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Long ago, an alien spacecraft from another dimension crashed on the moon and left behind a sentient machine called, "The Entity." Attempting to broadcast messages for help, the Entity's alien sound waves released scores of "Ultras" (superhuman beings) across the cosmos. As the Ultras began to appear on Earth, mass confusion and widespread panic ensued. To bring a measure of calm and peace to our terrified world, a heroic group of Ultras, the revolutionary UltraForce, came into existence.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de UltraForce

S01E01 Wrack & Rune 15/10/1995
S01E02 Prime Time (1) 22/10/1995
S01E03 The Stuff of Heroes (2) 29/10/1995
S01E04 Armageddon (3) 05/11/1995
S01E05 Night and the Nightman 12/11/1995
S01E06 Lord Pumpkin's Pie 19/11/1995
S01E07 Pump It Up! 26/11/1995
S01E08 Prime Ambition 03/12/1995
S01E09 A Veiled Threat 10/12/1995
S01E10 Primal Scream 17/12/1995
S01E11 Everything That Rises Must Converge 24/12/1995
S01E12 Jumpin' at the Boneyard 31/12/1995
S01E13 You Can't Go Home Again 00/00/0000