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Un enseignant est à la recherche d'une école du nom de Seishou Academy, puisqu'il est nouveau professeur de cette école. Seishou Academy est réputée pour avoir d'excellents étudiants en matière de tir. Toutefois, il se perd en chemin et décide de chercher dans un festival d'été quelqu'un qui connaitrait l'école. Il rencontre une jeune fille à un stand de tir et trouve qu'elle a une adresse au tir exceptionnelle. La jeune fille raconte à l'enseignant qu'elle est un fusil d'assaut, pas une simple étudiante. Son nom est FNC et elle est un fusil d'assaut de la Seishou Academy. Le lendemain, le nouvel enseignant de l'école découvre les étudiants, y compris FNC, pratiquant le tir au FNC, et se rend compte qu'il s'est engagé dans une école incroyable. Comment sera son expérience à la Seishou Academy?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Upotte!!

S01E01 Grip and Hold! 07/04/2012 Seishou Academy is a school for very unique girls. Their new homeroom teacher gets a crash course lesson in how special they are, from models numbers to underwear.
S01E02 Go For It! Pass It! 14/04/2012 Funko, Ichiyon, Eru have failed and are required to take remedial classes. Their older sisters from Seishou Academy High School Division have come up with plan to help. School is war.
S01E03 Wash and Scrub! 21/04/2012 The Japanese teacher is learning more about his students, and on a trip to the high school he gets to meet their older sisters. Funco, Eru, and Sigu lead a group of elementary guns on a volunteer cleaning trip.
S01E04 Sing! Compete! 28/04/2012 Eru is misunderstood by the other guns, teachers, and suffers from frequents breaks. After getting into a fight with Ichiroku before the team battle exams, she pulls a no show, leaving Ichiroku to fight alone.
S01E05 Graze It! Beat It! 05/05/2012 The battle exams continue with Ichiroku making it to the semi-finals by herself with some amazing shots. The next round brings the duo Galil and Sako, both very dangerous and vengeful guns, which one girl will find out.
S01E06 Take it! Hurry! 12/05/2012 Sako has shown she will do anything to win the competition and take over the school. Aug wants to get close to Funco, but getting a chance to talk her is proving to be impossible.
S01E07 Be Afraid! Visit! 19/05/2012 After enjoying a snow ball fight and a unique hotpot, the girls decide to visit the Japanese teacher as he got sick before the break. The only ones to make it to the apartment are Funco and Ichiroku, a duo guaranteeing a disaster.
S01E08 Take a Look! Scold Someone! 26/05/2012 The Seishou School Fair is unlike any other fair. Tanks, live fire, optical camo, and camels imported from Israel are just the beginning. The Japanese teacher is not ready for this!
S01E09 Burn Up! Go Mad! 02/06/2012 Seishou Academy is on their annual retreat. A private beach, fun in the sun, and designated shooting areas makes it an enjoyable time. That was until three students were shot in vital parts and war was declared.
S01E10 And Then! Upotte! 09/06/2012 The girls have split up into two teams, Ichiroku/Shigu and Funco/Eru. The goal is to flank the attackers in the train station. Ichiroku gets hit by a shotgun blast and Eru’s magazine catch is damaged. What is the attacker’s endgame?