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Anime adaptation of the smartphone game.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Vampire Holmes

S01E01 A Great Detective?! His Name Is... 04/04/2015
S01E02 The Mysterious, Difficult Case 11/04/2015
S01E03 Holmes's Condition 18/04/2015
S01E04 The Clever Hawk Something Something 25/04/2015
S01E05 Walk with me 02/05/2015
S01E06 Pursuing the difficult case?! 09/05/2015
S01E07 Holmes Rising 16/05/2015
S01E08 Kira the Black Cat 23/05/2015 Holmes and Hudson return from the harbor with a new mystery in hand and a surprise waiting for them at home.
S01E09 What is Distorted? 30/05/2015 What terror will be unleashed when Holmes opens the Box of Distortion?
S01E10 A Long Walk 06/06/2015 A real mystery is unveiled as Hudson discovers Holmes reading a book about werewolves.
S01E11 Even Just One Person 13/06/2015 Hudson returns to find that Holmes has disappeared. What is the true purpose of his "long walk"?!
S01E12 Holmes is a Great Detective?! 20/06/2015

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