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In his time with the Amsterdam Police, Commissaris Piet van der Valk has seen it all. His cynicism sometimes shocks even his assistant Johnny Kroon. Their caseload brings them into contact with the city's many subcultures from drug-users to sexual perverts. Van der Valk is known for his ability to break difficult cases by pursuing his famous hunches. His superior Hoofdcommissaris Samson, however, is always more concerned with the political and public relations ramifications of van der Valk's investigations. The city meanwhile provides an attractive backdrop for the stories.The character of van der Valk was created by the author Nicolas Freeling in a popular series of novels, though none of the storylines in the televison series are directly based on the books. The theme tune "Eye Level" was very popular when the show was first broadcast, spending several weeks in the British charts.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Van der Valk

S01E01 One Herring's Not Enough 13/09/1972 When a man confesses to the double murder of his wife and her lover it seems an open and shut case; but as one part after another of the man's story doesn't check out, van der Valk realizes he is dealing with something far more complicated.
S01E02 Destroying Angel 20/09/1972 Van der Valk and Kroon investigate when a local prostitute reports that a man is dying. He's living in rooms above a bar and the police surgeon says he has no hope of recovering. While he can't be certain, he agrees with the police who feel that he may have been poisoned. As the police soon learn, the man and a partner may have been drug dealers but it's a very rare book that gets Van der Valk's interest. When a fingerprint check reveals that the dying man was supposed to have died in a car crash 20 years before, the police aren't sure just who they're dealing with.
S01E03 Blue Notes 27/09/1972 When a world-famous Dutch violinist returns to Amsterdam for a rare performance, he receives a series of death threats. Someone even smashes his Stradivarius. Van der Valk can't fathom why anyone would want to hurt the virtuoso--but that doesn't mean the threat isn't real.
S01E04 Elected Silence 04/10/1972 When the daughter of a controversial right-wing journalist disappears, Van der Valk has trouble keeping his personal feelings for the man private, despite warnings from his boss. The ransom demand leaves the detective perplexed and the father struggling with his past.
S01E05 Thicker Than Water 11/10/1972 A young English aristocrat turns up dead in an Amsterdam canal, but his mother shows little interest in finding the killer. Van der Valk and Kroon begin to piece together the man's history, which leads them on a tour of the city's transvestite clubs and bars.
S01E06 The Adventurer 18/10/1972 A deadly car crash has Van der Valk flummoxed--and fearful. Why was the victim carrying a gun and a photo of a local stonemason? No one shares his concern, however, including the mason, who dismisses the offer of police protection. But Van der Valk can't walk away just yet.
S02E01 A Death by the Sea 29/08/1973 A romantic midnight swim leaves a man unconscious and his wife missing, presumed drowned. Van der Valk suspects that more than amorous intentions were at play that night, and he sets out to prove it.
S02E02 A Man of No Importance 05/09/1973 When a dead man turns up on the deck of a canal barge, everyone is ready to dismiss him as a nonentity. The commissaries disagrees. Before Van der Valk can find out what happened to the man, though, he first must discover his identity.
S02E03 A Rose for Mr Reinhart 12/09/1973 Arlette's intuition proves truer than her husband's after a young woman is threatened in the park. Van der Valk tries to atone for his mistake by hounding the prominent Amsterdam businessman, but his personal feelings might be clouding his judgment.
S02E04 A Dangerous Point of View 19/09/1973 While working on a case, a private detective is stabbed to death in a seedy apartment. Who was he watching for two weeks in the building opposite? And how did it lead to his death?
S02E05 Season for Love 26/09/1973 A rich, middle-aged American flies into Amsterdam to meet her young lover, only to learn that he has disappeared. While she worries about the safety of the missing man, Van der Valk fears that she is in danger herself.
S02E06 Rich Man, Poor Man 03/10/1973 An explosion almost kills a worker at a tractor factory, and a poor immigrant barber is bludgeoned to death in a luxury apartment that he shouldn't have been able to afford. Van der Valk looks for a link between the two apparently unrelated crimes.
S02E07 The Rainbow Ends Here 10/10/1973 Van der Valk searches for a teenage girl abducted on her way to a clandestine rendezvous with a married man. The man is ready to help in any way he can, but the commissaries finds her hotel-tycoon brother more willing to cooperate with the kidnappers than the police.
S03E01 Enemy 05/09/1977 Van der Valk and Arlette are subjected to threats on their lives. Who is the hidden enemy?
S03E02 Accidental 12/09/1977 An international scandal over charges of corruption in high places. The Chief Inspector disappears, but has he sold out?
S03E03 The Runt 19/09/1977 A small-time thief with connections to an important family suddenly comes into money, and Van der Valk must find out why without embarrassing too many people.
S03E04 Wolf 26/09/1977 A young German is murdered in his bed. The apartment is littered with clues. For Van der Valk there is a clue too many.
S03E05 Man of Iron 03/10/1977 An old friend of the detective becomes a victim in a series of seemingly unimportant petty thefts : leading to murder and mistaken identities.
S03E06 Everybody Does It 10/10/1977 Arlette spots a bargain : inadvertently landing her husband in a heap of trouble with a crime syndicate.
S03E07 Face Value 17/10/1977 An artist dies in mysterious circumstances, leading Van der Valk into a world of intrigue and forgery, but curiosity can be dangerous.
S03E08 Dead on Arrival 24/10/1977 A psychic helps in an eight-year-old murder inquiry after experiencing a startling vision.
S03E09 The Professor 31/10/1977 A death occurs at a famous Amsterdam hotel and Van der Valk suspects a distinguished man given to regularly switching identities.
S03E10 In Hazard 07/11/1977 The detective is approached by a beautiful woman with a strange story and events soon take an unexpected turn.
S03E11 Gold Plated Delinquents 14/11/1977 The detective investigates crimes committed by bored latch-key adolescents looking for kicks.
S03E12 Diane 21/11/1977 A series of strange accidents leads the detective into a dangerous investigation.

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