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Unit 13 is a special investigation team, which is investigating large crime organizations, which sometimes involves unorthodox methods. Unit 13 is working to bring down the syndicate called Scylla. The team of head inspector Ruard Talsma and district attorney Adrienne Rieding is confronted with the syndicate that seems to know about their every move in advance. The show is partly based on the IRT-affaire which took place in the Netherlands in the early 90's.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Unit 13

S01E01 Schimmenspel 12/10/1996 The unit is created by chief public prosecutor Bilderdijk, when a case of child smuggling seems to be only the small piece of an organization. As one of the members of the team, public prosecutor Adrienne Rieding, is being threatened anonymously, she is reconsidering joining the unit.
S01E02 Crazyna's baby 19/10/1996 Ben Govers and Harry Bresler are researching the kidnapping of an illegally adopted baby. District attorney Adrienne Rieding decides, even though the threats, stay with the unit and has a meeting with an informant called Anna. Ruard Talsma investigates who's behind the threats to the address of Rieding.
S01E03 Grof geschut 26/10/1996 Ben Govers meets Katja van Dijk with whom he starts a relationship. The unit tries to seek a connection between a case of women trading and Scylla. Adrienne Rieding's husband, Paul, becomes deadly injured when his wifes car is being shot at.
S01E04 Deadline 02/11/1996 Russo Brink is being interrogated about an informant and his relation to Scylla. The informant has been professionally killed however. Meanwhile Bilderdijk wants to disband the unit, due to insufficient results. Then Adrienne discovers the deceased woman is not the informant she spoke to. It also gets clear that employment agency Hermes is quite possibly a link to all the happenings.
S01E05 Kunst en Vliegwerk 09/11/1996 The second art robbery takes placed in connection to Scylla. Via a security agency the unit discovers two names of important persons who could bring them closer to Scylla. One of them leads them to a ship where a large number of paintings are hidden. Question still stays what the connection to Scylla. A dead women is identified by Adrienne as her informant.
S01E06 Undercover 16/11/1996 The central part of employment agency Hermes is getting clearer. Rebecca de Leeuw goes undercover at Hermes and gets the interest of director Veenstra. She break in to the office, but can't extract the crucial details. When police men enter the scene and arrest Veenstra, all the employees and take possession of the office material, the computer with the important information explodes.
S01E07 Chiffon 23/11/1996 Veenstra, director of Hermes, is freed from prison by Scylla and unit 13 decides to shadow Hermes employee Elly. Ruard Talsma discovers Paul Rieding is on the payment bill of Scylla under the name Chiffon, he tries to discover what it means. Meanwhile Paul dies in hospital.
S01E08 De weduwe 30/11/1996 Ruard Talsma is investigating who could have used the name "Chiffon" and who's the leak within unit 13, who leaks the information straight to the department of justice. He suspects Rebecca is the leak. The unit does a search on a vacation resort, where they find heroine and a bazooka. An employee of Scylla offers Adrienne's daughter Josien hard-drugs.
S01E09 Op glad ijs 07/12/1996 Scylla-employee Stef Suurbier is being interrogated, but says nothing, because he is being blackmailed. Rebecca seems to have leaked information to Bilderdijk, but doesn't get fired. Under hypnoses she remembers the names on the secret list of employment agency Hermes, with which the unit tracks down the name of Scylla headman Louis Gerlach. A dealer is ordered to give Josien Rieding some special pills.
S01E10 Tegenwind 14/12/1996 Adrienne discovers the name of Gerard Ruysdaal, the one who knew the name Chiffon. Josien Rieding gives the pill she was given to a friend, who than has an overdose. The dealer is caught, but before he gets the unit in contact with Scylla employee Charon, he commits suicide. Katja van Dijk, lover of Ben, seeks contact with her employer Scylla, because she wants to quit.
S01E11 Het Lek 21/12/1996 It's discovered Bilderdijk has a connection with Ruysdaal, one of the leaders of Scylla. Arthur discovers the information of Ben's computer is being monitored by Scylla and he finds monitoring equipment in his home.
S01E12 Verraad 28/12/1996 Bilderdijk receives pictures of his affair with Rebecca, with which Scylla is trying to blackmail him. Meanwhile Scylla on its guard and tries to escape unnoticeable. Laywer Gerlach gets arrested at a bank, this brings the unit closer to Scylla. Katja, Ben's lover and informant of Scylla, gets a necklace from Ben, in which a bug is placed.
S01E13 Confrontatie 04/01/1997 Adrienne shows Bilderdijk a picture on which he and Ruysdaal, one of the two leaders of Scylla are shown together. He assures her he is not the leak to Scylla en he suspects it is Swager, a liaison between the minister and himself. He promises he will keep an eye on him. The Scylla network is rolled up in a bloody confrontation.
S02E01 Een valse start 27/09/1997 A Finnish person is committed to hospital after a car accident. In hospital they find out he has radiation sickness due to an overdose emission and in his car a briefcase with plutonium is found. The court case against Scylla started aswell.
S02E02 De kroongetuige 04/10/1997 Bilderdijk is really angry because Swager, the advisor of the minister is supposed to have committed suicide. Harry is tracking down the witness called Lotti Werner. When the team appears at the meeting place of the Finnish person with the briefcase, the briefcase is taken. Further on a bomb explodes at the place where the unit is located and Lotti Werner doesn't survive the bomb attack.
S02E03 Teruggefloten 11/10/1997 The investigation into the bomb attack is being done by the state police. Ruard and Adrienne want to quit with the investigation of Scylla. A container with raw materials for plutonium is found. The girl who stole the briefcase is seen, but later on found murdered in the forest.
S02E04 De uitspraak 18/10/1997 The box with the raw materials of the plutonium is emptied, is being bugged and shipped to Spain. Michael Zoethout travels with the ship undercover. The main witness of Scylla is set free. Talsma announces he will not be a part of the unit anymore and appoints Ben as his continuator. Harry investigates inside a whorehouse and is being beaten down.
S02E05 Ongeziene gast 25/10/1997 Talsma is going on investigating during his vacation. Harry meets an old friend, but she proves to be working for Phoenix. A friend of the murdered girl helps the unit to find out who is behind the bomb attack. The convicted from the Scylla case is freed during transport and kills cleared Ruysdaal. De undercover agent Michael Zoethout is being caught while calling with his mobile and he's being locked up.
S02E06 Stukjes van de puzzel 01/11/1997 After the unfortunate ending of Zoethout's undercover job, Bilderdijk want an explanation from Talsma. There are only two links who can offer the unit some valuable information: Van Dalen and the ambulance personnel.
S02E07 De afspraak 08/11/1997 Talsma leaves for Brussels, it will be a valuable trip. Meanwhile Adrienne is not letting time pass by and that's not a happy thought for everyone. Bresler feels betrayed, reason enough for the unit to take action.
S02E08 Overloper 15/11/1997 Swart takes revenge, after he just managed to escape death.Talsma tries to go in depth with his contact Lisa.
S02E09 De verdwijning 22/11/1997 Bresler goes completely mad when he hears about the death of Shanti and this gives him some strange ideas. Together with the navy the unit prepares an ADI.
S02E10 Drijfzand 29/11/1997 Ben is not happy about the visit of Vitti. Rauard, Ben and Adrienne on board of the navy ship are part of an attempt to arrest the suspicious ship Challenger.
S02E11 Onder water 06/12/1997 The navy arrest is evaluated by the Public Prosecution Service. Aarts gets uncomfortable when the name Jeremy Cornwall is mentioned. Van Dalen is pressured during his interrogation.
S02E12 De gijzeling 13/12/1997 Talsma wants to discredit the lawyer Vitti by all means. The state police gets the assignment to investigate the clumsy action of Kinky and Lobith. When Adrienne doesn't arrive at the meeting with Talsma, the unit is alarmed.
S02E13 In de houdgreep 20/12/1997 The tension is running high at the unit, when the role of Phoenix is becoming clearer. Adrienne is still imprisoned in the bunker and Lisa has very important information for Talsma. Kinky is interrogated about the action with Van Dalen. De politics are under pressure when the puzzle is almost completed.
S03E01 Doorstart 24/10/1998 Unit 13 is put on a grant fraud matter, after it is threatened to be disbanded. They track it down to a pharmaceutical company called MediGEN. Karin Prinsen finds secret plans which have serious impact for the Dutch infrastructure at her stepfather's, which she can handover right before she's killed.
S03E02 Tot de dood ons scheidt 31/10/1998 Inspector Harry seems to have had an accident. Sterk confiscates a videotape of Rieding on which top civil servants make agreements with a criminal organization. Roberto goes undercover at MediGEN and journalist Remco Haas house has been burgled, the information of Karin Prinsen he got is missing.
S03E03 Misleid 07/11/1998 Doubts rise around the death of inspector Harry and the Unit intercepts a mysterious cargo on Zestienhoven, which proves to be legal. This is reason enough for Sterk to disband the Unit. Meanwhile the relation between Rieding and IMF-employee Rutger de Klerk seems to be getting more serious.
S03E04 De strohalm 14/11/1998 The Unit gets a few days to close the investigation of the office Leenmans & Venhuis. Bilderdijk informs rieding he doesn't want to stop the investigation of MediGEN. At a last attempt to stop MediGEN Rieding and Bilderdijk attend a shareholders' meeting. When it leads to nothing, Rieding decides to take up the proposal of Rutger de Klerk and quits as a public prosecutor.
S03E05 Afscheid 21/11/1998 Rieding says farewell to the Unit and leaves with Rutger de Klerk to the US. Govers also takes his dismissal and accepts a job at security company Secu Watch with which he came in contact during his investigation into the death of Harry. Kinky discovers the link between Leenmans & Venhuis and MediGEN. Roberto shadows Jolande de Wit who pays a visit to an adoption office and kidnaps her. Just when Roberto gets her to talk, they are fired at.
S03E06 Infiltratie 28/11/1998 Bilderdijk takes control of the Unit during the absence of Sterk and tries to save the Unit. Alexandra goes undercover in private clinic Vita Nova after a patient has been found dead in the woods. Rebecca examines the practices of the new alderman of public scheduling and environment of the Haarlemmermeer, the banker Jeremy Cornwall has died under suspecious circumstances and a colleague of Govers seems have information on the death of Harry.
S03E07 Het hol van de leeuw 05/12/1998 Alexandra discovers a closed department in Vita nova which is monitored by Secu Watch. Rebecca tries to win the confidence of Mrs Prins and discovers a link between Mellema and the assassinated Karin. Govers searches Mellema house and Sterk and Bildersijk discuss the future of the Unit.
S03E08 De inval 12/12/1998 Sterk disciplines Bilderdijk, because he went behind her back. Journalist Remco Haas tells Ruard that the death of an alderman in the haarlemmermeer was a set-up. Toine is arrested on suspicion of the assassination on Harry and Alexandra discovers that Vita Nova is a coverup for an organisation which carries out illegal donor transplantations on African adopted children. The police arrest Irina Breitner. Spalding feels threatened.
S03E09 Vossenjacht 19/12/1998 The Unit has proved its legitimacy and is not disbanded. In the meantime they try find out who's the big man behind Vita nova, among other things by means of questioning Breitner and the observation of Secu Watch, where Ben Govers is in service of the Unit as informer. Meanwhile the investigation around the situation of the infrastructure plans in the haarlemmermeer is closely watched. The activities of Secu Watch appear not as pure and Ben Govers as informer is discovered.
S03E10 Het begin van het einde 26/12/1998 Koops writes a letter as Breitner with evidence to Bilderdijk and Govers escapes an attack. Breitner has confessed partially, but is now demanding things and the Unit tries trace Toine, who survived a fusillade. The mysterious informant proves to be Mrs Prinsen and without knowledge of her husband, Rebecca and Kinky can obtain important information from the computer of her daughter Karin. Rutger de Klerk wants help the Unit from the IMF. In the meantime Josien sees her relation with Kinky going down the drain due to Alexandra, which has still processing problems as a result of her experiences at Vita nova.
S03E11 De lachende derde 02/01/1999 Adrienne Rieding returns from the US, among other things because she wants to experience the resolution of the matter. Van Dalen wants to testify, but by is brought to Koops by bribed keepers, whereupon he assassinates him. The infrastructure plans which the Unit has got hold of by means of the computer of Karin, indicate a criminal network that has already infiltrated the Dutch polics and economy. It does not appear to be possible to find the big man behind the whole organization, because Prinsen, the last hope of the Unit, is assassinated aswell. Eventually the complete story will be printed in a newspaper Article, which was the only wish of Karin.