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S01E01 Always, Karen 00/00/0000 Karen Walker died of cancer when she was 21 - her parents go to a minister who communicates with the dead. He gives them information about Karen - eventually they communicate directly with their daughter and write a book about their experiences.
S01E02 Black Hope Curse 00/00/0000 Families flee a new Texas subdivision after a series of horrifying paranormal events precede the grisly discovery that their homes are built over an old Slave burial ground. The movie, "Poltergeist" was based in part on this true story.
S01E03 Bullock's Deadwood 00/00/0000 In 1887 Sheriff Seth Bullock answered the call to clean up the mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota. In 1991, a psychic claims that Bullock was communicating with him to change Deadwood gambling laws or a period of lawlessness will ensue.
S01E04 Civil War Ghosts 00/00/0000 In 1862, during the Civil War, a military installation was established on 60 acres overlooking Los Angeles Harbor. Today it is a museum, and many employees believe that some of the long dead spirits of the Civil War continue to roam the Drum Barracks.
S01E05 Comedy Store Ghost 00/00/0000 Patrons and stand-up comics describe the ghosts who inhabit this famed nightclub where Robin Williams, Jay Leno, and David Letterman, among many others got their start.
S01E06 Devil's Backbone 00/00/0000 It's called the Devil's Backbone, and when it comes to ghosts per square mile, few places are said to match these 4700 acres in Central Texas, about 50 miles south of Austin.
S01E07 Friendly Ghost 00/00/0000 For the past 170 years, a friendly ghost, The Grey Man, has warned island residents of impending natural disasters. Homes of those who saw the ghost have been mysteriously spared from hurricanes & natural disasters. The ghost walks the beach areas looking for his lost love.
S01E08 Frightened Family 00/00/0000 A couple moves into a house and begins to hear strange noises from the attic area. They find out a young child had died in the house.
S01E09 General Wayne's Inn 00/00/0000 Mysterious noises, smells, and apparitions have led the owner of General Wayne Inn in Merion, Pennsylvania to claim that a ghost is a permanent resident.
S01E10 Gettysburg Ghosts 00/00/0000 The hallowed fields of Gettysburg, the site of the Civil War battle where tens of thousands lost their lives, have been haunted by the ghosts of those killed before their time. There have been dozens of sightings of apparitions, many on the days the bloody battle was re-enacted.
S01E11 Ghost Blimp 00/00/0000 A blimp patrolling the California coast during WWII crashes in Daly City, but the crewmembers were not on board. What happened to them?
S01E12 Ghost Boy 00/00/0000 Denice Jones was cleaning the kitchen one night when she heard a scream in her youngest son's bedroom. Alarmed, Denice ran upstairs to find five?year?old son Michael curled up in the corner of his room. He explained that a "crayon color white man" had come to his room and tried to touch his shoulder. He was sent to warn Michael to stay away "from the bad ghosts." But the warning would prove futile. Soon, Michael and his family say they were plagued by spirits in their home: glowing balls of light, levitating furniture, and demons that would physically leave their mark on Michael until he bled. Medical tests would reveal that Michael had no mental or physical problems to explain this phenomenon.
S01E13 Ghost Lights 00/00/0000 Eerie lights have appeared in the region of Marfa, Texas for the last 100 years. Countless people have witnessed the strange phenomena, but scientists can't explain it.
S01E14 Ghost Writer 00/00/0000 A man who dies "returns" to his daughter to write a letter to his wife.
S01E15 Ghostly Attraction 00/00/0000 In 1990, the Hatley's moved into a 109 year old mansion only to discover that their home was haunted by the ghost of John Hardin, 32, who'd been murdered while putting out a deliberately-set fire in his truck in 1975.
S01E16 Ghosts Go To Court 00/00/0000 Andres and Josie Smith say the 250?year?old Lowe's Cottage in England they purchased from sisters, Melbourne and Sandra Podmore, in 1994 is haunted. The house is plagued with flying objects, ghostly apparitions, and a malevolent presence that led the Smiths to seek relief in the form of an exorcism.
S01E17 Gordy's Ghost 00/00/0000 After a family moves into a new house, their young daughter sees a ghost. She identifies a photo of him as man who lived next door.
S01E18 Grace's Ghost 00/00/0000 Ghost of woman who was killed by her lover at resort in the Adirondacks continues to haunt the area.
S01E19 Highway Vision 00/00/0000 On Highway 50 on 6/9/94 Christine Skubish fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road. She died instantly, but her son Nick miraculously survived the crash. However, the car and boy were only found because two other travelers had a vision of a woman resembling the mother, which caused them to call the police.
S01E20 Lady in Black 00/00/0000 Robert Davidson was struck by lightening and left for dead until a ghostly Lady In Black came out of nowhere, saved his life, and vanished.
S01E21 Lake Wales Haunting 00/00/0000 In the fall of 1991, in Lake Wales, Florida, 19 year?old Alan Mann began claiming that he had seen a ghost in his bedroom. The family has deemed the house haunted.
S01E22 Lizzy Borden's House 00/00/0000 Now a Bed & Breakfast, the home of Lizzie Borden in Fall River, Massachusetts, the site of the infamous axe murders, is reportedly haunted. Reconditioned to resemble the house as it was in 1892, guests and employees alike have seen and heard strange things while inside. Some greet the occurances with excitement and curiosity, while others are afraid to go back inside.
S01E23 Mary Celeste 00/00/0000 When the huge, three mastered frigate, Mary Celeste was discovered floundering in the Atlantic, there was no sign of life aboard. The captain and crew seemingly vanished from this ship with no signs of foul play and no reason for the crew to abandon ship.
S01E24 Matchmaker Ghost 00/00/0000 Hauntings by the ghost of Mary Green, the only woman to pilot a sternwheeler, brought Mike and Myra together while working on the Delta Queen; they became inseparable and later married.
S01E25 Moss Beach Ghost 00/00/0000 Over the years, eyewitnesses recount a series of strange happenings at the Moss Beach Distillery. As many as five different ghosts have lurked in or around the restaurant.
S01E26 Myrtles Plantation 00/00/0000 At least 10 people have died violently at the Myrtles Plantation since it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground in 1796. Now it has been turned into a bed and breakfast where guests can spend the night in one of the beautifully appointed bedroom suites. But if you spend the night at the Myrtles, you may not be alone. Why is this lovely ante-bellum plantation considered the most haunted house in America? Who are the ghosts that haunt the Myrtles?
S01E27 Mystery Hum 00/00/0000 All around the world thousands of people say that they are being tormented by the sound of a loud persistent "Hum", that no one else can detect. What is the source of the mysterious hum? Despite the best efforts of scientists and researchers, no one knows what is causing the noise, why only a select group can hear it, or what can be done to stop it.
S01E28 Profiling the Paranormal 00/00/0000 A seven member group called HOPE claims to have organized and overseen nearly 100 exorcisms since its founding just a year ago. The exorcism of Kathy is provided as an example.
S01E29 Queen May Ghosts 00/00/0000 Ocean liner Queen Mary docked in Long Beach has been the site of ghosts, poltergeists and apparitions. Passengers and crew have seen strange occurrences.
S01E30 Resurrection Mary 00/00/0000 For more than half a century, a pale, mysterious young woman known as Resurrection Mary has teased and beguiled residents of the city of Chicago.
S01E31 Tallman's Ghost 00/00/0000 The Tallman family of Wisconsin claim their house was invaded by ghosts, apparitions, threatening voices and poltergeists. The experiences became so intense that they were forced to flee their home.
S01E32 Tatum's Ghost 00/00/0000 Jim and Katherine Tatum of Marietta, GA have experienced "supernatural" occurrences in their new home. The "ghost" likes to tug on Katherine's blouse while she's working in the kitchen.
S01E33 The Entity 00/00/0000 Three partners bought a 3000-acre ranch in the Texas hills and moved into the main building. Almost every night the men heard loud crashing noises and stomping. Dr. William Roll was called in to check it out.
S01E34 Voice From the Grave 00/00/0000 Teresita Basa was murdered in her Chicago apartment. There were no suspects and police were at a dead end until another woman allegedly became possessed with Teresita's spirit and told her the killer's name, Allan Showery. Showery was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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