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S255E01 Hitler's Olympics 16/07/2016 Learn how the 1936 Berlin Olympics was turned into a propaganda event for Nazi Germany. However, a boycott by other nations and a certain Jesse Owens threatened to ruin their plans.
S255E02 Jodie Marsh: Bodybuilder XL 00/00/0000 Highly anticipated special, 'Jodie Marsh: Bodybuilder' gives viewers a unique insight into the extraordinary world of female bodybuilding through the eyes of glamour model Jodie Marsh, as she goes from Men's Magazine pin-up to ripped bodybuilding champion.
S255E03 Deadliest Crash: Disaster at Le Mans 06/08/2017 In 1955, on the home straight early in the Le Mans 24-Hour race, future British world champion Mike Hawthorn made a rash mistake causing Pierre Levegh's Mercedes 300 SLR to smash into the crowd, killing 83 people and injuring 120 more. It remains the worst disaster in motor racing history and he story was quickly engulfed by conspiracy theory, blame and scandal. Was the uncharacteristically large explosion caused by Mercedes gambling on untried technologies? Have the French authorities been covering up the truth ever since? Or was Hawthorn, who ended up winning the race, simply guilty of reckless driving?
S255E04 Rallying: The Killer Years 13/08/2017 In the 1980s rallying was more popular than Formula 1 and deregulation opened the way for the most exciting cars ever to hit the motorsport scene. For four wild and crazy years, manufacturers scrambled to build ever more powerful cars to be driven by fearless mavericks who could handle the extreme power. The sport was heading out of control and the unregulated mayhem ended abruptly in 1986 after a series of horrific tragedies. This is the story of when fans, ambition, politics and cars collided.
S255E05 Mike Hawthorn: On The Limit 20/08/2017 One of the new, eager, racing fanatics leading Britain's charge to the top of the motorsport world was the charismatic, handsome and debonair Mike Hawthorn. Racing for iconic names such as Jaguar and Ferrari, and sporting his trademark bow tie, shock of wavy blonde hair and with his flamboyant driving style, Hawthorn captured the imagination of motorsport fans across the country. As fast as he raced on the track, Hawthorn lived just as fast off it with his social antics becoming the stuff of legend and there was always a woman or two under his arm.
S255E06 Graham Hill: Driven 27/08/2017 The late, great Graham Hill is the only man to have won the F1 World Championship, Indy 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Those who knew him best recall a sporting legend and bon vivant.
S255E07 Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion 03/09/2017 He was the drivers' driver: a two-time F1 world champion revered by his racing rivals. Friends, family and colleagues pay tribute to Jim Clark, whose story had a tragic end in 1968.
S255E08 John Surtees: One of a Kind 10/09/2017 The name John Surtees will forever be etched in the annals of Motor Racing. One of the most gifted and versatile racers of all time, he was the first man to win world championships on both two wheels and four, an incredible feat that remains unparalleled today.
S255E09 Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot 17/09/2017 Compelling documentary shining a spotlight on Sir Jackie Stewart, one of Britain's all-time greatest sporting personalities - winner of three Formula 1 world championships and 27 Grand Prix, and ranked as one of the ten greatest racing drivers of all time.