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In This Channel Four documentary, Viz, the adult humour magazine, described by many as the publishing story of the decade, is subject to an hour long investigation. Over the last ten years many have been offended by charecters like Buster Gonad and his Unfeasibly Large Testicles, Sid the Sexist, Johnny Fartpants and Spoilt Bastard, to name but a few. Others have been shocked by Viz's treatment of household names like Shakin' Stevens, Keith Chegwin and Bob Monkhouse. The Royal Family have also had to put up with similar attacks such as the 'Has Fergie Got A Fat Arse Or What'? campaign. This expose takes a long hard look at these and other cases, talking candidly to several public figures including Auberon Waugh, Harry Enfield and Keith Chegwin. Viz the Documentary tells the real story and puts it all into perspective.


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