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Vic Reeves Big Night Out was a cult British comedy stage show and later TV series which ran on Channel 4 for two series in 1990 and 1991, as well as a New Year special. It marked the beginnings of the collaboration between Vic Reeves (real name Jim Moir) and Bob Mortimer and started their Vic and Bob comedy double act. The show was later acknowledged as a seminal force in British comedy throughout the 1990s and which continues to the present day. Arguably the most surreal of the pair's work, Vic Reeves Big Night Out was effectively a parody of the variety shows which dominated the early years of television, but which were, by the early 1990s, falling from grace. Vic, introduced as "Britain's Top Light Entertainer and Singer", would sit behind a cluttered desk talking nonsense and introducing the various segments and surreal guests on the show. Vic Reeves Big Night Out is notable as the only time in their career where Vic took the role of host, whilst Bob was consigned to the back stage, appearing every few minutes as either himself or as a strange character. However, the two did receive equal billing in the series credits.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Vic Reeves Big Night Out

S02E01 Dutch Injunction 27/02/1991 Intro: Song "We Plough The Fields And Scatter", brought on by Johnny Foreigner. Epsiode features Graham Lister, Morrissey The Consumer Monkey, The Ponderers, Talc & Turnips, 'Peter Gabriel' and 'David Bowie'.
S02E02 Hair Restorer 06/03/1991 Intro: Song "Help Me Make It Through The Night", brought on by Peanuts. Epsiode features Graham Lister, The Ponderers, Donald & Davey Stott's Chat Show with Uncle Pete.
S02E03 Remember Punk Rock 13/03/1991 Intro: Song "Stay With Me", brought on by Ayers Rock. Epsiode features Aromatherapists, "I Remember Punk Rock" song, The Ponderers and Judge Nutmeg with "That's Conciliation"
S02E04 That was my idea 20/03/1991 Intro: Song "Panic", brought on by Lovejoy. Epsiode features Graham Lister, Judith Grant, 'Barry Sheen', The Ponderers, Action Image Exchange and 'Rick Hastley'.
S02E05 Completely in the dark 27/03/1991 Intro: Song "International Bright Young Thing", brought on by Brigitte Nielsen. Epsiode features stretched Les, Man With The Stick's song, Talc & Turnips, 'Barbara Streisland', Wavy Davy, Mr Dennis and Graham Lister.
S02E06 Bontempi Organ 03/04/1991 Intro: Song "The 'In' Crowd", brought on by MC Hammer. Epsiode features Les and his bontempi organ, Morrissey The Consumer Monkey, Tinkers Rucksack and Vic's Dancing Corncobs.
S02E07 Bob's desk 10/04/1991 Intro: Song "The Grand Old Duke Of York", brought on by Reeves & Mortimer Brass Band. Epsiode features Bob's new desk, Greg Mitchell, Man With The Stick's caged kids, The Living Carpets, Professor Brian Chadwick with Piltdown Man, The Ponderers, Judge Nutmeg with "That's Justice".
S02E08 Bombshell cliffhanger... 17/04/1991 Intro: Song "Little Bit Of Love", brought on by Leonard Cohen. Epsiode features Man With The Stick finally goes barmy and turns to drink, Greg Mitchell, Graham Lister hosts Novelty Island, Judith Grant, The Ponderers, Wavy Davy's real identity is revealed, Donald & Davey Stott present "Film 82", bombshell ending with multiple deaths.
S00E01 New Years Eve Special 31/12/1991
S00E02 You Wouldn't Let It Lie - The Story Of Big Night Out 00/00/0000
S00E03 Big Night Out Live 00/00/0000
S00E04 Unaired Pilot 00/00/0000

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