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How did a ticket to a boxing match seal the fate of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano? What does a farmer’s seed planter have to do with making America a superpower? And how did an X-Ray machine give Teddy Roosevelt the keys the White House? Sometimes the biggest moments depend on the smallest details–and the most ordinary objects. Buried in attics, hidden in private collections, and secreted away in the rarely seen archives are artifacts, objects and curiosities that come together to tell the epic story of America. From the producers of Pawn Stars and featuring Rick Harrison, United Stuff of America is a cross-country treasure hunt that uncovers America’s most fascinating stuff, and the unexpected stories it reveals about us and our most epic and notorious moments. This isn’t history from a textbook; it’s history that you can hold in your hands.


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S01E01 Badass Presidents 14/06/2014 Is there a top tier of presidential toughness that sets some of our commanders in chief apart from all the rest? Everyday objects reveal the real stories behind some of the most amazing presidential feats, from the bottle-thick eyeglasses that turned one man into an unlikely war hero, to the wooden cane that took down a would-be assassin, and the coconut that saved Camelot.
S01E02 Firepower 21/06/2014 The U.S. Transforms itself from colony to superpower with the help of an engineering marvel: the gun. Trace the evolution of weapons technology as it shapes our history, from the colonial era Long Rifle to the high-powered Browning M2 Machine Gun and beyond.
S01E03 The Mob's Secret Stash 28/06/2014 The American Mafia is one of the biggest and most lucrative secret societies in America's history. At its height, mob bosses made hundreds of millions a year in illicit business. Go inside the secret stash that reveals the story of their bloody rise to power, and the decades-long war with law enforcement that led to their downfall.
S01E04 Ultimate Engineering 12/07/2014 The everyday objects that built America. How stuff as simple as a shovel, a birdcage, a drill bit, a railroad spike, and a video camera linked a nation from coast to coast and accomplished massive feats of engineering like the Hoover Dam, the Erie Canal and the skyscraper.
S01E05 Snack Food Tech 19/07/2014 Innovations in the food industry are examined.
S01E06 Most Shocking Crimes 26/07/2014 The show features everyday objects that have been used in some of the country's most shocking crimes.
S01E07 The 1980s 23/09/2014 It's the decade best remembered for big hair, big phones and big personalities. But go beyond the fluff and you'll find a decade that impacts us still today. An 18 month-old baby will forever change television news.
S01E08 Billionaires Club 23/09/2014 This episode looks at eight of America's richest people, from John Jacob Astor to John Paul Getty to Warren Buffet. What drives some people to amass great fortunes and how do they do it?

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