Affiche Under One Roof (2008)
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Calvester and Winston Hill act like they are from opposite sides of the track when they actually just grew up on opposite sides of the room. Years later, Winston is a successful and wealthy real estate developer with a perfect and privileged family, but his life gets interrupted when his street smart, older brother Calvester finally gets out of prison and moves into the mansion. It’s not long before Calvester begins parading his old prison cronies through the house driving the Hill family crazy - butting heads with Winston’s trophy wife Ashley (Carrie Genzel); seventeen year-old princess Heather (Marie Michael); and housekeeper Su Ho (Emily Kuroda). Calvester even teaches Winston’s sixteen year-old son, Winston Jr. (Jesse Reid) to be a gangster rapper.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Under One Roof (2008)

S01E01 Release Therapy 16/04/2008 Calvester's scary former cellmate, Punkin, decides the Hill's house is a perfect place to live, except for one problem: they want him out! Afraid to be honest, the Hill's feel like prisoner's in their own home. When Punkin has romantic interests in his daughter, the family must band together to kick Punkin to the curb!
S01E02 Cell Out 23/04/2008 Calvester's former cellmate, Jamel, drops by the Hill household and impresses the family with his knowledge of the stock market. Everyone is very fond of Jamel except Calvester, who is unsure of Jamel's
S01E03 Cop Out 30/04/2008 A bully from Calvester's childhood is back as his new parole officer and that's not good news for Calvester. But when the bully goes too far when he abuses his power by moving in and making them wait on his every whim, they must come up with a secret weapon, and fast!
S01E04 Thug Jr. 07/05/2008 In a money-making scheme, Winston Jr. decides to become a gangsta rapper. But his new change gets the Hill clan in a battle with a real-life gangster rapper. Will Winston Jr. go back to his conservative ways before it's too late?
S01E05 Oh Brother 14/05/2008 When the Hill household hits a budget crunch Winston invests money in a website won by his alleged brother, Sean. But when Sean shows up at the Hill's door one day they have to decide if he's really blood or a con man. Before the rest of the family decides, Calvester already is certain he's no blood relative of him.
S01E06 Blacker the Berry 21/05/2008 The Hill's get new neighbors, single-mother Brenda and her daughter Jamilia, and Calvester is ready to flirt! But when Brenda puts Heather too urban Mrs. Hill goes to desperate measures to get things how they used to be.
S01E07 Say Cheese 28/05/2008 Calvester gets a new job as an assistant to a notable photographer. But the picture doesn't stay perfect for long when it's Calvester's job to keep the new boss from publishing revealing photos of a young Ashley.
S01E08 Ashley's Mom 04/06/2008 Ashley's rich mom Maggie falls for Calvester's persuasive charms so Ashley and Winston try to speed up the wedding to get Calvester out of their home. Is Maggie going to take Calvester off the market or will he continue his bachelor life?
S01E09 Moose Crossing 11/06/2008 An old college buddy visits Winston when he comes to town. But Winston's acceptance is put to the test when he discovers his football-playing friend Moose made a big decision, changing genders. Will things change between him and his old friend?
S01E10 Handiman 18/06/2008 Cali Cal is informed by the probation authorities he has to have a full-time job or go back to jail! In a bind, Calvester fakes a disability to work at a lingerie store but has to jump through hoops in order for no one to find out he's faking it.
S01E11 Get Rich or Fry Trying 02/07/2008 Winston's large real estate plan falls through and he reluctently uses Calvester's phone to look up all of his rap star contacts. But all comes to a head when Twista the rapper shows up to claim his cell phone from Winston.
S01E12 Baby Beef 07/01/2009 When Ashley decides she wants to have another baby, Winston laughs in her face. But when she begins shopping for a sperm donor, Calvester must help Winston stop the stork!
S01E13 Going Going Gone 14/01/2009

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