Affiche Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger
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When evil is threatening Akihabara, three otaku receive technology from a beautiful scientist to fight against it.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

S01E01 Pain is Power 06/04/2012 After being berated for his Dekaranger cosplaying, and his fanboy detour derailed by his love for anime character Aoi, Nobuo Akagi finishes his delivery to Sayaka's place of work and meets a woman who offers him a chance to make a difference as an Akibaranger. Thinking he is being recruiting for a television show, Akagi meets his teammates, student Mitsuki Aoyagi and then cosplayer Yumeria Moegi, before arriving at the Super Sentai-themed Café Himitsukichi. After formally introducing herself as Hiroyo Hakase, she gives them their MMZ-01 phones to become Akibarangers. However, once learning that their are not an official Super Sentai team, they resolve to save the world and become legit. However, the Akibarangers are annoyed when Hakase reveals that she has no enemies for them but is sure one will surface. Later that night, after finding a hurt café worker, Akagi alerts the others while thinking it to be an Infershia attack. However, as the two vampire girls merge into a entirely different monster, a woman reveals herself to be the mastermind as the Akibarangers' transformation transports everyone to the mountains. After the Akibrangers' introduction posing, the villain introduces herself as Malseena before sicking her Shatieeks on them. After a long fight with the monster Shibuya Seitakaawadachisouhigenagaaburamushi, the Akibarangers get their second wind once Malseena leaves the scene and finishes the executive with the Moe Magnum. Though Akiba Red expects that their monster will return as a giant, the Akibarangers learn from Hakase that they have no giant robot and are forced to wait for the monster's revival before realizing it will never happen. Returning to the Café Himitsukichi, Hakase reveals that the entire fight and the enemies were nothing more but a successful delusion.
S01E02 The Bizarrely-Decorated Vehicle's Activation Unleashes a Red Delusionary Full Blast 12/04/2012 In further explaining to the Akibarangers that their fight was a mere delusion, Hakase plays a security camera recording that shows the trio pretending to fight invisible opponents on the street while the police storm into the maid café to arrest those who attempted to shut down the establishment. Distraught by this revelation, Akagi leaves Café Himitsukichi and mopes along a car park, where he sees Ryuji Sainei, who on his way to an event promoting the Japanese language dub of Power Rangers S.P.D. Their passionate meeting is yet another grand delusion, but Ryuji notices Akagi and thanks him for continuing to support him and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and Yumeria head to Otamix to buy some Aoi merchandise when they see a group of otaku running to a back alley to get their hands on an upcoming Aoi DVD release. But from their perspective, the duo discover that this is yet another villainous scheme by Malseena, who uses bootleg DVDs and peel-away bubble sheet stickers to magically strip nerds of their clothing. They decide to ignore this incident, but Malseena forces them to fight with the Sub-Chief Clerk Shibuya Kouzorinahigenagaaburamushi. During the battle, the Sub-Chief Clerk reveals to the duo that Akihabara's otaku culture is an embarrassment to Japan and his organization is out to destroy the district and turn it into another Shibuya. Akagi is called in to assist his comrades, but he declines the order. Just as Akiba Blue and Akiba Yellow are about to be defeated, Hakase shuts down the delusion as an emergency precaution, warning them that another shutdown may permanently remove their delusions. They also discover through a news channel that Akihabara is in fear of a takeover by bootleggers, though their delusion has the Stema Otsu Corporation as the cause. By that time, Hakase hired a suit actor to pose as Deka Red and convince Akagi not to give up being a Akibaranger. An encouraged Akagi returns to Café Himitsukichi and regroups with th
S01E03 It Hurts! Drunken Hero Adventure!! 19/04/2012 Still curious as to how the real Deka Red appeared in the Akibarangers' delusion, Hiroyo calls up Akagi, who tells her he is drinking with friends at a night club. Shortly after the phone conversation, Akagi bumps into Sayaka, who tells him she is meeting up with her friends inside. His hopes for scoring a date with her are boosted when he hears in her conversation with her friends that she does not have a boyfriend, which causes him to order an extra pitcher of beer at his table. Later that night, a drunk Akagi and his friends spot a maid being harassed by a man they believe is recruiting her to become a hostess; in his delusion, the man is yet another Chief Clerk named Kabukich? Mesugurohy?monch? who orders his Shatieeks to abduct all of the maids on the street. Akagi transforms into Akiba Red and engages the enemies, with his teammates joining him shortly. Just after Mesugurohy?monch? reveals the nature of his mission and Akiba Yellow suddenly falls in love with him, Akiba Red summons Bouken Red "Good Luck Form" to battle, much to Hiroyo's surprise. The combined attacks of Akiba Red and Bouken Red force the Chief Clerk to retreat, while Akagi returns to the real world, still drunk and surrounded by people taking pictures of him. The next morning, Hiroyo explains to the trio that Akagi's delusions were amplified by his alcohol intake. The group is further surprised by Yumeria's cosplay change into a blue-haired elementary school boy. Mitsuki is further annoyed when her comrades start schooling her on Super Sentai knowledge during their drinking binge, forcing her to leave the café and walk back home, but not before stopping by a video café. Later that night, the trio once again encounters Mesugurohy?monch?, who attempts to abduct Mitsuki. Upon changing into the Akibarangers, they discover a cage with five women - including Sayaka - locked inside. Akiba Red rushes to break the cage and free the hostages, but is caught off-guard when Sa
S01E04 Forbidden Delusion Is the Pain of Immortality Blue 26/04/2012 Upon telling her comrades that she will not take part in any further delusions, Mitsuki explains that she is going to a martial arts training camp in Izu for three days. This, however, does not mean she will leave the team for good. On the other hand, Hiroyo tells the trio that the delusion amplification system does not work outside of Akihabara. Because of their drunken mishap on their last battle, Akagi and Yumeria are asked by Mitsuki not to enter any delusions while she is away. The next day, Akagi and Yumeria are living their normal lives while resisting the temptation to delude. The duo go to Otamix for Yumeria to try out some new costumes. When she dresses up as Mere, Akagi starts having delusions of his female comrades, Sayaka and Malseena cosplaying as various Super Sentai female characters. Suddenly, Chief Clerk Monzen-Nakach? Hashibirok? appears and uses a spell to purify all of the nerds of their vices, causing them to leave the store and live normal lives. Surrounded by a group of Shatieek priests, Akagi and Yumeria are forced to enter this delusion and change into Akibarangers. With one member missing, they must wait until Hashibirok? indicates a sign of defeat. Upon remembering that only the suit actor for Yellow Four appeared in episode 10 of Choudenshi Bioman, Akiba Red considers bringing Akiba Blue in the scene without Mitsuki around; Hashibirok?, however, does just that, having her attack them instead. Thinking that Akiba Blue has been brainwashed, Akiba Red and Akiba Yellow try to find ways to make her snap out of it, but to no avail. Right when she is about to finish off her comrades, the real Akiba Blue suddenly appears out of nowhere to intervene, which reminds Akiba Red of several "imposter" episodes of past Super Sentai titles. Malseena, who reveals herself to be the fake Akiba Blue, drops the act before leaving the scene, prompting the Akibarangers to destroy Hashibirok?. Back at Café Himitsukichi, Akagi and Yumeria shop online to
S01E05 Our Pain ? Yellow Mama 03/05/2012 Akagi returns to Café Himitsukichi to have some curry rice when he suddenly notices Yumeria cosplaying as an alien girl and telling everyone that her mother Masako from Mount-Pear (Yamanashi Prefecture) is visiting her. Later, Akagi, Mitsuki and Yumeria go to the latter's home, which is decorated with countless anime and Super Sentai memorabilia. Reminded of several "parental visit" episodes of past Super Sentai series and fearing the outcome of Yumeria's mother finding out her hobby, Akagi starts hiding all of the memorabilia, only to stumble upon her collection of yaoi manga in her closet, which gets him kicked out of the apartment. Mitsuki suggests that Yumeria changes into a normal outfit to conceal her otaku identity when Masako suddenly enters the room. Everyone is further surprised when they see that she is also a cosplayer herself - known by her alias "Miyabi", and she reveals Yumeria's real name as Yuko Yamada. As the quartet go shopping in Akihabara, Yumeria reveals that today is her 24th birthday. While Akagi and Mitsuki leave mother and daughter alone for some quality time, they suddenly notice that several cafés and shops on the block have been replaced by host clubs. Upon entering a club, they once again encounter Malseena and a revived Kabukich? Mesugurohy?monch?, who now plan to annex Akihabara into Kabukich?. Yumeria is summoned by Hiroyo to assist her comrades in battling Malseena and Mesugurohy?monch?. Akiba Yellow is overpowered by Mesugurohy?monch? when Masako suddenly intervenes, much to Akiba Red and Akiba Blue's surprise of seeing her in a delusional battle. She takes Yumeria's MMZ-01 unit and transforms into Akiba Yellow to brutalize the Chief Clerk before returning the transformation device to Yumeria for the Akibarangers to finish him off once and for all. Back in the real world, Yumeria reveals that Masako died in a car accident five years ago. Since then, she has celebrated her birthday with h
S01E06 Take Flight Leader! The Painful Trap of Deluded Photography 10/05/2012
S01E07 Delirious Runaway Itasher Break Through the Limit! 17/05/2012 At Café Himitsukichi, Akagi, Mitsuki and Yumeria tell Hiroyo about Malseena entering the real world. Hiroyo is further puzzled after seeing Yumeria's drawing of Malseena, which matches an illustration of her done by her father, Takahiro Tsuzuki, who designed the MMZ-01. Later, the café receives a basket of purple flowers from Malseena's upcoming evil maid café Warukichi. Akagi, Mitsuki and Yumeria race to the café's location to confront Malseena, who informs them that contrary to Akagi's beliefs, she is not a figment of his imagination. She then tells them of a vampire attack at Akiba Square across the street. The trio then run to stop the vampires from harming innocent civilians. When Malseena fires at them, they change into the Akibarangers to engage her in battle. However, Mitsuki interrupts their roll call when she notices that their arch-nemesis is nowhere to be seen in the delusion. While this is going on, Malseena is seen handing freebies to people who put on vampire teeth for the act. In the delusion, the Akibarangers confront a group of Shatieeks led by Yoyogi Sujibokehashirigumo, a spider-like Chief Clerk latched on the back of a Shatieek. Using his enhanced physical abilities, Yoyogi disarms the Akibarangers of their MMZ-01 units before swallowing them, forcing the trio to summon Machine Itashar to chase after him. Meanwhile, Malseena invades Café Himitsukichi and knocks out Kozkoz before incapacitating Hiroyo with sleeping gas and abducting her, revealing herself to be Takahiro's creation. Impersonating Hiroyo's voice in the communicator, Malseena sets up a trap by encouraging the Akibarangers to increase their Delusion Power to catch up with Yoyogi. Back in the delusion, the Akibarangers combine their Delusion Powers to eliminate the background and focus on Yoyogi, who changes into a giant spider during the chase. Itashar Robo engages Yoyogi in battle, but the Chief Clerk traps it in a pile of virtual debris. Yoyogi drops a
S01E08 The Bonds of Painful Special Training Are the Authorization Road's Conspiracy Intersection 24/05/2012
S01E09 The Pain Sentai Breaks Up 31/05/2012
S01E10 Non-Pain Inducing Curse of Z ? Into a New Chapter 07/06/2012
S01E11 The Second Generation Is a Fresh and Painless Warrior 14/06/2012
S01E12 Most Painful Times. Farewell, Delusional Sentai 21/06/2012
S01E13 Two Evaluation Meeting! If You Don't Hurt, That's Alright! 28/06/2012
S01E14 Live Tour Final – Great Expedition to Nakano 30/06/2012
S02E01 Delusional War 05/04/2013
S02E02 Chinese Delusion 12/04/2013
S02E03 Martial Arts Delusion 19/04/2013
S02E04 Delusional Goddess 26/04/2013
S02E05 Delusional Import 03/05/2013
S02E06 Delusional Nyannyan 10/05/2013
S02E07 Delusional Spy 17/05/2013
S02E08 Delusional Beauty War 24/05/2013
S02E09 Delusion Number Two 31/05/2013
S02E10 Delusional Pillow Talk 07/06/2013
S02E11 Delusional Cemetery 14/06/2013
S02E12 Delusional Apostle 21/06/2013
S02E13 Delusional Compilation 28/06/2013