Affiche Under the Hammer (1994)
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Drama series Under The Hammer followed the work of Ben Glazier and Maggie Perowne working for prestigious Auction House Klinskys with the pair having to deal with everything from possible fake paintings of renaissance classics to trouble with modern artists, undiscovered manuscripts and even at one stage a murder investigation. Ben carries something of a torch for Maggie who is involved in an on-off relationship with highly unreliable Nick Roper the wine expert at Klinskys.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Under the Hammer (1994)

S01E01 The Fatal Attribution 10/01/1994 What defines a masterpiece: the fact that a renowned artist created it, or the merits of the work itself? Ben and Maggie are thrilled by the discovery of a possible 16th-century Bronzino--but the owner inherited the painting under suspicious circumstances.
S01E02 Wonders in the Deep 17/01/1994 Klinsky's resident wine expert has miraculously stumbled upon a reserve of Chateau Petrus '61, pricing the rare wine at £850 per bottle. Ben distrusts the windfall, as well as a superb silver piece brought to him by a shady antiques dealer.
S01E03 The Virgin of Vitebsk 24/01/1994 Ben and Maggie visit Moscow to explore the possibility of opening an auction house there. Ben plans to make the most of his time with Maggie, but he's foiled by an amorous tour guide and a masterpiece that suddenly resurfaces after being lost for generations.
S01E04 The Jolly Joker 31/01/1994 The Klinsky chairman purchases a piece from a modern painter, but Ben doubts the artwork is all it's purported to be. Through their keen instincts and a bit of luck, Maggie and Ben uncover a bold plot and finally begin to recognize their feelings for one another.
S01E05 After Titian 07/02/1994 A bidder at Klinsky's New York branch mysteriously dies, and Ben suspects that a rare Titian masterwork has something to do with it. After making some unexpected discoveries, Ben must make a choice between what's best for his career and his conscience.
S01E06 The Spectre at the Feast 14/02/1994 A lost manuscript containing an unpublished story from Charles Dickens presents a tantalizing prospect, but it might be too good to be true. When the manuscript is stolen, Ben finds himself the prime suspect, with much more than his reputation at stake.
S01E07 Treasure Trove 21/02/1994 The prickly, imperious head of Klinsky's antiquities department is causing trouble for Maggie, but it's nothing compared to her personal life. She must decide once and for all where her heart lies: with the dashing wine expert, her career, or a certain third party.