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Tottori Kenichi is a foul-mouthed but gifted veterinarian nicknamed Dolittle. His catch phrase is 'pet care means business'. He is the director of his animal clinic and rescues not only 'voiceless' pets but also helps their owners, who lack understanding and caution, with their problems and worries. Working with him is animal nurse Tajima Asuka. Hanabishi Masaru is Dolittle's rival, a charismatic vet and director of another animal hospital who has not only an opposite personality but also a different stance towards pet care. The drama focuses on the love triangle between those 3 and tries to teach the viewers about human-pet relationships.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Veterinarian Dolittle

S01E01 Help!! An Animal's Voice 17/10/2010
S01E02 The Resolve to Take Charge of a Life 24/10/2010
S01E03 Monster Owner 31/10/2010
S01E04 The Stray Dog Which Risked Its Life for Love 14/11/2010
S01E05 The Pigeon That Connects A Husband and Wife's Love After 50 Years 21/11/2010
S01E06 Reaching the Children!! The Wild Boar Family's Voice 28/11/2010
S01E07 Disqualified to be an Assistant!! True Love 05/12/2010
S01E08 Final Chapter ~ Euthanasia 12/12/2010
S01E09 Farewell, Dolittle!! The Shocking Last, Tearful Decision!! 19/12/2010