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Covering a span of 27 years (1903-1930), Upstairs, Downstairs follows the lives of the wealthy Bellamy family residing upstairs at 165 Eaton Place, London, as well as the lives of those employed in their service living downstairs. Richard Bellamy, the son of a poor parson, is married to Lady Marjorie, the daughter of the wealthy Earl and Countess of Southwold, whose family money provides for the Bellamy's lavish lifestyle. As an influential member of the Conservative party, the Earl secures a seat in Parliament for Richard, with the expectation that he will support conservative policies. He tries his best to please his wife's family but, being a Liberal at heart, Richard finds it's not always that easy. These political and financial differences are a reoccurring source of contention for the Bellamys. On the surface, the lives of the family living upstairs couldn't seem more different than those of the servants living below but, strangely enough, through the years their lives often intersect, becoming increasingly entwined as time goes by. The addition of real-life events, like the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic and the horrors of World War I, incorporated into the storylines add a touch of authenticity and realism to the show.


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S01E01 On Trial 00/00/0000 November 1903: Clemence, young and inexperienced, is hired on a trial basis by Lady Marjorie, who decides Clemence is not an appropriate name for someone in service and changes it to Sarah. Being far too outspoken and having a tendency towards over exaggeration and drama, Sarah struggles to fit in and become accepted by the other servants.
S01E02 The Mistress and the Maids 00/00/0000 June 1904: An artist, commissioned to paint Lady Marjorie's portrait, takes a shine to Sarah and convinces her to pose for him. The painting, depicting Sarah and her roommate, is a bit racy, and when the Bellamy's see it in a public exhibit, they fire both girls for what they wrongly conclude is "questionable behaviour."
S01E03 Board Wages 00/00/0000 August 1904: Finding themselves alone and having the run of the house, the junior servants indulge in a night of wild partying. When James, the Bellamy's son, show up unexpectedly, the party takes an unusual turn, causing Sarah to reevaluate her life. Unhappy with what she sees, she makes a monumental decision that will alter her course forever.
S01E04 The Path of Duty 00/00/0000 May 1905: When Elizabeth returns home from abroad, her parents plan her debut into society, but the spirited young girl has little interest. She reluctantly agrees, but at the last moment, has a change of heart and flees. Rose, more like a sister than a servant, steps up and makes the girl see the situation in another light.
S01E05 A Suitable Marriage 00/00/0000 December 1905: Elizabeth falls for a young German baron, whom her father is suspicious of. Richard quickly uncovers the Baron's secret, but as it turns out, Baron Klaus von Rimmer is hiding another secret, which Rose accidentally stumbles upon. The events of the evening compel one of the servants to betray not only the family, but the country as well.
S01E06 A Cry for Help 00/00/0000 October 1906: Mary, the new housemaid confides in Richard that she's pregnant, the result of an assault by a man who drunkenly forced himself on her. Insisting he must bear responsibility, she reveals the man is Myles Radford, the son of Richard's friend (and her previous employer), General Radford. Myles, outraged that Richard has the gall to question his integrity, gets even with a classless move that could have enormous legal, financial, and moral ramifications.
S01E07 Magic Casements 00/00/0000 Summer 1906: Captain Hammond, a handsome young friend of James', graciously agrees to escort Lady Marjorie to the opera. Feeling a strong mutual attraction, they quickly realize how compatible they are, despite the age difference, Abuzz with gossip, the servants seem to be the only ones aware of what's going on.
S01E08 I Dies from Love 00/00/0000 April 1907: Believing destiny brought them together, Emily, the scruffy kitchen maid, falls deeply and hopelessly in love with a footman named William. When his mistress, Mrs. Van Groeben, learns about his relationship with Emily, she angrily orders William to stop seeing her, leaving Emily heartbroken and driven to an act of desperation.
S01E09 Why is Her Door Locked? 00/00/0000 November 1907: Everyone's been concerned about Mrs. Bridges, who's been despondent ever since Emily's suicide, but when they discover she took a baby from his pram when his mother wasn't looking, and brought him home with her, they realize she's suffering from a mental breakdown. Hoping to keep the incident quiet and protect everyone's reputations, the Bellamys return the baby to his parents and offer compensation, but refuse to divulge Mrs. Bridges' identity. The father, furious that they consider themselves above the law, has Mrs. Bridges arrested and during her hearing, Hudson makes an extraordinary gesture he hopes will keep her out of prison.
S01E10 A Voice from the Past 00/00/0000 Autumn 1908: While providing food for the homeless, James and Elizabeth are surprised to run into Sara whose been living on the street. Elizabeth insists on taking her back to Eaton Place where she's given a job as a scullery maid. Sarah immediately reverts back to her old tricks and, claiming to be a medium, causes an uproar when she tries to conjure up the spirit of Emily during a seance.
S01E11 The Swedish Tiger 00/00/0000 October 1908: Almost like a bad whodunit, this is an odd, very disjointed story involving a series of thefts, miscommunications, mistaken identities, set-ups, betrayals, and cheating at cards. Everything seems to revolve around Captain Axel Ryttsen of the Swedish Army, who's come to visit James. He's brought his valet with him, a handsome and charismatic man named Torkel Kraft, who uses his charms to deceive Sarah into helping him with a theft he's planning. Captain Ryttsen, oblivious to Kraft's scheme, is only interested in one thing... the card game James has arranged for him. A turn of events during the last few disappointing minutes brings the show to a dissatisfying and abrupt end.
S01E12 The Key of the Door 00/00/0000 Winter 1908: Elizabeth befriends a bunch of Bohemian-types, but is drawn to two in particular: Evelyn Larkin, a radical Socialist extremist, and her lover, Lawrence Kirbridge, a handsome, free-spirited poet. On the eve of her 21st birthday, with her parents out of town, Lizzy invites the entire group to Eaton Place, and is humiliated when the Bellamys return home unexpectedly and throw everyone out. Anxious to prove she's nothing like her parents, Lizzy is compelled to do something extreme, leading to a falling out with her parents and a harsh discovery about Evelyn.
S01E13 For Love of Love 00/00/0000 June 1909: Elizabeth and Lawrence Kirbridge have fallen in love and, refusing to conform to society's rules, announce their plan to live together without marriage, resulting in pressure from all sides. After Lawrence gives in and starts pressuring her too, Lizzie finally succumbs. Meanwhile, Sarah fulfills her dream to perform on the stage when she takes a job in a burlesque show. James shows up and, now that she no longer works for his family, wants to pursue the relationship they've both wanted for nearly six years.
S03E01 Miss Forrest 00/00/0000 It's two years later and Eaton Place has seen many changes. Richard is writing his late father-in-law's biography, assisted by Miss Hazel Forrest, his typist. James has been working in London ever since Phyllis broke off their engagement, and Miss Forrest has caught his eye. Daring to venture across the class boundaries once again, James invites her to dine with him, much to the chagrin of Hudson who finds this impropriety upsetting and when he's unable to hide his feelings, it provokes a confrontation with James. Lady Marjorie is looking forward to visiting Elizabeth who now lives in America. Her brother, Lord Hugo Southwold, and his new wife, Marion, are also going, as well as her maid, Roberts, who is giddy with excitement that she gets to sail on the maiden voyage of that magnificent new ship, the Titanic!
S03E02 A House Divided 00/00/0000 When none of the family members are listed among the Titanic survivors, they must be presumed dead and the entire household goes into mourning. When routine household tasks begin to fall through the cracks, Hazel steps up to help whenever she sees a need. Her thoughtful effort is lost on the servants who feel like she's imposing herself into their lives and trying to take Lady Marjorie's place. It also causes concern for her parents who seem to think the Bellamys will soon have Hazel mopping floors. Everyone is stunned when an unexpected visitor arrives.
S03E03 A Change of Scene 10/11/1973 James attends a weekend hunting party where some guests attempt to set him up with his childhood chum, Lady Diana Russell, even though his best friend, Bunny, wants to marry her. Hudson accompanies James and steps up to lend a helping hand when the head butler, who appears to be suffering from Alzheimer's, falls short in his duties. He's later offered a job when the mistress of the house takes note of his capabilities.
S03E04 A Family Secret 17/11/1973 James has been secretly courting Hazel Forrest, and soon discovers she's a master at hiding secrets because she's been hiding a really big one from him.
S03E05 Rose's Pigeon 00/00/0000 Alfred, the Bellamy's former footman from a few years ago, shows up on the doorstep, cold, wet, and hungry, with no where else to go. Although his behavior is erratic, Rose lets him in to eat and stay the night in a storage room. When he's discovered the next morning, Alfred panics and the situation quickly falls apart.
S03E06 Desirous of Change 00/00/0000 Richard and a lovely widowed countess greatly enjoy each others company, but when they discover neither of them has financial stability, they enjoy one last lovely day before parting. The new maid, Gwyneth, an odd but very capable girl, becomes obsessed with Richard.
S03E07 Word of Honour 00/00/0000 Acting on a tip from a friend, Richard quadruples his stock market investment in a matter of weeks. When it turns out that the company he invested in just landed a government contract, he's accused of insider trading. Richard denies learning about it in Parliament, but refuses to divulge the name of his friend, and when Hazel and Hudson go behind his back to determine his friend's identity, Richard is furious.
S03E08 The Bolter 00/00/0000 Hazel feels out of her element when she accompanies James on a hunting weekend and spends the evening watching Diana throw herself at him. When James refuses to allow her to participate in the hunt, Hazel defies him with the urging of Diana, who then proceeds to play a cruel stunt by putting Hazel on an untamed horse she's unable to handle. James is embarrassed and angry over Hazel's defiance and lack of horsemanship, causing an argument. Later, when Cochy implies James is sleeping with Diana, Hazel, who's already nursing a wounded ego, packs it in and heads back to London. Meanwhile, a flirtatious maid asks Edward to come to her room later that night, and on his way there, Edward is shocked to see one of the gentlemen entering the room of one of the married ladies.
S03E09 Goodwill to All Men 00/00/0000 Lady Southwold and Georgina Worsley, her 18 year-old step-granddaughter (the step-daughter of her late son, Hugo) are spending the holidays at Eaton Place and Georgina quickly befriends the new maid, Daisy Peel, also 18. When she learns that Daisy is homesick and hasn't seen her family in three years, Georgina hatches a plan to take Daisy to see them but things don't go as planned.
S03E10 What the Footman Saw 00/00/0000 At the pub with some friends, Edward shares stories about the recent weekend hunting party he attended with James and Hazel, and inadvertently opens a huge can of worms.
S03E11 A Perfect Stranger 00/00/0000 A chance meeting on a bus leads to a proposal of marriage for Rose and a chance to make a new life in Australia.
S03E12 Distant Thunder 00/00/0000 The summer brings a stifling heatwave, causing passions, emotions, and tempers to run hot. Georgina is staying at Eaton Place for the summer and has "come out" in society as a young debutante, Rose is regretting her decision regarding Gregory Wilmot, Hazel is recovering from her miscarriage, and James is letting his eye wander in an inappropriate and very dangerous direction.
S03E13 The Sudden Storm 00/00/0000 On the verge of war, Mrs Bridges receives a marriage proposal but the gentleman quickly loses favor in her eyes. Edward and Daisy declare their love, as do Georgina and Billy, while James and Hazel's relationship hangs on by a thread. When Britain declares war on Germany, James is recalled to the military.
S04E01 A Patriotic Offering 00/00/0000 Unable to communicate with the Belgian refugees they're expected to look after has left the staff feeling put out, frustrated, and angry. They want the refugees to leave but, after hearing their tragic stories, things change and they're sorry to see them go. Meanwhile, Edward is caught in the middle between those who love him and want him to be safe, and everyone else who make him feel guilty for not enlisting; but after hearing the refugees' stories, he decides to do what he thinks is right, and Daisy is not pleased.
S04E02 News from the Front 00/00/0000 After James talks about an appalling lack of ammunition, Geoffrey Dillon leaks it to the press for political gain. Pleased with the results, a grateful Dillon pulls strings to get James a promotion and a cushy job, but James doesn't want it. Hoping he'll intervene, James goes to his CO who shows him the story and, citing his discovery that James is the leak, refuses to help, turning the desk job into a punishment of sorts. Meanwhile, Edward and Daisy become engaged.
S04E03 The Beastly Hun 00/00/0000 The bitter anti-German sentiment generated by the sinking of the Lusitania causes the Bellamy servants to consider their own attitudes when a local tradesman of German descent is attacked, along with his family. Hazel discovers that Hudson has been spreading scare stories around the servants' hall and displaying an exaggerated hatred of Germans.
S04E04 Women Shall Not Weep 00/00/0000 Daisy and Edward get married right before he ships off to France. Georgina goes to the train station to see a couple of friends off and sees the horrors of war firsthand. She's so moved by what she witnesses that she applies for a volunteer nursing program. On another note, James has been writing her letters in secret. Ruby surprises everyone with a surprise announcement.~
S04E05 Tug of War 00/00/0000 James is home on leave and finds the rest of the family busy with war work. He's so unhappy with his current position on staff, so Hazel makes a sacrifice on his behalf. Georgina finds that nursing is more demanding and less glamorous than she imagined. Most of the housework at Eaton Place now falls on Daisy after Rose obtains a part-time job.
S04E06 Home Fires 00/00/0000 The reappearance of Gregory Wilmot throws Rose into a tailspin. Lady Prudence butts heads with Helen over a tea party for wounded officers.
S04E07 If You Were the Only Girl in the World 00/00/0000 Hazel has a little fling with Lt. Jack Dyson, whom she met at the tea party for wounded officers, and is seen by one of her lady acquaintances. James and Georgina meet in France and share a moment of passion.
S04E08 The Glorious Dead 00/00/0000 Sadly, perhaps inevitably, a double dose of tragic news arrives for those at Eaton Place.
S04E09 Another Year 00/00/0000 This difficult year finally comes to bumpy close. Helen and Richard meet Mrs. Charles Hamilton who wants Richard to help get her pet project off the ground. Edward is home on leave but all is not well. A bombing in London brings a familiar face back to Eaton Place.
S04E10 The Hero's Farewell 00/00/0000 Lady Prudence commandeers the Bellamy drawing room for a worthy cause. Another London bombing, another close call, and another tragedy is heaped upon the tattered nerves of those at Eaton Place.
S04E11 Missing Believed Killed 00/00/0000 Grasping at straws, the Bellamy family continue to search for any information to indicate James is still alive, but when Trooper Frederick Norton, James' servant, arrives to deliver James' personal belongings, Hazel loses all hope.
S04E12 Facing Fearful Odds 00/00/0000 Virginia Hamilton returns to Eaton Place, seeking Richard's advice for her son who is facing a court martial. Meanwhile, Edward is scheduled to go back to France, and James is wallowing in self-pity.
S04E13 Peace Out of Pain 00/00/0000 Rose receives excellent news, James is depressed about his slow recovery, Richard is courting Virginia, and the Great War is winding down to a victorious conclusion, but there's still one more casualty to be claimed.
S05E01 On with the Dance 00/00/0000 Eaton Place is enveloped with uncertainty. Edward and Daisy have moved on and been replaced with Frederick Norton, James' servant from the war, and Lily. The newlyweds, Richard and Virginia, and her children, Alica and William, have plans to move into their own home. There's not enough work to keep everyone busy and the house is far too large for James to live there alone, so he decides it's time to sell the house and gives the servants a month's notice.
S05E02 A Place in the World 00/00/0000 After James' Letter to the Editor garners strong public approval. the conservative Tory party, hoping to cash in on his moment of popularity, invite him to run for Parliament as a Tory. James accepts but everyone soon realizes that his progressive views for moving the country forward are not aligned with the party views which want to go back to the way things were before the war. Meanwhile, Edward and Daisy are struggling financially but realize they have friends who love them at Eaton Place.
S05E03 Laugh a Little Louder Please 00/00/0000 Georgina and her cohort throw a bacchanal at Eaton Place, with tragic consequences. Miss Treadwell, a governess for the children, joins the household.
S05E04 The Joy Ride 00/00/0000 When James buys a small airplane, Virginia defies Richard, putting the entire household through quite an ordeal.
S05E05 Wanted: A Good Home 00/00/0000 Spring 1922: When William goes off to Prep School, Rose gets Alice a new puppy so she won't be lonely, but when Richard and Virginia go on holiday and leave Miss Treadwell in charge, the entire staff lines up against her when she tries to dispose of the "filthy creature".
S05E06 An Old Flame 00/00/0000 James and Lady Diana Newbury behave foolishly, with little regard of how it impacts others. Edward is in trouble with Daisy when he's caught in a lie.
S05E07 Disillusion 00/00/0000 Spring is in the air and Hudson has found love, but it comes at a price for the household. In the end, the object of his affection makes a sacrifice for him.
S05E08 Such a Lovely Man 00/00/0000 (Audio commentary available on some DVDs). An influential industrialist showers attention on Virginia, and there's another member of the household being courted—Ruby.
S05E09 The Nine Days Wonder 00/00/0000 The entire household comes together when a General Strike is called throughout Britain in May 1926
S05E10 The Understudy 00/00/0000 On the eve of an important dinner party for a French diplomat, Hudson suffers a heart attack.
S05E11 Alberto 00/00/0000 Frederick considers his future when he feels his talents are largely wasted in the Bellamy household.
S05E12 Will Ye No Come Back Again? 00/00/0000 Hudson is back in his element when the Bellamys travel to Scotland for their summer holiday.
S05E13 Joke Over 00/00/0000 After an evening of dissipated behavior and a reckless drive into the countryside, Georgina must appear at a coroner's inquest, when one of the locals is killed.
S05E14 Noblesse Oblige 00/00/0000 Better the devil you know than the one you don't is the lesson Mrs. Bridges and Ruby learn after a terrible row. Upstairs, Lord Stockbridge proposes to Georgina, but there's a catch.
S05E15 All the King's Horses 00/00/0000 (Audio commentary available on some DVDs). The Wall Street crash hits Eaton Place. October, 1929. After making a killing on Wall Street, James returns to England with his spirits renewed. His homecoming is a joyous one for the Bellamys, despite Richard's doubts as to the soundness of his son's speculations. Indeed, his fears are prophetic—the stock-market crash wipes out James and Rose, who invested her savings on the strength of James' advice. Enraged, Richard berates James over this and past failures, opening old and still painful wounds.
S05E16 Whither Shall I Wander? 00/00/0000 (Audio commentary available on some DVDs). After nearly 30 years, the Bellamy saga ends with the sale of 165 Eaton Place and a fresh beginning for every member of the household.
S00E01 Gordon Jackson on Russell Harty Plus 00/00/0000 Gordon Jackson on Russell Harty Plus.
S00E02 Jean Marsh on Russell Harty Plus 00/00/0000 Jean Marsh on Russell Harty.
S00E03 Angela Baddeley on Russell Harty Plus 00/00/0000 Angela Baddeley on Russell Harty.
S00E04 Upstairs, Downstairs Remembered: 25th Anniversary Special 02/06/1996 Presented by Gareth Hunt, 25 years later. Upstairs, Downstairs Remembered takes an affectionate look back on the series as cast and production members share their stories and memories. These interviews were filmed in the rooms in the Duke of York's Territorial Army barracks, off the King's Road in London. This location provided the perfect backdrop for these interviews as it was often used for rehearsing the episodes.
S00E05 The Story of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part One - On Trial: Spring 1969 to Spring 1972 00/00/0000 This documentary features episode commentaries by Jean Marsh (Rose), Evin Crowley (Emily), George Innes (Alfred), Simon Williams (James), and writers Fay Weldon, Terence Brady, Charlotte Bingham, Jeremy Paul, and Rosemary Anne Sisson,
S00E06 The Story of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part Two - On With the Dance: Spring 1972 to January 1973 00/00/0000 This documentary features episode commentaries by Nicola Pagett (Elizabeth), Jean Marsh (Rose), Ian Ogilvy (Lawrence), Simon Williams (James), writers Rosemary Anne Sisson and Jeremy Paul, and co-creator and script editor Alfred Shaughnessy.
S00E07 The Story of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part Three - A Change of Scene: Spring 1973 to January 1974 00/00/0000 This documentary features episode commentaries by Meg Wynn Owen (Hazel), Simon Williams (James), Jean Marsh (Rose), George Innes (Alfred), Jacqueline Tong (Daisy), writers Rosemary Anne Sisson and Jeremy Paul, and director Christopher Hodson.
S00E08 The Story of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part Four - The Beastly Hun: January 1974 to January 1975 00/00/0000 This documentary features episode commentaries by Jean Marsh (Rose), Jacqueline Tong (Daisy), Christopher Beeny (Edward), Meg Wynn Owen (Hazel), Simon Williams (James), writer Rosemary Anne Sisson, and director Christopher Hodson.
S00E09 The Story of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part Five - Wither Shall I Wander?: January 1975 to Summer 2006 00/00/0000 This documentary features episode commentaries by Karen Dotrice (Lily), Jenny Tomasin (Ruby), Simon Williams (James), Jean Marsh (Rose), writers Rosemary Anne Sisson and Jeremy Paul, and director Simon Langton.
S00E10 After Upstairs Downstairs 08/04/2002 Rather than being the linear/chronological account of the making of the series that Upstairs, Downstairs Remembered (above) was, After Upstairs, Downstairs reflects its more popularist prime-time slot by being more of a grab bag of reminiscences about the show and it doesn't really seek to portray the genesis of the original series in any great detail. In keeping with the umbrella theme of the After... set of programmes, it concentrates a lot more on what the actors got up to after the show had finished for good in 1975. Included here are memories of Gordon Jackson and Angela Baddeley, but sadly David Langton isn't even mentioned once, which is a shame given he was such a lynchpin of the original series.
S00E11 Upstairs Downstairs Documentary – Must See TV 00/00/0000 Hosted by Patsy Kensit With: Lesley-Anne Down, Jean Marsh, George Innes, Christopher Beeny, Evin Crowley, Simon Williams, Jacqueline Tong, Meg Wynn Owen and Gareth Hunt
S00E13 00/00/0000