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The secrets of the property market are unlocked in UNDER THE HAMMER, Channel Seven’s new documentary series that takes viewers beyond the front gate and into the wild world of real estate. The Australian obsession with buying and investing in real estate continues unabated, seemingly impervious to the ebb and flow of global markets. Find out more about what really goes on behind the scenes at real estate auctions as agents haggle and schmooze to get the best price they can. Owners, buyers, sellers - they're all under pressure... and all under the hammer. UNDER THE HAMMER is an observational documentary series that takes viewers into the fascinating world of estate agents and people buying and selling their homes. The series is a first-hand look into the lives of people in a state of high stress and anxiety. Real estate agents have granted unique access into their world and the methods they use to close a sale. It's compelling viewing that follows the highs and lows of everyday people making one of the biggest financial decisions of their life.

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