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A swedish comedy tv show with two seasons. Created by the comedy group Varanteatern.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Varan-TV

S01E01 Rollspel och sånt 10/04/1997 A crazy Peep-show with more than four hundred kilograms of the scene. Seven media interested coastal hunters to be Mike Tyson look like Barbapapa-queue. The program begins with a minute's silence for 2Pac.
S01E02 Våld och sånt 17/04/1997 Teaspoon Pumpkin has finally received together with the tablespoon of Honey, but still Strul with Chaka Khan. The vegetarian bull Couscous has got the job at the diner, but the MESS team has very different plans ... The program begins as usual with a minute's silence for 2Pac.
S01E03 Droger, religion och sånt 24/04/1997 The episode that make Heimat look like a short film. The funniest thing that happened since Hitler shot himself. The program begins as usual with a minute's silence for 2Pac.
S01E04 Idrott och sånt 01/05/1997 The episode that make the seventies look like eighties. This is not to say that it is particularly good. The program begins as usual with a minute's silence for 2Pac.
S01E05 Skitfin kultur och sånt 08/05/1997 Kalle and Kajsa met at Jean Michel Jarre outdoor concert in 1985. Now they have married and have two children together, but unemployment is slowly on to break their miserable life. The program begins as usual with a minute's silence for 2Pac.
S01E06 Afrika och sånt 15/05/1997 What Livingstone did not know was that Stanley have had a relationship with his wife for decades, and written over all their home loans at Livingstones grandparents. The program begins by 2Pac recurrence.
S02E01 En känsla av New York 03/09/1998 The consultants Kristian and Daniel runs the company Dictator Consulting. We must comply with when they are of course among others, Saddam Hussein. Uncle Watermelon trying to figure out things in their children's education, and calls on the film, we get a look at the recording of Peter Kvist nyversion of Astrid Lindgren's classic The Brothers Lionheart.
S02E02 En grävling på steroider 10/09/1998 This episode includes the organization Front Against Lämmeltåg (FML), who are fighting against the conspiracy theory of lämmeltåg. Uncle Watermelon gets its birthday party ruined by Snusk-Pelles singing and Language delivers words in German, Spanish, julklappska and lyhördska. Peter Kvist, a new version of Mio min Mio with Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken one.
S02E03 Märta från Bangladesh 17/09/1998 In this episode Tord Yvel and Romeo Olsson organizes a poesidag, where people can come and listen to inspirational poems, and try to write their own masterpieces. It is also to Tord and Romeo operates a crime syndicate that has anthroposophist as their main enemies. Peter Kvist an action version of the Karlsson on the roof with Anthony Hopkins, Will Smith and Kevin Spacey in the leading roles. In Uncle Watermelon will Uncle Overcooked Cauliflower visit and feel at all while Uncle Rotten Banana calling from Africa.
S02E04 Då vill jag hälsa till den där Sting 24/09/1998 The nonsense exhibition opened in Prague. Among the exhibits include Tutankhamuns dachshund, Saddam Hussein's kitchen and Knight Kato blank from paltry. Tord Yvel sends Österlen-new. Peter Kvist makes its own version of Emil in Lönneberga where Dolph Lundgren, Robert De Niro and Woody Allen is involved. Instead of Uncle Watermelon displayed the world's shortest children.
S02E05 En gris lös i stan 01/10/1998 A large part of the program is about to Gothenburg and Malmö have to change seats. This is to found a document from the 1300's where it is found that cities name mistaken. A mass start, but protests are held, at Ullevi among others. And so we get a taste of the new movie Ronja Robber's Daughter, by Janet Jackson and Antonio Banderas in one.
S02E06 Nu har jag läst på komvux, så nu vet jag vad det handlar om 08/10/1998 A man (played by David Wiberg) has a complicated relationship to their pets. And household items. And food. Nils Thynell doing an investigative report on black farmers Black Farmers. Peter Kvist presents his new movie about Pippi Longstocking in which leading played by Juliette Binoche (Pippi), Joe Pesci (Tommy) and Liv Ullmann (Annika). Tord Yvel presents Österlen New.
S02E07 Trebarnsmamma från Angered knuffad i bankomatkö 15/10/1998
S02E08 Skräddaren säger nej 22/10/1998 Psych News gives us the latest news. Nils Thynell hits black pensioner Pelle. Something very embarrassing happens. Then Chris Olofsson meets the historian Ted Borg that reveals new and amazing facts about the regal warship Vasa. A man seeking treatment at the hospital for pain in the internet. Uncle Watermelon deleted because he went on honeymoon with Miss Aubergine. Instead, the Kremlin appears Highlands where the whole gang has closing party. After the last section of Chris de Kök, we follow Chris out in reality. He is one of the players in the hard-struggling soccer team Lokomotiv Tranås. We can follow the team on their away match against Nangijala IF, which is a hard battle.

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