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We've all heard them ... the Mafia killed JFK, the government had a hand in 9/11 and the existence of aliens is the world's best-kept secret. Conspiracy theories are as old as mankind itself, and for just as long people have been taking sides. The advent of the internet provides a unique opportunity to level the playing field and give all men equal access to the facts. In April 2011, the FBI finally relented and established an online repository of files, documents and reports called "The Vault". Unsealed: Conspiracy Files is a ground breaking new show that shines a light on many of these archived case files.


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S01E01 Doomsday 24/09/2012 There have been doomsday signs and prophecies for centuries, and humans' time on this planet may be nearly over.
S01E02 Bio-Hazard Island 01/10/2012 A secret government facility may have created many of the diseases currently plaguing the world.
S01E03 Mind Control 08/10/2012 Those who wish to control what others think, how they act and what they believe; new practices in mind-control.
S01E04 New World Order 15/10/2012 An elite group of power-brokers may be trying to rule the planet.
S01E05 Zombies 22/10/2012 Zombies may be becoming a reality.
S01E06 HAARP Around the World 29/10/2012 Governments around the world may be using weather control to incite the next world war and possibly destroy the planet.
S01E07 Cloning 05/11/2012 Disturbing experiments in animal cloning go on behind closed doors, and human cloning may soon be a reality.
S01E08 Bigfoot 12/11/2012 The evidence for Bigfoot piles up, causing some to wonder who has been keeping information from the public.
S01E09 Who is the Antichrist? 19/11/2012 The Great Deceiver. Seducer of the masses. The Bringer of Armageddon. Every culture and religion on the planet believes that an evil one will usher in the end of days. But who is this Anti-Christ? And how can we hope to stop him?
S01E10 Rise of the Machines 26/11/2012 We rely on machines for virtually every aspect of modern life. Have we reached the point where we need them more than they need us? If technology goes too far, too fast, there may be a time where we are no longer at the top of the evolutionary food chain.
S01E11 Stargates 28/01/2013 Scientists believe that Stargates are doorways to wormholes in time. As it turns out, the government may have already known that. We'll reveal the secret location of stargates around the world and tell you who is trying to open them and why.
S01E12 Top.10.All-Time Conspiracies 02/02/2013 The Top 10 all time conspiracies countdown
S01E13 Remote Viewing 09/02/2013 It was recently reported that the CIA spent over a billion dollars on a "psy ops army". Where did the money go? Was this research a success? We'll unseal documents that could prove the government has an army of remote viewers watching you right now.
S01E14 Fake World Leaders 16/02/2013 Hitler, Sadaam, Osama. These and many other leaders lived a shadowy life filled with body doubles, assassination attempts and deceit. The trouble is: how do you know when they are really dead? We'll uncover proof that several infamous world leaders did not die when you think they did.
S01E15 Secret Alien War 11/05/2013 Has our government been at war with alien aggressors for the past half century? Startling evidence indicates that the US military has been under and attack and has kept it from the public.
S01E16 Time Travel 22/05/2013 Often thought to be safely in the realm of science fiction, time travel is much more real than you were led to believe. We'll unseal the evidence on time travel and let you decide for yourself if time travel is in our future, or our past.
S01E17 Nazis Today 27/05/2013 Evidence suggests that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in a bunker and Nazi leaders were not rounded up and tried at Nuremberg.
S01E18 Secret Alien Attack 06/07/2013 Examining whether world governments are prepared for an alien attack or not.
S01E19 Secret Societies 13/07/2013 Examining whether an elite group of power players are plotting the world's fate.
S01E20 Secret Government Warehouses 20/07/2013 Fort Knox; Hangar 18; Camp Hero; a new, high-security national database center are examined.
S01E21 Global Depopulation 27/07/2013 A look at the idea of a cataclysmic event that might doom the entirety of civilization as we know it and how we may prepare.
S01E22 America's Flying Saucer 03/08/2013 America's new killer aircraft; out-of-this-world technology the U.S. military uses to conquer the globe.

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