Affiche Vatican: The Power of the Popes
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S01E01 Pope Pius XII . and the Holocaust 00/00/0000 No other pope of the 20th century sees such grave accusations against Pius XII .: Although he knew about the Holocaust , he said nothing and became the confidant idle this terrible crime .
S01E02 Pope John XXIII . and the Awakening 00/00/0000 Unlike his aristocratic and aloof acting predecessor John XXIII . an affable man who gladly mingled with the crowd . It was the former farmer's son from Bergamo , who sparked the largest church reform for centuries , by 1962, the 2nd Vatican Council convened .
S01E03 Pope Paul VI . and the pill 00/00/0000 Paul VI . Pontificate was marked by conservatism and intellectual parochialism . When he forbade at the height of student revolts and hippy movement , the pill just 1968 shook not only Pope opponent 's head . The film is the motivations of Paul VI . on the ground.
S01E04 Pope John Paul I and the death 00/00/0000 On August 26, 1978 John Paul I , succeeding to the Chair of Peter at , but already 33 days later he was dead , died of heart failure . This gave rise to much speculation , especially after the disclosure of criminal activity in connection with the Vatican Bank . The documentary tries to elucidate the mysterious case .
S01E05 Pope John Paul II . And freedom 00/00/0000 ope John Paul II . Was much younger than his predecessor when he took office 1978th He was the first pope has long been actively meddled in politics . When visiting his homeland Poland in 1979, he strengthened the opposition movement , which a year later broke in extensive strikes train . Almost would have cost the Pope this commitment life : 1981 committed a Turk on behalf of the KGB to assassinate John Paul .

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