 minutes running time the makers of the movie had to comply with. They were also edited on videotape which you have to adjust to if you have been watching the series on DVD, and the quality is poor compared. On the plus side, many of the linking scenes are put together well, but it is still confusing at times. George Sewell who plays Col. Alec Freeman disappears 30 minutes before the end of the movie, because he was
S00E13 The Making of UFO 00/00/0000
S00E14 The UFO Documentary 12/12/1993