Affiche Un Privé a Malibu
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Dans cette série dérivée d'Alerte à Malibu, Mitch Buchannon ouvre une agence de détectives privés, après avoir quitté la brigade de sauvetage de Malibu.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Un Privé a Malibu

S01E01 Pursuit 30/09/1995 A model named Cassidy has received some murder threats. She decides to hire Mitch, Garner and Ryan as bodyguards. They don't accept her offer at first because they had thought that their first job would be something differently. Finally they accept to be her bodyguards. But even though they are protecting her, someone is sneaking into her house and write her another message on a mirror. Mitch, Garner and Ryan can't figure out how the message ended up there, but then Mitch discovers a connection between Cassidy and the death of other models.
S01E02 Bad Blades 07/10/1995 A cosmetic mogul hires Mitch, Garner and Ryan to investigate her son's involvement with a band of roller-skating burglars.
S01E03 Silent Witness 14/10/1995 A complicated story of a mother seeking her daughter who has accidentally become the only witness to a murder.
S01E04 Deadly Vision 21/10/1995 Destiny annoys Mitch and Garner by relating her visions of murders until she ""sees"" that Ryan is the next victim.
S01E05 Just a Gigolo 28/10/1995 Mitch and Ryan enjoy pretending to be a gigolo and wealthy widow so much that they almost forget the reason for it.
S01E06 976 Ways to Say I Love You 04/11/1995 To catch a killer, Ryan has to work as a phone-sex operator in spite of her personal abhorrence of the job.
S01E07 Pressure Cooker 11/11/1995 A hostage situation develops at the night club when Mitch, Garner, Ryan and Lou are held by two hoods demanding their brother be released from prison. Mitch and Garner had been working undercover at a chicken fast-food outlet, California Roasters, in chicken costumes when they made the arrest.
S01E08 Balancing Act 18/11/1995 Investigating the murder of the agency's previous owner, Mitch, Garner and Ryan get involved with jewel smugglers, a mysterious speedboat and a body that won't stay dead.
S01E09 Blues Boy 25/11/1995 A young boy is in danger when his uncle's partners leave prison and hunt for him, thinking he knows where his uncle stashed the loot. The boy is terrified because he saw his father killed by his uncle seven years ago.
S01E10 Kind of a Drag 02/12/1995 Mitch becomes a delightful female impersonator when the agency investigates a series of assaults on a drag-show company.
S01E11 Takeover 03/02/1996 Mitch and Ryan investigate the people who would benefit from the hostile takeover of a company that includes the murder of certain key employees. Nights bistro hasbeen purchased by Donna Marco.
S01E12 Thin Blood 10/02/1996 Ryan's sister arrives for a visit followed by some gangsters who claim she made off with their cash.
S01E13 Payback 17/02/1996 Albert Romero (from Baywatch) hires the agency to search for his wife who he believes was kidnapped by the Mafia.
S01E14 Backup 24/02/1996 Former Baywatch lifeguard Eddie Kramer appeals to Mitch to investigate a rescue that resulted in a death, for which he has been blamed. Meanwhile, Garner and Ryan go on a stakeout.
S01E15 Thief in the Night 02/03/1996 Mitch takes a fancy to a beautiful woman who turns out to be a cat burglar responsible for a series of thefts at the yacht club.
S01E16 The Curator 09/03/1996 A deranged man takes a fancy to Baywatch lifeguard Caroline Holden and makes many advances. She resists, so he captures her and locks her in a cage furnished like her apartment.
S01E17 Code of Silence 16/03/1996 A geisha girl is kidnapped and her small daughter sought by the kidnappers. Mitch and the child's grandfather protect her and attempt to rescue her mom.
S01E18 Vengeance 20/04/1996 A prison escapee vows to kill everyone associated with his conviction. Garner was one of the arresting officers.
S01E19 Epilogue 27/04/1996 The two step-children of a recently widowed man suspect that he murdered their mother. Both will inherit a trust fund on the 25th birthday which for the step-daughter is only a week or so away. The step-father gains nothing if they live.
S01E20 Rendezvous 04/05/1996 A family dispute results in the wife accusing her husband of corporate embezzlement and giving him reason to erase her. The detectives have to find him before he can do it.
S01E21 A Closer Look 11/05/1996 An old friend begs Mitch to 'take a closer look' at his estranged wife who doesn't seem to be her old self.
S01E22 Heat Rays 18/05/1996 Several members of a 70's surfing rock band die during a reunion at the beach. Donna is tricked into jumping off a bridge and spends the night in the water, then is rescued by two men carrying out a mysterious mission
S02E01 Terror of the Deep 22/04/1998 Mitch and Griff fight for their lives in a sunken freighter which might have been sunk by a New Guinea sea monster according to a woman they found floating in the ocean near the sunken wreckage.
S02E02 The Creature 23/04/1998 A serial killer is a woman who is as much at home in the water as she is on the land; a mutant looking to procreate.
S02E03 The Rig 24/04/1998 It was the wrong day for a picnic! Mitch and Ryan head for the oil rig abandoned after a strange accident and spot a drifting yacht. Searching it they find a terrified young woman who says her host was pulled off the yacht by a weird sea monster. They have to abandon the yacht and use a rubber life raft to reach the oil rig where the gelatinous green stuff catches them.
S02E04 The Strike 27/04/1998 Mitch gets a close encounter of a shocking kind when he rescues a young man attempting to surf. Shades of the X-Files! It is suggested that the young man has a connection with the Roswell incident in the forties.
S02E05 Circle of Fear 28/04/1998 After a report of a possible black arts event in the woods, Mitch and Ryan search. Ryan finds a burned book and a duplicate in a specialty book shop. She attempts one of the ceremonies with spectacular results. The shop owner helps them understand and counteract the evil invoked.
S02E06 The Cabin 29/04/1998 In a wild ghost story, Mitch and Ryan enter an innocent cabin and find themselves in a Gay 90's brothel with a gorgeous blonde in a bathtub and a raving, axe and knife wielding killer.
S02E07 Curse of the Mirrored Box 30/04/1998 Mitch is alarmed when a child he saved six years ago turns to Haitian voodoo now she is a teen-ager. He and Ryan investigate and need the help of a priestess, Madam Trudor, to save their lives.
S02E08 Last Breath 04/05/1998 Several lifeguards have vanished without a trace. Mitch really gets upset when Donna goes missing. He starts an investigation that involves a 6 month old auto accident with one survivor.
S02E09 Night Whispers 05/05/1998 Mitch and Ryan witness a murder and Ryan becomes more and more convinced that it was committed by a vampire.
S02E10 Space Spore 06/05/1998 A space shuttle craft drops a load of dust as it comes in for a landing. The dust settles on the Burton farm where a farmer and his young daughter live. The space staff is alarmed and sends a crew in protective suits to clean it up, but it is Mitch and Griff who have to handle the dirty work when Ryan is infected.
S02E11 The Mobius 07/05/1998 Ryan's old school chum arrives and breathlessly asks for help because her husband has become obsessed with their latest research. At the lab, after some demonstrations with inanimate objects, Mitch, Ryan and Ashley fall into the beam (somewhat like the 'Sliders') and fight for their lives.
S02E12 Possessed 08/05/1998 Since they were at the scene of an accident, several people have become possessed by a homicidal spirit. They each prepare to make a demonic sacrifice.
S02E13 Frozen Out of Time 11/05/1998 Two frozen Vikings have been found in Iceland and transported to Los Angeles for thawing. Finding two in a small boat is strange and then they discover that this was the way to settle a feud. The 900 year old feud is finally settled in the present.
S02E14 Nights to Dragon One 12/05/1998 Mitch and Ryan play a computer-generated D&D type game to rescue a man and his daughter. In this game, you win or you die. The game is somewhat like those on the Holodeck of ST-DS9.
S02E15 Ascension 13/05/1998 Teague asks if they have ever heard of Knights Templar and then we see Ryan and Mitch confined in torture devices which are controlled with modern electronics by an Asian woman.
S02E16 Zargtha 14/05/1998 A monster resembling a wolf is attacking and killing teen-age runaways who live in an abandoned building, which is being demolished by a series of earthquakes. The monster resembles a mythical wolfman monster from Yugoslavia.
S02E17 The Servant 15/05/1998 A mummy stalks the museum warehouse. Mitch does not believe in mummies or curses, but Ryan is not so sure.
S02E18 Symbol of Death 18/05/1998 The aliens are here! Teague is missing, so Mitch and Ryan follow his trail with the help of a man who claims to have been tracking the aliens for several years and knows they are here.
S02E19 The Eighth Seal 19/05/1998 Mitch saves a young girl from drowning and then she tries it again saying she must die. He discovers she is possessed of a demon who then prefers Mitch.
S02E20 Hot Winds 20/05/1998 The wind is driving the people insane--a man tries to rub his hands off on a wall, another douses himself with gas, and a mother tries to toss her infant off a roof. A mysterious figure appears in clouds of dust.
S02E21 The Vortex 22/05/1998 While letting go on their day off, Ryan drags a reluctant Mitch into the fortune-telling booth at the pier. An Indian guide sends them into an eerie tunnel from which Mitch and Ryan emerge to watch helplessly their future unfolds.
S02E22 A Thousand Words 25/05/1998 Teague leads Mitch and Ryan to a haunted restaurant where several women have been killed and a man left in a coma. Mitch hears a crying voice from a painting and finds that Ryan is gone. He and a psychic search for her.
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