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Le gouvernement a mis en place un projet qui consiste à modifier génétiquement les capacités des guerriers. Leur meilleur guerrière qui a pour code 044 est une femme qui a été génétiquement modifiée pour qu'elle soit plus rapide, plus forte et plus intelligente que ses adversaires mais en échange son espérance de vie diminue considérablement. Cependant lors d'une mission contre l'armée Pharge, elle rencontre Luke qui est un soldat de Pharge, elle se retrouve dans l'incapacité de le tuer. Ce qui va donc entrainer des conséquence, elle serra considérée comme une traitresse et sera la cible du Daxus Jr., le dirigeant du projet au sein du gouvernement.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ultraviolet: Code 044

S01E01 Setting Off... 01/07/2008 044 poses as a loyal member of the Phage forum in order to eliminate an upper class member of the society. Her activities are overseen by the eccentric Daxus II, of the Central Government. Though as powerful as she is, 044's lifespan seems to be shortening and as such, begins to wonder about her own existence.
S01E02 ...First Love 08/07/2008 044 is ordered to infiltrate the assembly of Phages in the Neo Tokyo sewer system to find their leader, King. There she finds Luka, a young man who has made a promise to kill her. They fight, however, before 044 can kill him, he chooses his own fate by diving into the sewer. In this encounter something deep within 044 is awakened and thus she rescues Luka, whom she was to kill.
S01E03 Recovery Directive 15/07/2008 Now that 044 has found love, she has a reason to live.She betrays her organization and must find Luka before the central government hunts her down.
S01E04 Chain 22/07/2008 After escaping into the sewers of Neo Tokyo, 044 is discovered by bounty hunters. She discovers that not only is Daxus II after her, but the Phage, having placed a bounty for her head, are as well. On top of that, she finds the strange need to reconcile with Luka and goes to Matilda's Clinic only to find that things may not be as easy as she thought.
S01E05 Escape 29/07/2008 A group of Phages infiltrate Matilda's Clinic and take away Luka. The police along with the SBCU (Special Battle Clone Unit) arrive soon after the Phages.
S01E06 Coffin of Despair 05/08/2008 044 and Garcia take refuge in a ship, transporting them to a planet which promises to keep her real identiy hidden. As she attempts to hide a man reveals a shocking truth.
S01E07 Clone & Clone 12/08/2008 044 and Garcia discover Sakuza's mysterious past. All the while, 044 is once again made aware of her dwindling lifespan.
S01E08 Raid 19/08/2008 Daxus II arrives at the Coffin of Despair and begins operation to root out 044 and Sakuza.
S01E09 Stardust 26/08/2008 044 is forced to flee into the abadoned mining tunnels with Zakusa and Garcia. Zakusa rallies his clone soldiers to take on Daxus II and help 044 escape.
S01E10 …Reunion 02/09/2008 After losing the clone soldiers, 044 and Garcia are forced to rely on a miracle, Zakusa's legacy. Rescued by King, they must find a place where Daxus II can't find them.
S01E11 Toward Hometown... 09/09/2008 Escaping certain death, 044 and Garcia find refuge. They must flee the White Planet with the subdued Luka to save themselves.
S01E12 ...Flashes 16/09/2008 Luka decides he must save King in order to be forgiven. Garcia gets closer to locating the woman behind the voice and it's only a matter of time before 044 must face her.

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