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The final moments of a victim's life is recounted in this crime documentary series.


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S01E01 Love Lies Bleeding 08/01/2015 The case of Jeffrey Dolloff, who was assaulted in his home in April 2009. He was almost beaten to death with a baseball bat and his wife Linda was shot. However, Linda's story of an intruder began to fall apart and though her husband had no recollection of the attack, she was later convicted of attempted murder
S01E02 Ordained to Kill 15/01/2015 The crimes of Thayne Ormsby, who stabbed two men and a 10-year-old boy to death at a home in rural Maine in June 2010. Aged 20 at the time of the crime, he claimed he believed one of the men was a drug dealer
S01E03 Dead Drunk 22/01/2015 The case of Paul Cox, who after overcoming a drinking problem, was haunted by recurring nightmares of a serious crime he may have committed. He told members of Alcoholics Anonymous that he had killed a couple in 1989, inside the New York City home that his family had formerly occupied. After AA members testified against him, Cox was found guilty in 1995. However, his conviction was later contested on a technicality
S01E04 Supermarket Slaughter 29/01/2015 The case of bullied supermarket worker Arunya Rouch, who sought revenge in a way that left her loved ones stunned. In 2010, she pulled a gun on one of her colleagues in a carpark - with her action captured by 30 surveillance cameras
S01E05 Deadly Demons 05/02/2015 The case of 22-year-old Nicole Speirs, who was drowned in her bath at the hands of her boyfriend in March 2006. Marine Corps soldier Walter Smith was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder on returning from duties in Iraq, and managed to evade prosecution for eight months before voluntarily confessing to the crime
S01E06 Death Pact 12/02/2015 The case of Travis Kirchner, owner of a Lower Valley pony ranch, who was convicted of killing his mother Patricia in 2011 in an alleged joint death pact during in which only she died by inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. He committed suicide days after losing his appeal

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