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Unsub is an American television series that aired on NBC from February 3 to April 14, 1989. The series centers around an elite FBI forensic team that investigates serial murderers and other violent crimes. Unsub is an abbreviation for the unknown subject of an investigation. -- WikiPedia


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Unsub

S01E01 White Bone Demon 03/02/1989
S01E02 Silent Stalker 10/02/1989 Ned's protégé accompanies him and Tony to British Columbia for a shot at a rape-murder case in which the victim was a preteen boy.
S01E03 Clean Slate 17/02/1989
S01E04 Daddy Dearest 04/03/1989
S01E05 And They Swam Right over the Dam 10/03/1989
S01E06 And the Dead Shall Rise to Condemn Thee (1) 31/03/1989
S01E07 And the Dead Shall Rise to Condemn Thee (2) 07/04/1989
S01E08 Burnout 14/04/1989