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Les aventures d'un détective privé dans l'envers du décor de la ville du jeu...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Vegas

S01E01 Centerfold 20/09/1978 A model who is doing a shoot at the Desert Inn decides that it's time for her to quit but her manager, who's worried about losing his meal ticket, resorts to drastic measures. He hires two guys to pretend to be cosmetic executives and at the meeting they drug her and take naked pictures of her. The next morning she calls Dan who picks her up and brings her back to the Desert Inn. He asks Two-Leaf to take care of her while he looks for her manager. The manager is met by the two men he hired who want in on the million dollar contract he told her of but he says that he made it up, they shoot him. Later they send her the photos they took, along with a contract they want her to sign. Dan tries to find them but she decides to give them what they want so no one else will be hurt. When Dan learns that she went to meet them Dan and Two-Leaf go there and grab them and make them turn the negatives over.
S01E02 The Games Girls Play 27/09/1978 Three Beverly Hills wives who added some excitement to their lives by posing as call girls get more than they expected when a senator is threatened with blackmail photographs.
S01E03 Mother Mishkin 11/10/1978 When a former madam starts receiving death threats, Dan begins to suspect that a land speculator wants to drive her off her property.
S01E04 Love, Laugh and Die 18/10/1978 When a former call girl is killed, Dan tries to figure out which of three well-known former lovers is responsible: a folk singer, a tennis star, or a construction tycoon.
S01E05 Yes, My Darling Daughter 25/10/1978 When a newlywed thinks she sees her supposedly long-dead father in the back of the hall at her wedding, she hires Tanna to find out the truth.
S01E06 Lady Ice 01/11/1978 A glittering jewelry convention at the Desert Inn attracts many buyers and sellers to the dazzling array of pricey well as some cunning thieves who plan to rob a wealthy Sheikh of his collection of valuable rubies. When Tanna gets drawn into the case, he encounters a seductive woman who may be involved in the caper.
S01E07 Milliken's Stash 08/11/1978 Cocaine smuggler Marty Trafalgar tries to retire, but his former partner Wendell Milliken from Miami won't allow him to do so.
S01E08 The Pageant 15/11/1978 Mike Logan hires Dan to find his daughter Jenny's rapist. Bella discovers that the serial rapist targets slender blondes in their late teens. When the rapist kills a victim, Jenny becomes a witness and Bea becomes a decoy.
S01E09 Lost Women 22/11/1978 Tanna investigates the mysterious disappearances of beautiful Las Vegas showgirls and discovers they have been abducted by a white slaver. When he gets caught trying to rescue them, Binzer and Roth try to rescue him.
S01E10 Second Stanza 06/12/1978 Faded singer Ginny Gordon's comeback is threatened, and her sanity imperiled, by attempts on her life. Is her former partner responsible for the attempts, or is a recent acquaintance terrorizing her?
S01E11 Serve, Volley and Kill 20/12/1978 An obnoxious and tempremental tennis player is about to have a grudge match with a rival at the Desert Inn. Now he has been receiving phone calls threatening him unless he throws the match. His manager hires Dan to protect him but he feels that his manager is overreacting. And Dan doesn't want to work for someone as obnoxious and inconsiderate as him and was about to quit when some men beat him up. Dan decides to look into it further and discovers that his girlfriend is involved with the man behind everything. When they try to get her he lets her go away. Later, his sister is kidnapped and he agrees to throw the match. Dan deduces that either the manager or the promoter is connected to the man, so when he goes to his office to find the sister, he subdues the man and his henchmen and discovers that it's the promoter. He finds the sister and arrives just in time to let her brother come from behind.
S01E12 Ghost of the Ripper 10/01/1979 Someone is killing prostitutes, and the police are baffled. A prostitute who is a friend of Dan's is cautioned not to work but feeling that he already got his mark will strike so soon. At the police, a man named Phillip Grayson, an amateur criminologist, arrives who says that another prostitute will be killed before sunrise. And it was the one Dan spoke to earlier. He says that they are dealing with someone who is emulating Jack the Ripper, because each of the victims have the same name of the Ripper's victims. After stating that the Ripper's next killing will not take place for another month, they feel that they have time. But Grayson and Dan suspect that he may be losing touch with reality and will not wait for the month to carry out his next killing. Valerie, a policewoman and friend of Dan's, suspects the same thing so she sets herself as a prostitute with the name of the Ripper's next victim. Dan finds her and backs her up. What they don't know is that he is already there, hiding
S01E13 The Eleventh Event 17/01/1979 Leon Hazlet, an Olympic gold medalist and a friend of Dan's, is paralyzed. Paul Baker, an entertainer sponsors a telethon for but Leon doesn't exactly want to have anything to do with it. Dan convinces him to make an appearance. After Paul performs someone kidnaps him and demands $250,000 but it seems that Paul doesn't have that kind of money right now. Leon offers to pay the ransom. While waiting for the kidnapper Dan calls Paul's wife and plays a tape of the kidnapper and starts to talk to him, which means that she was in on it. It seems that she's tired of being Paul's wife. Leon, who dropped the ransom and was left in the desert by the kidnapper but who managed to hang on to the van. Dan arrives to take out the kidnapper and Paul's manager, who is also in on it, with Leon's help.
S01E14 Kill Dan Tanna! 24/01/1979
S01E15 Death Mountain 31/01/1979
S01E16 Best Friends 07/02/1979
S01E17 Demand and Supply 14/02/1979
S01E18 Everything I Touch 28/02/1979 A girl whom Dan is seeing is killed. Dan goes all out to find out who killed her. After talking to a friend of hers, she is killed also. Dan surmises that the only thing that they have in common is that he was with them before they were killed. Initial investigation shows that the girls struggled with their attacker which leads Dan to think that the killer might be a woman. But when Angie is also attacked she says that the one who attacked her was a man. When the attacker makes another attempt, Dan chases him and discovers that it's a woman whom he knows and it appears that she has a fatal attraction for him.
S01E19 Doubtful Target 07/03/1979 Savings and loan president Tyler Dickinson murders investment counselor Cy Winters and then Binzer's girlfriend Kim Sarrason. Binzer is first devastated and then vindictive. Can Dan prevent Binzer from exacting vigilante justice?
S01E20 Touch of Death 14/03/1979 Newlywed Gary Cole goes to buy some jewelry for his wife Wendy, and disappears. When Wendy realizes he's missing, nobody that she questions seems to recognize the couple. Her hysteria only hampers Dan's investigation.
S01E21 A Way to Live 02/05/1979 Daredevil Shara Stanley's drunken mechanic Bill Woods tries to talk her out of a dangerous stunt because her beneficiaries plan to sabotage it and have her killed so they can collect on her insurance.
S01E22 The Visitor 09/05/1979 Dan is hired to be the escort and bodyguard of Princess Zara during her stay in Las Vegas. But political problems follow her. Fanatic Lucille tries to kill both Dan and Zara before she herself is shot dead in Zara's hotel room.
S02E01 Redhanded 19/09/1979 Dawn Peters, a girl whom Two-Leaf knows comes to Vegas to do a favor for someone. While having a drink in the lobby, a man approaches them and goads Two-Leaf into a fight. Dawn lets Two-Leaf rest and places the knife that he carries with him on the table. She then makes a phone call. The next day she is dead, killed with Two-Leaf's knife and he has some scratches on his face. Nelson has no choice but to arrest him. Dan doesn't believe he's guilty but still has to prove it. Dan learns that she went to a Dr. Barrow, who tells her that she came for a vitamin shot. Merrill Wayne, a television reporter has been painting Two-Leaf in a bad light. When Two-Leaf watches her, he loses it. When a guard tries to calm him, Two-Leaf knocks him, takes his uniform and gets out of the jail. Dan learns that Dawn was once a call girl so he goes to where she worked and talked to the man in charge Shining. It seems that Dawn worked there before he joined and that she called to talk his partner who died rec
S02E02 The Usurper 26/09/1979 Roth is talking with a man named J.T. Rodmore who gave him a tape which Roth doesn't want made public and in exchange for that Roth signs control of his empire to him and he leaves town. Dan arriving to see Roth, finds Rodmore and is incredulous that Roth would leave town without telling him. Dan then goes to everyone who saw Roth within last 24 hours and learns that it was during that time that Rodmore met with Roth. Dan learns that Roth went to Washington and has been seen all over the place but in places that he doesn't normally go to. Dan notices that someone has been following him and it seems to be someone working for Rodmore. A woman who knows Roth arrives with a message from Roth, who then calls him to back off and to get her to the airport. Rodmore tries to grab her but ends up getting her hurt. Later that night, Roth walks into Dan's place and tells him that Rodmore is his brother. It seems that his brother was originally going to go into politics but Roth's line of work made
S02E03 Mixed Blessing 03/10/1979 Dan Tanna and a nun chase down a church burglar.
S02E04 Runaway 24/10/1979 Dan is hired by a man looking for his pregnant runaway daughter. But someone is following him.
S02E05 Design for Death 31/10/1979 Sarah Bancroft, a swimsuit designer, is planning to launch her line at the Desert Inn. She hires Dan, because it seems that her models are being terrorized. Dan begins by interviewing a girl who had a car accident; he also meets an old girlfriend, Holly, another model, who saw a man through a pipe on them. Dan goes to see Manny the mechanic, and learns that her car was tampered with. Later, there's a fire at the photo lab of Tom, Sarah's nephew, the photographer. The man fearing that Holly might recognize him kills her. Sarah considers canceling the show but Tom convinces her that they should go on. Tom goes to see the man, and his boss, George Crowley. It seems that Crowley is suppose to arrive at the Desert Inn with two million in diamonds. It seems he wants security concentrated at the fashion show, and his man will rob him of the diamonds, and he will then file an insurance claim and blame it on the inadequate security. When Crowley fears that Dan is getting too close, they try to
S02E06 Shadow on a Star 14/11/1979 A singer who's going to perform at the hotel is attacked. She calls Dan but wants the whole thing kept quiet for fear that it might have a negative impact on her career. Dan sets out to find the attacker and learns that he will do it again.
S02E07 Dan Tanna is Dead 21/11/1979 A man steals a toxin from a medical research facility, then proceeds to infect Tanna with it. Dan, after feeling a little uneasy, decides to go to the doctor, who tells him that Dan's infected with a toxin and that he is going to die. The man calls and taunts Dan. He intially suspects a man named Cruger, who he sent to prison, but he tells him that he has nothing to do with it but is looking forward to seeing Dan die. He also tells him where he can go to find some of the answers he is looking for at the Nevada Research Center, because the man who did it called him. When Dan gets there, the doctor in charge of the project tells him that unless they get back the toxin so that they could make an anti-toxin, Dan has very little hope. Dan suspects that a doctor named Durand, whom he sent away for making bogus cures and medical treatments. But Nelson tells him that Durand is still in prison but when they get there, they discover that the man whom the prison believes to be Durand is not Duran
S02E08 The Macho Murders 28/11/1979
S02E09 The Day the Gambling Stopped 12/12/1979 The hotel's comptrollers call Dan and inform him that they have taken in more chips than they dispensed. And it seems that they have taken about two million. With no plausible explanation, Dan decides that they have to close the casino until they can find one. One of the hotel's executives recalls that Clay Sumner, the man who makes the Roth hotel's gambling chips, had a robbery last year but Nelson, who was called in, says that only 50,000 was taken and Dan recovered them. They then go to see Sumner and ask him if he had another robbery but says that after the robbery he redesigned the whole system and the door to the work plant has only one key which he wears around his neck. One of the employees Eddie Stolvak, who sees that Nelson is there goes to see what's going on. Nelson then decides to interview all of Sumner's employees, after Nelson leaves, Dan talks to Clay and he is still mourning his son, Brad, who died recently. Eddie then goes to see Brad who is alive and has a copy of t
S02E10 Classic Connection 19/12/1979 Justin Marsh, who was once a great race car driver, and Dan's friend is in town for a classic car auction. Wells Tate, a mechanic, who works on Dan's T-Bird was found dead and it seems that he was planning to call Dan but was killed before he could. Dan then notices that a woman is following Justin and when he confronts her, she tells him that Justin Marsh is working for a man named Rollins who smuggles drugs into the country in classic automobiles. And buy the cars at auctions. And it seems that Wells Tate was their buyer and when he refused to continue doing it, they killed him. Dan after doing a little investigating, agress to help her, after nailing Rollins, Dan goes after Justin, Justin tries to get away but Dan chases him and Justin drives his car off a cliff.
S02E11 Night of a Thousand Eyes 02/01/1980 When a friend of Dan's who's also a P.I. is killed, his girlfriend asks him to look into it. At the same time, there's a P.I. convention going on at the hotel and some other P.I.s are getting killed. A female P.I. knows something but she's not willing to share it. When an attempt is made on her, she reveals that she and other P.I.'s were hired to solve a case that's been unsolved for years.
S02E12 Lost Monday 09/01/1980 Binzer sees a hypnotist, Paula Conway to help him. But instead she has been prepping him to kill someone for two men. When Dan, who hasn't heard from for days goes looking for him. He meets an old friend, Paula Conway, a reporter, who is in town to interview a star basketball player about point shaving but he refuses to talk, for fear that the men behind the scheme will come after him. When Binzer surfaces, he has no idea of where he has been for the last few days. Paula then sends him to steal some plastic explosives and some other materials needed to make a bomb. The men who hired Paula are also the men behind the point shaving. They are going after Paula and the player. Now after giving Binzer, his final instructions, one of the two men shoots her so that she can't call him off. Dan catches him before he could get away. Dan deduces what they are up to and forces him to tell Dan what's going on. Dan manages to get to Binzer before he could set off the bomb.
S02E13 Comeback 16/01/1980
S02E14 All Kinds of Love 23/01/1980 Dan believes that Bea's new boyfriend is the same one who stole the girl he loved a few years ago and then killed her after he stole all of her money.
S02E15 The Magic Sister Slayings 30/01/1980
S02E16 The Lido Girls 06/02/1980
S02E17 Consortium 27/02/1980
S02E18 The Hunter Hunted 05/03/1980
S02E19 The Man Who Was Twice 12/03/1980
S02E20 The Golden Gate Cop Killer (1) 19/03/1980
S02E21 The Golden Gate Cop Killer (2) 19/03/1980
S02E22 Siege of the Desert Inn 30/04/1980
S02E23 Vendetta 07/05/1980
S03E01 Aloha, You're Dead (1) 05/11/1980 Dan is kidnapped and taken to Hawaii, where his captors propose that he commit a murder for them.
S03E02 Aloha, You're Dead (2) 05/11/1980 Conclusion: Dan is kidnapped and taken to Hawaii, where his captors propose that he commit a murder for them.
S03E03 The Black Cat Killer 12/11/1980 Dan searches for a deadly cat burglar after Beatrice is gunned down in her apartment. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Jenny: Erin Gray. Nelson: Greg Morris. Mickey: Joe E. Tata. Doctor: Richard Lenz. Diamond Jim: Victor Buono. Augie Brenner: Harold J. Stone. Reel: Chuck Tamburro.
S03E04 Sudden Death 19/11/1980 After killing a burglar in self-defense, guilt compels Dan to look into the young victim's background. Edward St. John: Gary Lockwood. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Nelson: Greg Morris. Mavis: Jill St. John. Valerio: Robert Tessier. Cathy: Stepfanie Kramer.
S03E05 Love Affair 26/11/1980 Dan is unaware that the woman he has fallen in love with is a call girl---and possibly in danger. Pam: Priscilla Barnes. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Phil King: Dick Sargeant. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Fred Barr: Skip Homeier. Nelson: Greg Morris. Tony: Steve Sandor.
S03E06 A Deadly Victim 03/12/1980 Two vagrants happen upon a murder attempt---one dies in the ensuing melee, and the other calls her friend Dan Tanna. Laurie: Eleanor Parker. Nelson: Greg Morris. Wright: Vincent Baggetta. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Bridges: Bubba Smith. Binzer: Bart Braverman.
S03E07 Deadly Blessing 10/12/1980 A nun claims to hold the deed to the land on which the Desert Inn stands. Robert Urich, Phyllis Davis. Roth: Tony Curtis. Lt. Nelson: Greg Morris.
S03E08 Christmas Story 17/12/1980 Dan's vacation at a ski resort is interrupted by a girl claiming to be his daughter. Dan: Robert Urich. Mark: Jill Whelan. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Rocket: Lindsay Bloom. Nelson: Greg Morris. Kay: Melinda Fee. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis.
S03E09 The Andreas Addiction 07/01/1981 A drug dealer plans to hook Dan on narcotics. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Marty: Don Stroud. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Dr. Michaels: June Lockhart. Lottie: Hermione Baddeley. Casino Manager: Vito Scotti. Burns: Chase Cordell. Charlie: Tony Ballen.
S03E10 Sourdough Suite 14/01/1981 An old prospector finds a satchel of money in the desert. Dan: Robert Urich. Max: Cesare Danova. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Donny: Joe Kapp. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Angela: Edie Adams. Nelson: Greg Morris. Willis: Crofton Hardester.
S03E11 Murder by Mirrors 21/01/1981 Beatrice witnesses a murder from a plane, but when the police arrive the body is gone. Dan: Robert Urich. Lyle: Patrick Macnee. Nelson: Greg Morris. Margaret: Julie Adams. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Marcus: Gene Evans. Richardson: Richard Dana. Michael: Robert Hoy. Janet: Jenny Sherman.
S03E12 Backlash 18/02/1981 A mother hires Dan to find out why her grown daughter goes out at night dressed like a teenager. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Anthony: Clive Revill. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Stryker: Morgan Woodward. Nelson: Greg Morris. Kier: Jeff Cooper. Allison: Morgan Hart.
S03E13 Heist 25/02/1981 Roth asks Dan to test his hotel's security system with a mock robbery. Freddie: Dick Bakalyan. Nelson: Greg Morris. Jerry: James MacArthur. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Vinnie: Joe E. Tata. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Klaus: Werner Klemperer.
S03E14 No Way to Treat a Victim 04/03/1981 A friend of Bea's is raped after she and her date are abducted, but later the date can't be found. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Dan: Robert Urich. Lisa: Deborah Wakeham. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Gene: Michael Cole. Nelson: Greg Morris. Larry: Michael Swan. Tracey: Corinne Kason.
S03E15 Time Bomb 11/03/1981 Two ex-cons strong-arm Binzer for the loot from a robbery he helped them commit. Dan: Robert Urich. Vinnie: Dick Butkus. Roth: Tony Curtis. Art: Denny Miller. Nelson: Greg Morris. Margie: Cindy Morgan. Arnie: Michael Constantine.
S03E16 Out of Sight 18/03/1981 Dan is blinded by a gunman who may have been working for the mob. Landauer: Ed Nelson. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Benton: Bill Lucking. Nelson: Greg Morris. Geades: John Karlen. Dr. Lutness: Lynne Marta. Varga: Harry Guardino.
S03E17 Set Up 25/03/1981 A porno-movie producer tries to take Nelson off the streets by framing him for murder. Dan: Robert Urich. Capt. Smith: David S. Sheiner. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Miller: Simon Oakland. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis.
S03E18 The Killing 15/04/1981 Ten persons are gunned down in a restaurant, and Dan is hired by a victim's widow to find the killers. Green: Paul Burke. Nelson: Greg Morris. Ann: Pamela Franklin. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Diamond Jim: Victor Buono. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Vance: Michael Cavanaugh.
S03E19 Seek and Destroy 22/04/1981 Dan helps prevent the murder of a defector who piloted a secret plane to the U.S. Col. Vance: Peter Haskell. Nelson: Greg Morris. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Victoria: Heather Menzies. Jack: Glenn Wilder. Suchak: Chuck Hicks.
S03E20 Dead Ringer 29/04/1981 Wayne Newton (as himself) hires Dan after receiving threatening phone calls that accuse him of being an imposter. Benny: Richard Lynch. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Capt. Smith: David Sheiner. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis.
S03E21 French Twist 06/05/1981 Dan's detective idol asks for help in solving the murder of a woman he followed from Paris to Las Vegas. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Peterson: Randolph Mantooth. Dan: Robert Urich. Thorton: Tony Epper. Nelson: Greg Morris.
S03E22 Nightmare Come True 03/06/1981 Dan is skeptical about working with a psychic to solve the kidnapping of a teenager. Nelson: Greg Morris. Cornell: Frank Marth. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Larson: James Luisi. Beatrice: Phyllis Davis. Pierce: Tim O'Connor.
S03E23 Judgement Pronounced 10/06/1981 Someone posing as Dan has set himself up as a one-man judge and jury to kill criminals released on technicalities. Urich's brother Tom plays T. Errol Townsend. Ramsey: Alan Feinstein. Binzer: Bart Braverman. Lupino: Eddie Zammit. Nelson: Greg Morris.